3rd Grade Math Worksheets

Free printable third grade math worksheet for kids! 3rd grade students work on important math standards like addition, subtraction, mental math, graphing, multiplication, division, base 10, and more.

Third Grade Math: Graphing Worksheets

Free printable third grade graphing worksheets. Students learn about taking surveys, bar charts, line graphs, pictographs and more. Differentiated for students who have not yet been introduced to graphing, and for students with graphing experience.

Simple Multiplication Worksheets

Third grade students learn about multiplication with our free simple multiplication worksheets and charts. These 3rd grade math worksheets focus on single-digit multiplication to 10. Additional multiplication worksheets are available for students who are ready for two digit multiplication problems.

Skip Counting Worksheets for 3rd Grade

Use our free skip counting worksheets to build important skip counting sequence skills needed for mutliplication and division mental math. Students in 3rd grade generally practice memorization of multiplication math fact tables and our skip counting printables will help your student speed up their skip counting.

Roman Numerals

Third grade students can be introduced to Roman Numerals with our free Roman numeral charts, worksheets, flashcards, and games! Make learning fun for your third grade math students with our Roman Numeral BINGO game.

Order of Operations Worksheets

Third-grade students can begin to learn the order of operations! We use PEMDAS to remember the order (Parenthesis, Exponents, multiplication, division, Addition, and Subtraction). While your third graders might not yet be familiar with division, you can star off learning order of operations with multiplication, addition, and subtraction and build your way up over the school year.

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