Unicorn Coloring Pages

Free Unicorn Coloring Page

Free unicorn coloring pages for kids! Our printable unicorn coloring sheets are the BEST unicorn coloring pages out there, and you can download and print each PDF file below for your students to color in today. These simple thick, black outline designs make for easy unicorn pictures to color, and your kids will have fun coloring all the beautiful, cute, adorable, whimsical, magical unicorns below!

Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Page

This unicorn is prancing through the sky. Your students can use bright and vivid rainbow colors or muted pastels to color this simple unicorn coloring sheet. Featuring stars, clouds, rainbows and an easy color unicorn.

Unicorn Mother & Baby Coloring Page

This baby unicorn coloring page is the sweetest there every was. Featuring a baby unicorn and it’s mom, a background of rainbows, hearts, stars, clounds and more. Your kids will love to color this simple sheet.

Easy Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Pages

Students will have fun coloring in this easy rainbow coloring page featuring a wide variety of thick black outline objects to color. Clouds, rainbows, flowers, stars, and most importantly an adorable little unicorn standing in a field.

Free Unicorn Coloring Pages

Our free printable unicorn coloring pages have been specially designed to bring joy and excitement to your students. With thick black line outlines, simple coloring sections, and uniquely creative designs, we’re sure your kiddos are going to love these printable unicorn pictures to color.

Cute Unicorn Coloring Page

This unicorn couldn’t be any cuter! This little unicorn has big glasses and adorable freckles, standing on a cloud with a rainbow and star background. We are sure your students will be super excited to color this cutie!

Simple Unicorn Coloring Page

This simple unicorn coloring page is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and anytime you want simple coloring pages for your older students. With thick black outlines, this unicorn coloring sheet is great for students who are learning to color in the lines.

Cute Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Page

This simple yet adorable unicorn coloring page features an easy to color unicorn with simple rainbows and clouds in the background. Young students will appreciate the thick black lines and easy color design.

Pretty Unicorn to Color

This pretty unicorn is perfect for practing blending rainbow colors on the long beautiful unicorn mane. Kids can color with bright, vivid rainbow colors or pastels. Either way, this page is great for working on simple artistic coloring skills.

Easy Unicorn Coloring Page

This is a basic easy coloring page of a unicorn. Students can color the long mane and the unicorn horn with ease. Created with thick black lines for easy and simple coloring in the lines. This coloring page is great for when older students have their own designs and patterns they want to add to the picture.

Simple Unicorn with Wings Coloring Page

Young children will thrive with this simple thick-outline unicorn coloring page featuring an adorable, smiling unicorn standing in a prancing pose, with beautiful feather-like wings.

Unicorn Bust Simple Coloring Page

This has got to be the most adorable and enchanting unicorn bust coloring page out there! Students will find great success coloring in this magical unicorn featuring a long easy-to-color mane and beautiful flower framing.

Unicorn Cupcake Coloring Page

Here is a simple kawaii unicorn cupcake for you to color. This cupcake has a beautiful design and looks like a sweet little unicorn treat. Great for simple coloring pages.

Unicorn Doodle Coloring Pages

These coloring pages have the look and feel of hand-drawn doodles and sketches. These fun patterns are simple and fun to color with your kiddos. You might even use them for simple drawing prompts as each of the elements are really simple to draw.

Sweet Unicorn Coloring Page

This sweet little unicorn is in a field with unique doodle flowers. Starts and clouds are in the background for fun doodles for your kids to color.

Cute Unicorn Doodle with Rainbow Stars

Here is a simple unicorn standing in the clouds with stars and rainbows to color in. These coloring sheets look hand-drawn like you would find in a children’s sketchbook.

Magical Unicorn Coloring Pages

These unicorn coloring pages are suitable for older children and adults. With intricated designs, and detailed styling, these magical creatures are wonderful for simple, relaxing coloring activities. Many work well with colored pencils, or any medium you choose.

Baby Unicorn Twins Coloring Page

Could they be any cuter? These adorable baby unicorns are wandering through a field each with their own crown of wildflowers. What a fun and magical coloring page for kids and adults.

Unicorn with Hearts Coloring Page

This lovely unicorn is perfect for Valentine’s Day coloring activities! Featuring a unicorn bust with a long flowing mane, inset a beautiful heart, your students will have ots of coloring practice with this beauty.

Prancing Unicorn Coloring Page

This proud unicorn is prancing and with all the beautiful decorations, reminds us of a carousel unicorn coloring page.

Beautiful Flower Unicorn

If your students are looking for lots of tiny details to color in, this unicorn is filled with flowers. Featuring a side vide of a unicorn bust and a crown and mane of flowers.

Flying Unicorns with Wings Coloring Pages

These unicorn coloring pages feature flying unicorns, unicorns with wings, unicorns standing or sleeping in the clouds, rainbow backgrounds, and starry skies. These magical coloring sheets are great for older students with more patience for coloring small details. Ready for more unicorn magic? Try this beautiful Unicorn Horn Art Project with your kids today.

Fancy Flying Unicorn Coloring Page

This unicorn is flying among the stars with big open wings. This coloring page is great for older students and kids can practice blending and hue on the different sections of the unicorn wings.

Fancy Unicorn Wings Coloring Page

This unicorn coloring page features a stunning unicorn with long wavy hair, wings, and stars in the background to color in. The small details on this coloring sheet are great for older students to practice fine coloring.

Sleeping Unicorn Coloring Page

This is a simple sleeping unicorn coloring page for students to color in. The unicorn is sleeping on a cloud with a rainbow in the background

Unicorn Coloring Page Tips & Tricks

Here are a few helpful suggestions when coloring in our free printable unicorn coloring pages.

  • Use quality Colored Pencils with a variety of hues.
  • Blend to shade around edges with your darker colors
  • Pinks and Creams look great around the muzzle.
  • Light blues can be used to create shadow for white fur
  • Rainbow ombre is always beautiful on manes and wings
  • Alternatively, use contrasting colors to create highlight & shadows (photo above)
  • For really young children, you can try our free printable unicorn templates.
  • Add important educational skills with our Unicorn Color by Number Printables

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