Phonics Worksheets

This is a collection of FREE Phonics Worksheets you can use with your preschool and kindergarten students. These worksheets are designed to help students learn to sound out and spell word family words.

CVC Word Family Phonics Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets here! Our free, phonics printable worksheets are the perfect resource for boosting your child’s phonics skills. You’ll find phonics games, printable phonics activities, learning center ideas, and even resources for students to read and write with phonics!

CVC Phonics Worksheets

These free, printable worksheets are tailored to enhance CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) phonics skills. Perfect for kindergarten and early learners, these CVC Phonics Activities are designed to make learning easy and enjoyable. Students work on word families, ending blends, and even nonsense words.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Get ready to amp up your preschool and kindergarten learning fun with our awesome printable Beginning Sounds Worksheets. These standards-based worksheets are all about boosting phonics skills and making reading a blast for little ones. Packed with fun activities, our free worksheets are the perfect tool to supercharge early literacy. Jump into our collection now and give your kiddos a head start in phonics and reading!

Vowel Sounds Worksheets

Free printable vowel sound worksheets designed for both preschool and kindergarten students. These PDF worksheets are the perfect tools for reinforcing phonics skills. Dive into a world of short and long vowel sound activities that make learning fun and interactive. Our free vowel sound worksheets are the ideal companions for building a strong foundation in phonics.

Rhyming Worksheets

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or caregiver, our free printable rhyming worksheets are perfect for preschool and kindergarten learners. These engaging teaching resources provide hands-on practice with rhyming words and are designed to make learning fun and interactive. Explore our free rhyming practice activities to help young minds develop crucial language skills like rhyming patterns and pairs.

(am-an) Spelling & Phonics Worksheet

This free phonics worksheet helps students learn to spell words ending with _am and _an

(jam, ram, pan, van, dam, yam, man, can, fan).

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