Kindergarten Assessment Worksheets

Assessments are a great way to see what your child knows, and what information they still have to learn. Our free kindergarten assessment tests will help you develop a baseline and show growth over the year! Each assessment worksheet includes a place for scoring if desired. These kindergarten assessment printables are great for end of the year testing. If you find your student needs extra practice on any of these concepts check out our free worksheets, or try our Kindergarten Reading & Language Arts Program or our Complete 36-Week Interactive Math Curriculum.

Kindergarten Assessment Test

Print our free Kindergarten Assessment Test today and see where your students excel and where they need additional help. As a special THANK YOU to our subscribers, this kindergarten assessment pack is offered in a an easy download! (Not ready to subscribe? Print the free pages individually below. )

Kindergarten Reading Assessments

Beginning Letter Sounds

Students identify the beginning letter sound for each picture.

Uppercase Letter Names

Students show letter recognition skills for the uppercase alphabet.

Lowercase Letter Names

Students show letter recognition skills for the lowercase alphabet.

Consonant Sounds

Students are assessed on their ability to identify consonant letter sounds

Short Vowel Sounds Assessment

This is a small collection of worksheets to assess your student’s ability to recognize short vowel sounds.

Long Vowel Sounds Assessment

This is a small collection of worksheets to assess your student’s ability to recognize long vowel sounds.

Kindergarten Language Arts Assessments

Rhyming Worksheet

Students match the rhyming words to show understanding of word families and ending sounds.

Syllables Worksheet

Use this sheet to assess student understanding of syllables. You can read the words aloud and record student answers.

Segmenting Worksheet

Students work on segmenting and spelling with this free kindergarten assessment worksheet.

Dolch Primer Sight Words

This is a list of sight words for kindergarten students based on the Dolch 220 sight word list. Find a complete Kindergarten Sight Word Assessment Test here.

Kindergarten Writing Assessments

Uppercase Alphabet

Students use this assessment sheet to write the uppercase letters in alphabetical order. More

Lowercase Alphabet

Students use this assessment sheet to write the lowercase letters in alphabetical order. More

My Information

This is a simple worksheet for kindergarten students to show they know their full name, phone number, and address.

Write a Sentence

Kindergarten students can show their writing ability by writing a sentence with the words provided.

Rhyming Words

Students show their understanding of word families and rhyming words by finding the pattern. Find a complete CVC Word Assessment for Kindergarten here.

Family Writing Project

This is a simple creative writing assessment to view your student’s ability to draw and write on topic. More

Kindergarten Math Assessments

Shape Identification

This is a free kindergarten worksheet to assess student knowledge and ability to identify different shapes.

Writing to 100

This is a helpful worksheet for students to build skills over the school year, and to use as a year-end assessment.

Measurement Worksheet

Students are asked to circle the heaviest item. This is a simple way to assess student knowledge of perceived weight.

Addition Worksheet

This free printable addition worksheet gives students opportunities to solce problems with addends to 10. More

Subtraction Worksheet

This is a subtraction worksheet to assess students understanding of subtraction from subtrahends up to 10. More

Number Words

Students show they can recognize number words with this free kindergarten math assessment worksheet.

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