Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Our Beginning Sounds Worksheets are the perfect phonics activities for your preschool and kindergarten students. These worksheets promote reading skills and fine motor control through a variety of worksheets, cut and paste activities, and games. Each worksheet features a different consonant that is a totally free printable. For even more letter practice, check out our best selling Alphabet Curriculum Notebook!

Beginning Sounds Worksheet

These beginning sounds worksheets are great for helping kids practice their alphabet letters, how to recognize sounds, and how to make those sounds when they read. The best part about these free printable worksheets is that you can use them again and again! Your beginning readers will LOVE all of the hands on practice and fun games that are included in this set.

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Beginning Sounds Worksheets

The following worksheets provide students with a picture and most of the word associated with that picture. The only thing missing is the beginning letter. Students will need to say the word aloud to hear the beginning sound. Once they recognize the sound, they will need to write or dab the correct sound that goes at the beginning of each word.

Free Beginning Letter Sound Pages

Free beginning letter sound worksheet features 12 different words that students need to say and recognize. Once your student has heard the first sound, they will need to trace it on the page.

Beginning Letter Sounds Printable Worksheet

This page was created with kindergarten students in mind. Your student not only need to hear/recognize the beginning sound, but must also write it correctly.

Beginning Letter Sounds Worksheet

Fill in the beginning sounds on this worksheet. Using a pencil students will need to say the word the picture is showing. Then, they will need to form the correct corresponding letter.

Beginning Letter Sound Worksheet

A black and white version of our classic say and dab worksheet. This beginning letter sound page features eight different pictures that your students must say aloud and dab/color/fill in the corresponding letter.

Beginning Letter Sound Sheet

Free and easy to use, this full color printable beginning letter sound sheet features eight pictures. Students will say the word (ie. lion) aloud and then try to decipher the beginning sound and color it in.

Beginning Letter Sound Printable

Each word on this page is missing its first sound. Students should say the word aloud and then fill in the first box associated with each picture with the correct beginning sound.

Beginning Sound Worksheet

These worksheets are easy for kids to use. The best part? You can spend less time preparing and more time teaching. These beginning sound pages can be printed on white or colored paper and used in morning work sessions. They’re also great for small group activities when you print on card stock and laminate. Students will then use dry erase markers to complete each task. Create a fun and educational learning session using these activity pages, cut and paste sheets, and engaging printables while taking the stress of creating another center activity off of you! Check out and grab our full set of Alphabet Worksheets to incorporate into your centers, too!

Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste

Cut and paste worksheets are going to be so fun for your students! Preschool and kindergarten students will LOVE cutting and pasting the beginning sound onto each box associated with an adorable picture.

Beginning Letter Cut and Paste Worksheets

Your students will enjoy building their scissor skills and beginning letter sound recognition. Beginning sounds are such an important part of learning to read, making this an integral part of preschool and kindergarten learning.

Cut and Paste Beginning Sounds

Grab this free cut and paste beginning sound printable for your students today! Students will love matching the beginning sounds with the correct pictures. Once the pictures and letters have been matched, students can color the cute pictures!

Beginning Sounds Cut & Paste

Here’s a black & white printable cut-and-paste page for your students to practice beginning sounds. Students will say the word aloud, find the corresponding letter that matches the picture and students will paste it into the box.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets Free

Teaching your students to read? An important part of reading is beginning sounds. Your students will enjoy playing games, completing mazes, coloring, cutting and pasting, and so much more through the use of these printable pages. These pages make the perfect assessment for students that have been working on beginning sounds for a while. Or, use these pages in small groups to practice a skill that was just taught in a whole group setting. Check out even more maze activities for your students with our Alphabet Maze Worksheets.

Beginning Sounds Activities

The following printables contain beginning sound mazes. These mazes feature three different consonant sounds B, H, T. There are also beginning sound activities for each letter on the pages as well. Check them out below!

Beginning Sound Maze Printables

Letter B maze features the beginning sound /b/. Students will start at the top of the letter and work their way down to the bottom of the letter.

Beginning Sound Maze Worksheet

Your students are going to love this engaging maze page featuring beginning sound B. B stands for box and ball. Your students are going to have so much fun completing this page!

Beginning Sound Maze Printables

Letter C maze features the beginning sound /c/. Students will start at the top of the letter and work their way down to the bottom of the letter.

Beginning Sound Maze Worksheet

Your students are going to love this engaging maze page featuring beginning sound H. H stands for hose and hand. Your students are going to have so much fun completing this page!

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