Parts of a Pine Cone Worksheets

When you see a pine cone, it may look like a fun decoration for the crafty person. Or, maybe it looks like work or a nuisance to pick up in your yard. However, pinecones play a huge part in nature. Our Parts of a Pine Cone worksheets are the perfect way to introduce their special features.

Free Parts of a Pine Cone Worksheets

Pine Cone Chart

This parts of a pine code diagram contains a simple color-codes and number chart. Use the pine code answer key as a study or reference guide.

Pine Cone Notebooking Page

A blank notebooking page for children as a journaling page. Kids can label the parts of a pine cone and store key facts as well.

Pine Cone Labeling Chart

A blank labeling worksheet for children to name each different part of the pine cone Use the Pine Cone Chart as a reference guide.

Parts of a Pine Cone Cut & Paste Worksheets

For older students, the cut and paste activity worksheet allows them to correctly arrange the labels with the parts of the pine cone.

Pine Cone Coloring Page

For younger students, this large pine cone coloring page is perfect for children to draw the colors and textures they observe in their own pine cone.

Pine Cone Seed Coloring Page

The parts of a pine cone coloring page can be used to teach the intricate details of the pine code seed.

What is the Function of a Pine Cone?

Did you know that the main purpose of a pine cone is to keep a pine tree’s seeds safe? When it’s cold, pine cones close their scales to protect the seeds from the cold and animals who want to eat them.

What are the Parts of a Pine Cone?

Wondering what are the parts of a pine cone? The four parts of a pine cone are open cone, closed cone, cone scale, and seed. We provide several worksheets to include a study or reference guide, notebooking page, labeling chart, cut and paste pine cone activity, and two pine cone coloring pages.

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    Please make a total eclipse worksheet on how the sun and moon are in the same sky at the same time
    Anatomy of a total eclipse!

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      Great idea, Nancy. Thank you for the feedback 🙂

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