1st Grade Math Worksheets

Free printable 1st grade math worksheets for first grade students to learn important math standards. You’ll find a variety of free PDF first-grade worksheets for learning all about numbers, patterns, measurement and more. We’ve included 1st-grade addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets, telling time worksheets, money worksheets, and everything your first grade student needs know know!

First Grade Math Worksheets

First Grade Math Standards & Skills

Our first grade math worksheets are standards-based, so you can rest assured that your students are learning what they need to know during their lessons over the school year. However, not every child learns at the same pace. If you find these resources to be too difficult, consider using our Kindergarten Math Worksheets to review concepts before proceeding to First Grade Math. First grade math standards include the following categories:

First Grade Operations & Algebraic Thinking

First Grade Math Addition Worksheets

Free printable addition worksheets for first grade. You’ll find simple worksheets filled with first grade math problems like single-digit addition worksheets, double-digit, missing addends, addition wheels, addition tables, addition drills, charts, and more. Everything you need to teach addition to your first grade students simple addition.

First Grade Math Subtraction Worksheets

Free printable first grade subtraction worksheets covering single and double-digit subtraction with and without regrouping. You’ll find printable subtraction fact worksheets for learning with a subtraction chart, number lines, first grade math word problems, subraction tables, and drills.

Number Sense Activities for Grade 1

First grade students can learn number value, number order, and number sense with our free printable number sense activities. You’ll find charts, games, number sense learning centers, worksheets, number sense flashcards and more! Everything you need to explore numbers with your first-grade students.

Part Part Whole Number Bond Worksheets

Part-Part-Whole is generally introduced in the kindergarten year and continues through first grade. Use these Number Bond worksheets to review this important math concept. Students will be asked to find the whole as well as the missing part for each number bond. Find blank number bond templates here for hands-on practice.

Fact Family Math Worksheets for 1st Grade

Learning addition and subtraction fact families is a key foundational skill for your first graders. Students should understand the relationship between numbers and placements within addition and subtraction sentences. We’ve created tons of free fact family games and worksheets to practice!

Comparing Numbers Worksheets

First grade students can learn to compare numbers using greater than, less than, or equal to symbols and terminology. We’ve created a variety of comparing numbers worksheets as well as comparing numbers games that will help your first grade students practice this important math concept. Print our free greater than symbol charts for classroom review.

First Grade Numbers & Operations in Base 10

Tally Mark Worksheets

Kindergarten and first grade students can learn to count with tally marks! Free printable tally mark worksheets and activities for students to learn one-to-one correspondence, grouping by 5

Ten Frame Worksheets

Free printable worksheets for students learning base 10 properties. These ten frame worksheets include first grade math standards for addition, subtraction, making ten and more. These are helpful tools for teaching students to group in sets of ten.

Counting to 120 Worksheets

First grade math students can learn to count to 120. Generally, counting to 100 is covered during the kindergarten year, so first graders can extend this goal and count on an additional 20. We’ve created Counting to 120 worksheets, charts, and activities to help your first grade students hit this important milestone.

Counting Money Worksheets

Counting money is a simple real-life skill your early elementary students should develop. Not only is it important for general education, but it can servce as a spring board into understanding base 10 and place value.

Place Value Worksheets

First grade math worksheets for students learning place value of ones, tens, and hundreds. You’ll find printable math worksheets for standard and expanded form of numbers, and tons of practice learning the value of each place. Find Place Value Charts and Place Value Games here.

Skip Counting Worksheets

While skip counting is generally mastered in grade three, students in first grade can begin building their understanding of skip counting. Once your students have a solid understanding of groups or bundles of ten, they can start counting by 10’s. We’ve created simple printable skip-counting activity pages that will help your students visualize and memorize mental math facts. Find skip counting speed drills here.

First Grade Measurement & Data Worksheets

Telling Time Worksheets & Activities

First grade students can build measurement skills by learning to read digital and analog time. We’ve created a huge set of Telling Time worksheets, games, learning centers, telling time charts, posters and more! Everything you need to teach time to the hour, half-hour, quarter, and even elapsed time. We’ve even created Telling Time BINGO which is sure to be a hit with your students.

Measurement Worksheets

Learning to measure in inches and half inches with a ruler is a helpful skill for your first grade students. Additionally, students should order by length, and use smaller objects to measure larger objects.

First Grade Geometry Worksheets

2D Shape Attribute Worksheets

Students learn to sort and classify 2D shapes with our free shape attribute printables. You’ll find games, worksheets, and hands-on sorting mats. Pair these with our 2D Shapes Worksheets and our Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets for additional review of shape recognition, shape names, and 2D shape attributes. You’ll find shape tracing activities, printables, and teaching resources to review shapes with your students.

Fractions Worksheets for 1st Grade

Students in first grade math can learn to separate shapes into equal parts. Some shapes will have a line of symmetry and some will not. Additionally, practice partitioning shapes into four equal parts. We’ve created a variety of free printable fractions worksheets that will help students work with halves, fourths (quarters) and to begin to compose and decompose simple 2D shapes.

3D Shape Worksheets

Free printable 3D Shapes charts, worksheets, nets, games and activities for first and second grade students to learn all about solids! These 3D shape worksheets will provide your students with hands-on and engaging activities while building important first grade math skills.

First Grade Math: Data & Graphing Worksheets

First Grade Math Graphing Worksheets

Students in grade 1 can begin to work with charts and graphs. We’ve developed a series of easy-to-read line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, dot plots, and even pictographs. Your first-grade students can transform raw data and surveys, into simple data visualization charts. Each activity includes data interpretation questions for further data analysis.

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