Leap Year Worksheets

Are your students excited about the coming Leap Year? Celebrate Leap Day with our fun and free printable Leap Year Activities! These PDF teaching resources will help you make this rare 29th day in February a fun and memorable day for your students. If you’re looking for fun themes you can tie in with your Leap Year Lessons, check out our Skip Counting Worksheets, and our Calendar Worksheets.

Leap Day Printables

Below you’ll find a variety of Leap Day printables you can use with your students on February 9th. These are universal printables, meaning you can use them year after year without needing to adjust the date.

Leap Day Time Capsule

Explore Leap Day’s significance with our Leap Day Time Capsule Worksheet. Encourage reflection and creativity as students capture memories and predictions with this unique and engaging Leap Year activity page.

Leap Year Dab Maze

Practice skip counting by 4’s as you leap your way from lily pad to lily pad! Students will start on the year 2020 and leap through the maze until they land on 2100. This is a fun activity for older students to practice their skip counting and to see which years will land on Leap Years. A pattern soon emerges!

Leap Day Crown

Get crafty this Leap Day with our Leap Day Crown Cut & Paste Activity. This project is perfect for K-5th grade homeschoolers and educators, or library projects. Provide students with markers, colored consruction paper to make the band and assemble with glue or staples. Print full color version here.

Leap Day Word Search

Boost vocabulary skills with our Leap Day Word Search, designed for K-5th grade homeschooling families and teachers. Engage students in a fun word hunt featuring 12 synonyms of “leap,” enhancing literacy while celebrating Leap Day.

Leap Day Word Scramble

Free printable Leap Year Word Scramble Worksheet for students to unscramble words that are synonymous with “leap.” Challenge students to unscramble these 12 words: rocket, rise, skip, bound, spring, ascend, leap, jump, bounce, hurdle, surge, and vault.

Leap Day Reading Passage & Comprehension

Older students can read and learn all about Leap Day, what it means, and why it is necessary to keep our calendar in line with the Earth’s revolution around the sun.  This is a simple reading passage filled with early elementary vocabulary and would be a perfect in-class out loud reading assignment. Discussion questions are listed below for reflection and comprehension assessment.

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