Preschool Worksheets

Free preschool worksheets and preschool printables for homeschool & classroom teachers. We’ve created thousands of free preschool printable worksheets, games, activities, and more! You’ll find preschool alphabet worksheets, preschool math worksheets, preschool reading worksheets, preschool writing worksheets, and even a free preschool assessment! If you’re looking for preschool curriculum, be sure to check out our homeschool preschool curriculum bundles.

Free Printable Preschool Worksheets

All About Me Preschool Worksheets

Journal Pages & Keepsake activity sheets you can use to create an All About Me journal for your preschool students. Your kiddos will fill in information about their physical appearance, their family, their friends, their pets, favorite activities, birthdays, handprints, and more! Simple activities you’ll use year after year! Find more All About Me Printables Here.

Editable Name Tracing

Free name tracing worksheets for students of all ages! This free editable name tracing worksheet can be used to create customized name practice worksheets for your students to practice writing their name. Simply type in your students first or last name and watch it autofill the editable handwriting practice. Students all learn beginning letter, number of letters, repeating letters and ending letter.

Preschool Letter Worksheets

We have a HUGE selection of free alphabet printables and alphabet worksheets for a wide variety of skills. Below are just a small selection that are helpful for early pre-k students. Be sure to check out our entire collection of alphabet worksheets for expanded learning opportunities for each letter of the alphabet.

Preschool Letter Worksheets

Free Preschool Letter Worksheets for learning the alphabet! Our free printable letter worksheets will make a great addition to your language and literacy centers. Each alphabet worksheet is full of adorable beginning letter pictures for your students to color in. Students work on uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, letter formation, and beginning letter sounds.

Alphabet Maze Printables

Free printable alphabet maze worksheets for preschool students! These simple letter mazes feature a beginning letter picture maze for each letter of the alphabet A-Z. Students build fine motor control as they solve each abc maze, then build important letter stroke order and handwriting practice for uppercase and lowercase letters.

Preschool Reading Worksheets

Preschool Sight Words

Free printable preschool sight words charts, worksheets, BINGO games, flashcards and more! Everything you need to teach your preschooler to read important sight words. We have preschool sight words worksheets for the Dolch 200 PrePrimer word lists, as well as Fry’s First 100 Sight Words.

Phonics Worksheets

Free printable phonics worksheets for preschool students who are learning CVC words. C-V-C stands for consonant-vowel-consonant words and are sometimes referred to as word family words, or rhyming words. For example; cat, hat, mat, bat, etc…are all C-V-C words that are also word family (-at) words that rhyme. These free phonic printables will help your students with letter sounds, segmenting, chunking, blending and more!

Preschool Math Worksheets

Free printable preschool math worksheets will help your preschool students develop important math skills while having fun. Many of our PDF preschool math printables include an interactive, hands-on element to keep your pre-k students engaged.

Preschool Number Worksheet

Preschool Number Worksheets

Free printable preschool number worksheets for students to learn numbers 0-10. Students will learn number recognition, number words, number formation, and number counting skills. These are simple, number worksheets for preschoolers that can be used to reinforce key preschool math skills.

Number Tracing Worksheets

Number Tracing Worksheets

Free number tracing worksheets 1-20. Preschool students will perfect their number formation by practicing handwriting skills for numbers 0 through 20. Each worksheet features numbers to trace inside a larger number, along side the corresponding number of items to count and color.

Number 5 Worksheet

Number Worksheets for Preschool

Preschool students expand on a variety of number skills with these versatile worksheets. Each preschool counting worksheet features cardinal numbers, number words, counting, matching, tracing numbers, one-to-one correspondence, finding the number, number line order, and number formation.

Counting Worksheets

Preschool Comparing Worksheets

Free printable counting worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students. These counting worksheets will provide your kids with ample practice on a variety of math skills including: counting to 5, counting to 10, counting to 20, number matching, number lines, missing numbers, count and color, counting with ten frames, tally marks, number words, number mazes, and more!.

Shapes Chart

Preschool Shape Worksheets

Build preschool skills with our preschool shape worksheets! These valuable shape worksheets help students master the basic shapes. Kids will learn their shapes while practicing lots of skill sets including identifying, tracing, drawing, writing, counting, and spelling 2D shapes.

Preschool Pattern Worksheets

Our free printable preschool pattern worksheets make wonderful hands-on math learning centers! Your students will work on pattern recognition, AABB, ABA, ABC patterns with buttons, bears, goldfish, stamps, cut and paste and more! Patterning and Sequencing is a simple activity with our free pattern preschool printables.

Preschool Money Worksheets

Free preschool money worksheets for students learning all about coins and bills. Your students can work on coin recognition, coin names, coin value, counting money, adding money, subtracing money and more.

Preschool Science Worksheets

Preschool Colors Worksheets

Preschool students learn about colors with our free printable color worksheets. Featuring simple colors coloring pages, color matching printables, rainbow colors and more. Learning about colors is a simple preschool science activity.

Preschool Weather Printables

Teach preschool students all about the different types of weather with our free preschool weather printables. You’ll find a free printable weather chart, morning weather tracker, monthly weather calendar, and more. Great for morning circle time.

Free Preschool Fine Motor Worksheeets

Preschool Tracing Worksheets

Preschool Tracing Worksheets

Free Preschool Tracing Worksheets and printables for building key fine motor skills! Your students will have a blast with our free tracing activity pages! Each page includes a fun pictures for your students to practice their tracing and coloring skills. Links to letter tracing, number tracing, tracing lines and more.

Cutting Practice Worksheets

Our free scissor skills worksheet are great for young preschool student to build important fine motor skills. These simple and fun cutting practice printables will challenge and engage young students. Students will cut straight lines, curved lines, zig-zag lines, and more with these free cutting printables.

Cut & Paste Worksheets

These adorable and engaging cut and paste worksheets are just right for little hands! Students work on a variety of skills like color matching, picture matching, beginning letter words, shape identification, mystery pictures, patterns, counting and more! Our cut and paste activities build important foundations for preschool.

Print our free Preschool Assessment activities for end-of-the-year review.

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