USA Map Worksheets

Start your students out on their geographical tour of the USA with these free, printable USA Map Worksheets. Your students will build their knowledge of state names, their capitals, abbreviations, locations, and regions. From labeled to blank maps, these worksheets will not only have your students learn but also test and retain the geography of the US.

United States Map Worksheet Pack

As a special THANK YOU to our subscribers, this activity pack is offered in a an easy download! (Not ready to subscribe? Print the free pages individually below. )

USA Maps and Worksheets

With these free, printable USA maps and worksheets, your students will learn about the geographical locations of the states, their names, capitals, and how to abbreviate them. They are great as a stand-alone for your geography workstation and take-home activity packs!

Labeled USA Map

This labeled map of the USA will make a great starting point for teaching your students the names and locations of all 50 states. Add it to your geography center and your students homework packs.

Blank Map of the USA

This blank USA map can be used in so many ways. Pair it with any of the worksheets to add another layer. Or use it by itself to test your students on anything from state capitals, names, abbreviations and so much more!

USA State Abbreviations Map

Now that your students know the names of the states, get them started on the state abbreviations with this full page USA map worksheet.

State Activity

Students will enjoy this USA States Activity worksheet. They will be asked to read and follow tasks as they color, name and draw their way across the map!

Color the States

This worksheet will have your students reading and following directions as they locate states on the map, then color them in with the colors listed on the key.

USA Numbered Map Quiz

Test your students knowledge with this USA, numbered, map quiz. Try it as a group activity by assigning students even and odd number states.

50 States & Capitals Worksheets

Match State Capitals to States Worksheet

Your students will need to match state capitals to the state abbreviations with this US capital, map, worksheet. Use the blank USA map to add another level.

List of 50 States of USA

This worksheet lists the states in alphabetical order. This one-page sheet would make a great addition to your geography center as well as homework packets.

State Capitals

Stars mark the location of the state capitals in this USA Map worksheet. Students will be tested on their knowledge of state capitals as well as abbreviations.

Label US Regions Maps & Activities

Labeled Regions of the United States

This labeled Regions of the USA would be a great addition to your students homework pack. It will help your students learn the region names and locations. Try using it as a cut and paste to make it more hands on!

West Region USA Map

This west region map will have your students naming the 9 states in region. This worksheet would be a great addition to a homework pack.

Southwest Region USA Map

Have your students work individually or in groups as they fill in the 4 state names in the southwest region. Add crayons for a creative spin.

South Region USA Map

The south region is comprised of 12 states. Test your students knowledge with this south region, USA map. Make it exciting by turning it into a game!

Northeast Region USA Map

This northeast region map will have your students identifying and naming 12 states. Take it to the next level by asking them to also list the state abbreviations.

Midwest Region USA Map

Test your students knowledge with this Midwest region map. This worksheet would make a great addition to your geography lesson plan!

Regions of the USA Fill In Map

Now that your students know the individual state names, have them work on their knowledge of the 5 regions of the USA. Students will fill out the boxes, then cut and paste them on the correct region.

13 Colonies Labeling Maps

13 Original Colonies Blank USA Map

This 13 original colonies map will allow your students to see the full map of the USA, in relation to the colonies. Take it to the next level and have your students draw lines for the 5 different regions.

Labeled Original 13 Colonies Map

Use this labeled colonies map to help your students learn the state names as well as geographical location.

Blank 13 Original Colonies Map

Now that your students have learned the 13 original colonies, test their knowledge with this blank 13 colonies map!

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