Following Directions Worksheets

FREE Following Directions Worksheets for children! When completing these printables, students will practice reading, writing, coloring, and drawing. These worksheets will teach your kids how to follow directions, step by step. Teachers! If you need more fine motor activities for your students please take a look at our Following Directions Bundle today!

Free Following Directions Worksheets PDF

Students will learn problem-solving skills when completing these direction-following printables. Our collection of following directions worksheets covers a wide range of questions for your students to answer. Each following directions worksheet has its own unique set of instructions and pictures to color.

Printable Following Directions Worksheets

Our worksheets are filled with engaging in activities that require your kids to pay close attention to details. Following directions is a fundamental skill that all children need to learn. By engaging with these worksheets requires students to pay close attention to details and execute specific instructions. Anchor text to Related Internal Content.

Step-by-Step Directions Printables

The following directions worksheets are educational, entertaining, and easy to access. Our worksheets are sure to keep your students engaged with all of the cute illustrations offered with each free pdf. Kids will learn object recognition and association with its spelling. For another FREE printable check out our Calendar Following Directions worksheets.

Following Directions Printables

January Following Directions

The following directions worksheet pack comes with a unique picture and set of directions for each month of the year.

February Following Directions

Students will have a new following directions printable to complete. Each one corresponds to a different month.

March Following Directions

These fine-motor worksheets are sure to keep your students engaged all year! Each question provides a different task.

April Following Directions

Students will get to practice their critical thinking skills with these free following directions pdfs.

May Following Directions

These challenging directions will help students think critically to solve each of the directions

June Following Directions

Your children will become rockstar listeners when reading this task-orientated worksheet.

July Following Directions

Foster independence in your students by letting them tackle these takes on their own. The step-by-step instructions will help them to learn independently.

August Following Directions

Problem-solving skills are learned with these adorable black-and-white pictures paired with sets of different following-direction questions for students.

September Following Directions

With our worksheets, your students will get plenty of practice listening carefully. They will learn how to process information and produce the correct response.

October Following Directions

Following directions is the foundation for success in a school setting. These free printables will help to establish that foundation.

November Following Directions

Teach your students how important attention to detail is with these following directions printable. Show them the importance of finishing the job correctly.

December Following Directions

This cute winter themed printable will be a great addition to your winter and holiday lesson plans! Students will learn how to analyze.

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