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Free printable Graphic organizers and graphic organizer templates for kids. Teachers can use our PDF graphic organizing writing template to help students to compare and contrast, outline cause and effect, and create story maps.  Our simple graphic organizer printables will help your students organize their writing into beginning-middle-end story sequences, and provide a framework for building opinion, narrative, or informational writing.  Our free story map outlines help your students identify the main idea, characters, story elements, vocabulary, and more!  With differentiated materials, these templated outlines are great for elementary, middle school, and even high-school education.

What is a Graphic Organizer

A graphic organizer is a visual tool that is used to help organize and structure ideas or information. It can be in the form of a diagram, chart, table, or other visual representation. Graphic organizers are often used as a prewriting or planning strategy to help individuals brainstorm ideas, organize their thoughts, and improve their understanding of a topic.

Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizers

Our free organizers feature to compare and contrast which involves examining the similarities and differences between two or more things. This comparison can help provide a deeper understanding of the subjects being compared.

Compare & Contrast Graphic Organizer Venn Diagram

This free Venn diagram template is a powerful tool for visually comparing and contrasting two or more sets of data, ideas, or concepts. With the Venn diagram template, you can easily illustrate the relationships and similarities between the sets, as well as their unique characteristics and differences.

Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

This problem and solution graphic organizer is perfect for your second through fourth-grade students. It is easy to follow and has lines for students to write. Use this organizer template during whole group, small group, or independent work times.

Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer

Our free cause-and-effect graphic organizer template creates the perfect elementary resource! Use this organizer template as a flexible tool that allows you to visually organize and analyze the relationships between different factors or events.

Types of Graphic Organizers

We have created a variety of graphic organizers for your second, third, and fourth-grade students. Using these tools in homeschool or classroom settings makes the perfect visual learning tool. We have created four different types of organizers that will help your students visualize, organize, and strategize. Pair these amazing graphic organizers with our Teacher Lesson Plan Templates for optimal learning and teaching support.

Story Planning

Our free story planning organizer templates are like making a map before you go on a fun adventure. Just like how you need to have an idea of where you’re going and what you’re doing before you set out on a trip, you also need to have an idea of what your story is going to be about before you start writing.

Graphic Organizer for Writing

Main Ideas Ice Cream Cone graphic organizer page. This graphic organizer is perfect for brainstorming, outlining essays, or summarizing complex topics. It helps you to identify and prioritize the main ideas and supporting details. Use this page with students in grade 2-4.

Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

My opinion graphic organizer consists of multiple sections or columns, where you can write down each option you are considering. You can then outline the information and details of each option, highlighting the key points that influence your decision-making process. This helps your students to write or speak about their opinion while staying on topic.

Story Map Graphic Organizer

A story map graphic organizer is a visual tool that helps to organize and analyze the key elements of a story. This page features sections for each story element and organizes them effectively. By using a story graphic organizer, your students can effectively map out the various components of a narrative, providing a clear overview of its structure and content.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

This student-friendly organizer template is like a vocabulary playground where you can gather and categorize new words you encounter. It provides designated spaces to jot down the word, its definition, and examples. You can also add synonyms, and antonyms, and even draw small doodles or symbols to help you remember the word easily.

Character Analysis Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer page provides a structured framework for your students to unlock the different features of your characters in a text. With designated sections, you can record key information about each character, including their name, physical description, and background details. You can dive even deeper by examining the personality traits, motivations, and conflicts they face throughout the story.

Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer

A narrative writing graphic organizer is a planning tool that helps writers organize and structure their story-writing process. It is specifically designed to help writers develop a clear and cohesive narrative that engages and captivates the reader. Teachers can introduce narrative writing graphic organizers to their students as a planning tool to help them structure their stories.

Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer

To use a personal narrative graphic organizer like this with your students, teachers can introduce the tool by modeling how it works and providing examples that illustrate its value. They can guide students through the process of filling out the various sections, encouraging them to think deeply about their personal experiences and focus on those that are meaningful and relevant to the essay.

Who What Where When Why Organizers

This Five W’s Chart organizer is a graphic tool that helps students to plan and organize their writing. It provides a framework that prompts students to think about the key elements of their writing, including the who, what, when, where, and why behind the story. It is an incredibly useful tool for both homeschooling parents and classroom teachers to help students develop their writing skills.

Graphic Organizer for Opinion Writing

The Hamburger Graphic Writing Organizer is a visual and engaging tool that helps students structure their writing in a clear and organized manner. Just as the layers of a hamburger come together to create a delicious and satisfying meal, this organizer supports students in building a well-structured piece of writing. Each layer represents a specific component of the opinion writing process.

Sequence of Events

The following sequence of events graphic organizers refer to the order in which things happen in a story or in real life. Imagine a train track – the train has to follow a certain path to get to its destination. In the same way, a sequence of events is like a path that events in a story or in real life follow.

Sequence Chart

By utilizing a sequence chart like this one, students can effectively organize information, identify patterns and relationships, enhance their understanding of chronological sequences, and communicate their knowledge in a clear and structured manner. So, grab your pens and create a visual roadmap of events with the sequence chart, guiding your learning journey through the power of order and progression!

Flow Chart

A flow chart is an excellent visual tool that helps kids to understand how events lead to the next, breaking them down into simple steps and easy-to-understand visuals. Our free flowchart provides a ‘map’ that outlines the sequence of events in a process, making it easier for children to draw or write to show their comprehension of a topic or sequence.


This timeline page presents students with an overview of the sequence of events, aiding their understanding and analysis of historical periods, biographies, or scientific discoveries. It helps students visualize and analyze a series of events, promoting critical thinking and comprehension skills. Use this with your upper elementary students incorporated into a variety of reading and writing lessons.

Main Idea and Details

These graphic organizers feature the main idea or the central message or theme of a piece of writing, speech, or any other form of communication. It is the overarching concept that the author or speaker wants to convey. The main idea should give the reader or listener a clear understanding of what the communication is about.

Central Idea Graphic Organizer

A central idea graphic organizer, also known as a mind map, is a kid-friendly tool that aids in organizing and understanding the main ideas of a topic. Through brainstorming, children can identify the central idea and surrounding supporting details. The central idea is placed at the center of the graphic organizer, while the supporting details are added in separate boxes connected to the central idea.

Word Web Organizer

The word web organizer consists of a central word or concept written in a center oval, with branches extending outwards, containing related words or phrases. These connections between words help to paint a more complete picture of a topic or theme, providing a deeper understanding of the meaning and context.

Biography Organizer

Whether you are researching a historical figure, writing a school project, or documenting your family history, a biography organizer page is a powerful tool to showcase and honor lives well-lived. So, grab a pen and start organizing the fascinating details that bring a person’s story to life on a biography organizer page.

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