Addition Worksheets

These free addition worksheets are great for students who are learning basic math skills. Print our free addition charts, tables, worksheets, fill in the blanks and more. Improve addition fluency with our free Addition Flashcards to extend these resources in your classroom or at home!

Addition Charts

This is a free set of printable addition charts, tables, and worksheets for students to work on addition to 20.

Addition to 10 Worksheets

Students use this free basic additions worksheet to work on math facts to 10.

Addition Wheels

This is a free printable addition worksheet for kids.

Addition Doubles Worksheets

These free addition worksheets help students work on double addend equations.

Double Digit Addition Worksheets

These free worksheets help students build their addition skills with double-digit problems with no regrouping.

Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

These free worksheets guide students with addition and regrouping skills.

Addition with Regrouping Hundreds

Students work on regrouping and place value to the hundreds place.

Fact Family Worksheets

Use these free fact family worksheets for students learning addition and subtraction equations.

Addition Color By Number Worksheets

Free printable Addition Color By Number worksheets. These Color by code printables have students solving basic addition problems.

Addition on a Number Line Worksheets

Students can visualize simple addition with our free printable addition on a number line worksheets. You’ll find simple addition with sums to 10 and 20 and easy plotting on the number line. For advanced students we’ve created addition number line word problems so students can first identify the equation, then use the number line to solve

Addition Word Problems

Elementary students can solve addition word problems with 2 and 3 addends. Each worksheet provides students with room to draw and solve, as well as a blank addition sentence for them to write the equation. The printable worksheets are differentiated and gradually increase in difficulty, making them wonderful for practicing addition strategies with your students.

3 Digit Addition Worksheets

Build addition skills with our free 3-digit addition worksheets that will have your students adding three-digit numbers. We’ve created multiple sets so you can easily differentiate materials for your students. You’ll find 3-digit addition without regrouping as well as 3-digit addition with regrouping. Our regrouping worksheets provide students with a simple visual reminder to carry the 1.

Make 100 Worksheets

Make 100 Worksheets for math lessons! Our free, printable PDF worksheets give your students an engaging way to get in addition to 100 practice while also having a good time! We have included adding by multiples of one, five, and ten!

Free Addition Worksheets

Students who have a solid grasp on counting can begin to learn early addition skills. Introduce the concept of addition with hands-on materials and activity mats.

Addition Drills

Free printable Addition Drills worksheets you can use to help your students speed up their mental math calculations. We’ve created addition drills for multiple addend sets for easy differentiation in your classroom

Addition Tables Worksheets

Older students who are proficient with their mental math will be challenged by these free printable addition table drills. Set a timer to 1, 3, or 5 mintues and challenge your students to complete each table of facts.

Addition & Subtraction Worksheets

These worksheets feature mixed addition and subtraction equations for increase learning. These challenging sheets require students to switch back and forth from each type.

Interactive Math Curriculum

This comprehensive kindergarten math curriculum provides you with a full year of hands-on math lessons, games and activities.  This complete set includes an interactive daily warm-up folder and optional printable math manipulatives. Covering 4 days/Week over 36-weeks, students complete a daily worksheet alongside a daily game or interactive activity.  Designed to keep students engaged while keeping the prep-work to a minimum this set coordinates perfectly with our R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook.

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