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CVC Flashcards are great for quick practice in early education classrooms like kindergarten and first grade. Students will love the bright-colored flashcards and you’ll love knowing that they are becoming fluent readers. These CVC word flashcards are color coded to each of the five short vowel sounds. They make it easy to see which area students are struggling in as well as which areas they are excelling in! Students will love working with these flashcards and when they are ready to continue their reading journey, check out our R.E.A.D. K Curriculum Notebook. It has everything you could think of to get young learners started on their literacy path.

CVC Flashcards PDF

These CVC word flashcards provide reading fluency, phonics, and rhyming skill practice to any kindergarten or first-grade classroom or homeschool environment. Students can use the cards in a variety of ways to incorporate literacy throughout the school day. Use the flashcards to check fluency and accuracy of CVC words, play rhyming memory match games, or print two sets and play memory with the cards. You could also use these cards as words of the day or week. Simply hang them in your classroom for students to practice throughout the learning day. No matter how you incorporate them, your students are sure to love learning with them!

CVC Word Flashcards

Our flashcards feature bright colors, and an easy-to-cut design, and are simple to use! Scroll to the set(s) that you want to use and download our FREE PDF now! Once downloaded, print these interactive flashcards out and use them to your liking. Students, teachers, small group leaders, and parents will thank you for incorporating such an awesome resource!

CVC Flashcards Free

Wondering what the best way to use these cards is? We recommend printing on white card stock and then laminating for extended use and extra durability! This way students can use them day after day, week after week, and year after year. You could print a set for each student in your class to take home as reading and phonics practice too! There are so many amazing ways to use these flashcards! How will you use them in your classroom? If your students love these, they are REALLY going to love our CVC Worksheets. The flashcards make a great partner resource to use along with these free printable pages.

Short A CVC Word Flashcards

A HUGE set of short A CVC word flashcards makes the perfect reading, phonics, or rhyming activity for students in kindergarten and first grade. Beginning readers will practice reading words in the short A word family.

Short A CVC Word Flashcards

Twelve short A CVC word flashcards are included on this page of brightly colored flashcards. Perfect for kindergarten and first-grade students.

CVC Short A Word Flashcards

Grab this set of twelve short A word family flashcards. Practice reading and rhyming with the short A word family with your beginning readers. They are going to love it!

CVC Word Flashcards With Short A

Your students will love practicing reading fluency, accuracy, and rhyming with our short A CVC word flashcards. Twelve cards are featured on this page.

Short A CVC Word Flashcards

Free short A flashcards featuring twelve CVC words. That’s a full page of easy-to-read, engaging flashcards for your beginning readers. Kindergarten and first grade reading just got a whole lot more fun!

Flashcards With Short A CVC Words

Check out this full page of short A CVC word flashcards! With an easy to cut design you’re going to love the ease of preparing them while your students will love reading with them!

Short A Flashcards CVC Words

The final page in this short A CVC flashcard set features five short A words for beginning readers to practice reading, rhyming, writing, and so much more!

Short E CVC Word Flashcards

Three pages of short E CVC word flashcards perfect for beginning readers. Your kindergarten and first grade students will enjoy practicing their reading fluency, phonics, and rhyming skills!

CVC Word Flashcards Short Vowel E

Twelve short E CVC word flashcards are included on this full page of brightly colored flashcards. Simple print on card stock and laminate for extra durability!

Short E CVC Flashcards

Practicing rhyming? These short E word family flashcards provide students with a variety of CVC words to match rhymes. These flashcards also give students the ability to practice reading quickly and accurately!

CVC Flashcards Short E

CVC word flashcards featuring a short E vowel sound. Included are four pre-written words and eight blank flashcards for you to add your own short E words for students to practice.

Short I CVC Word Flashcards

Your students are going to enjoy showing you how accurate and fluent they can become at reading short I CVC words while using these flashcards! They have a bright design and are LOADED with CVC words for beginning readers to practice!

Short I CVC Flashcards

The first of four pages, full of short I vowel sound CVC words. This page contains twelve flashcards that can be easily cut and used with students right away!

CVC Word Flashcards With Short I

Here are your CVC word flashcards! Grab this set of brightly colored short I flashcards to use with your kindergarten and first-grade students.

CVC Flashcards Short Vowel I

Want your students to become fluent readers? Our engaging short I CVC word flashcards provide a variety of ways to practice reading CVC words.

Flashcards For Short I CVC Words

Our fourth and final page in the short I set gives you four words to practice. There are eight blank flashcards for you to add your own short I words for student practice.

Short O CVC Flashcards

Three full pages of short O CVC words are included in our short O CVC flashcard set. These bright yellow flashcards are sure to bring your beginning readers to a place of accuracy and fluency with reading!

Short O CVC Word Flashcards

Grab this full page of free phonics and reading practice flashcards. Perfect for use in kindergarten, first grade, or homeschool settings!

Flashcards Short O CVC Words

Students can practice reading for fluency along with their rhyming skills in partner groups, small groups, or independently with these flashcards!

CVC Flashcards For Short O

Grab this page of short O CVC word flashcards for student use. These flashcards can be sent home for practice or used in the classroom as a game or assessment.

Short U CVC Word Flashcards

Three full pages of short U CVC word flashcards for use in kindergarten, first grade, and homeschool settings! Students will love the bright design, and you will love all the literacy skills they are practicing!

Short U Vowel CVC Flashcards

Here’s a full page of short U CVC words for your kindergarten, first-grade, and homeschool students. Your students are going to love practicing their reading skills with these flashcards!

Short Vowel U Flashcards

A full page of free short u CVC word flashcards for your beginning readers. Practice rhyming, phonics, and reading fluency in small groups, independently, or as an assessment!

CVC Word Flashcards Short U

Teaching the short U vowel sound? Incorporate this full page of flashcards into your next lesson. Your students will be engaged in reading practice all year long when using this free set!

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