CVC Worksheets

FREE CVC Worksheets make engaging CVC word practice for your kindergarten or homeschool students. Learning to read with CVC families is super engaging for young learners. Through the use of these worksheets, beginning readers will practice reading short vowel sounds while engaging in a variety of fine motor opportunities like coloring, writing, cutting, and more! For even more early reading practice that is engaging and fun, head on over to check out our Kindergarten Reading Curriculum now!

CVC Worksheet

Want to teach CVC words to your students? These engaging, easy-to-use printable worksheets make learning CVC words so much fun! Each short vowel sound is featured with five different worksheets to choose from. Teaching a short vowel sound each week or each day? No problem! We have a variety of engaging pages that students will LOVE! Pair them with our free printable CVC Word Flashcards for extra practice.

CVC Word Worksheets

Free and easy to use describes this cut-and-paste worksheet for early learners. Engaging pictures for kindergarten students to look at, read, and write! This cvc printable is perfect for learning key reading skills like segmenting. You can learn more about CVC Words here, and print our free CVC Word List Charts for student reference.

CVC Word Activities

Get the most out of these worksheets when you print them on cardstock and laminate them or add them to a page protector. This gives students the opportunity to use these pages again and again. The nonsense word, word search, and rhyming word pages lend beautifully to this practice while the cut-and-paste and color-by-number pages are more of a one-time-use worksheet. For a little extra push, add our Kindergarten Rhyming Worksheets to your next literacy lesson!

Short A CVC Words

Short A C-V-C Words Worksheets and activities for students to learn to read. Five worksheets all containing short A CVC words. These worksheets promote reading, writing, fine motor, and more!

CVC Color By Number Worksheet

Short A CVC color-by-number worksheet for kindergarten students. Provides fine motor, reading, and letter/sound recognition practice skills.

CVC Rhyming Words Short A

Students can rhyme with short A CVC words when they use this free printable worksheet. Your students will enjoy rhyming and coloring this page.

Short A CVC Word Search

Here is an engaging short A CVC word search worksheet for kindergarten students. This is a no-prep printable that gives students letter and word recognition practice.

CVC Nonsense Words Worksheet

Make reading a fun game with this nonsense word printable. This page features short A CVC words for students to roll and read. Your kindergarten students will enjoy this literacy practice.

CVC Cut & Paste Worksheet Short A

Free cut and paste CVC word worksheet. This printable features six different short A CVC words for students to practice.

Short E CVC Words

Make your next CVC reading lesson fun and engaging with these short E CVC word worksheets. With a variety of activities, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Short E CVC Color By Number

Color all of the short E CVC words with this adorable color-by-CVC word worksheet. Free and easy to use! Your students are sure to be engaged in this activity page.

Short E CVC Rhyming Worksheet

Want your students to practice short E CVC words while also building their phonological awareness skills? Here is the perfect worksheet for you!

CVC Short E Word Search

Grab a pencil, crayon, or highlighter and start searching for short E words! This word search is fun and exciting for young learners while also building key literacy skills.

CVC Nonsense Word Worksheet Short E

Your students will love practicing short E nonsense words with this roll and read game page. Students will roll a die and read that row of nonsense words providing number recognition, sound practice, and CVC word practice.

CVC Short E Cut and Paste Worksheets

Students will practice their fine motor skills with this cut-and-paste printable worksheet. Free and very easy to use. Simply print and give to students to complete

Short I CVC Words

Color, cut, roll, read, circle, and more with these interactive short I CVC word worksheets. Perfect for kindergarten and homeschool students. Kids will love the activities, you will love how much they learn!

Color By Number Short I CVC Word Worksheet

Color by CVC worksheets for kindergarten students makes the perfect assessment or individualized practice page. Students will need crayons or colored pencils for this activity.

Short I CVC Rhyming Words Worksheet

Grab your highlighter or pencil and get those phonological awareness skills going! Students will say the name of the picture and decide which word rhymes then circle it.

Short I CVC Word Search

Simply download our word search worksheet featuring all short I CVC words and students can practice letter/sound recognition, and blending practice.

Short I Nonsense Word Worksheet

Games make learning fun and this roll and read short I CVC word page does just that! Grab a die and get to work on this entertaining CVC word worksheet today!

CVC Cut & Paste Short I Worksheet

Fine motor skills are developed when you incorporate this fun CVC word cut and paste activity page into your next literacy lesson or center. Students will look at the picture, cut out the letters, and glue on the correct letters to spell what is shown in each picture.

Short O CVC Words

Short O CVC word worksheets provide a variety of word recognition, letter/sound recognition, and blending practice to homeschool and kindergarten students. There are five different pages to download for free. Simply download and use!

Short O Color By CVC Word Worksheet

Students will create an adorable colored picture with this color by CVC word worksheet. This worksheet features all short O CVC words.

Short O CVC Rhyming Words

CVC rhyming word worksheets will give students practice in phonological awareness strategies. Look at the picture, say the word, read the four other words, then circle or highlight the word that rhymes.

CVC Word Search With Short O

Students will love searching for short O CVC words in our engaging CVC word search worksheet. This worksheet provides practice to kindergarten and homeschool students.

Short O CVC Nonsense Words

Roll and read nonsense words with this engaging short O CVC word worksheet. Students will love that this worksheet feels like a game and you’ll love much they learn!

Cut and Paste Short O CVC Word Worksheet

Our cut-and-paste short O worksheet gives students practice with spelling, blending, reading, and writing. Fun and engaging for young learners!

Short U CVC Words

A variety of short U CVC word worksheets for kindergarten and homeschool students. Use these worksheets to provide fine motor, letter/sound recognition, blending practice, and so much more!

Color By Short U CVC Words

Grab some colors and your students can get started on this worksheet right away. Students will practice blending and word recognition with this color-by-word worksheet.

Short U CVC Rhyming Word Worksheets

The perfect rhyming page for kindergarten and homeschool students does exist! Our short U rhyming worksheet provides a variety of rhyming word practice for your eager young learners.

CVC Word Search With Short U

Your students will love this free worksheet printable. Find the short U CVC sight words in this kindergarten-friendly word search.

Short U CVC Nonsense Word Worksheets

Free printable nonsense word practice. Give your young learners a game-like activity they will be engaged in for hours!

CVC Cut and Paste Worksheets

Free and easy to use describes this cut-and-paste worksheet for early learners. Engaging pictures for kindergarten students to look at, read, and write! This cvc printable is perfect for learning key reading skills like segmenting.

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