Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten Worksheets

Free kindergarten worksheets and printables for homeschool & classroom teachers. We’ve created thousands of free kindergarten printable worksheets, game, activities, and more! You’ll find kindergarten math worksheets, kindergarten reading worksheets, kindergarten writing worksheets and even a free kindergarten assessment!

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Our free printable kindergarten math worksheets will help your kindergarten students develop important math skills while having fun. Many of our printables include an interactive, hands-on element to keep your kindergarten students engaged.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

Free kindergarten addition worksheets for students to work on sums to 10.  These simple addition printables cover single-digit addition, number lines, making 10, addition with pictures, vertical and horizontal equations….. 

Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Free kindergarten subtraction worksheets covering subtraction from five, and ten.  Students use various subtraction strategies and tools like number lines, pictures, counting, number bonds, ten frames, drawing, word problems, and more. 

Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

Tons of free counting worksheets for kindergarten students. Counting objects, counting to 5, counting to 10, cardinality, sorting, grouping, counting money, number recognition, comparing numbers, sequences, counting backwards, counting to 100, and more. 

Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets

Free kindergarten shape worksheets, games, and shape charts. Students work on shape recognition, shape tracing, shape symmetry, shape formation, shape attributes, and more. 

Kindergarten Pattern Worksheets

Free pattern worksheets, games, and activities for kindergarten. These free worksheets will help your students learn a variety of patterns and sequences including ABAB, ABB, AAB, AABB, ABC, ABCD, and more.

Kindergarten Calendar Worksheets

Free printable days of the week and months of the year worksheets for kindergarten students to learn about calendars and time. Great for daily kindergarten morning work, circle time, and calendar boards. 

Following Directions Worksheets

Your kindergarten students will build important listening skills with our Following Directions Worksheets!  This bundle includes over 240 printable pages covering holidays and seasons throughout the year. 

More Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Free printable kindergarten reading worksheets including alphabet, letter sounds, vowels, beginning sounds, rhymes, CVC, sight words, phonics, compound words and more. If you are looking for Kindergarten English worksheets, or even English as a second language, we have you covered.

Alphabet Worksheets

Free alphabet worksheets and printables for learning the letters of the alphabet. Students will work on letter recognition, letter formation, beginning letter sounds, tracing, handwriting, puzzles, mazes, uppercase and lowercase letters and so much more! 

Kindergarten CVC Worksheets

Free printable CVC worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.  Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words are easy to read and a great way to work on short vowel sounds.  Our free phonics worksheets will have your students listening for middle vowels as they complete each activity. 

Kindergarten Vowels Worksheets

Short and Long Vowel sounds worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.  These worksheets are simple for young students to begin to learn and listen for different beginning letter vowel sounds. Simple picture references are used to help. 

Compound Words Worksheets

Free compound words worksheets, games, activities, matching pages, printables, charts, and more! Learning about compound words can be fun and engaging with our free printables. 

Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets

These FREE Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets will help students build important reading, writing, and spelling skills. Students will practice identifying beginning sounds along with recognizing whole sight words with these engaging printables.

More Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Print our Free Kindergarten Assessment Pack Today! This is great for kindergarten practice worksheets for students to prepare for end of the year testings. Our kg assessment sheets include easy and fun worksheets for kindergarten students that you can use as kindergarten homework or take home sheets. Parents and teachers can use these free kindergarten assessment tool to track student growth during the kindergarten year.

Kindergarten Printables

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Kindergarten Science Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Science Worksheets. Our Science Worksheets for kindergarten will help your students learn about life cycles and more.

Kindergarten Handwriting Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Handwriting Worksheets

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

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