Plant Life Cycle Worksheets

Plant Life Cycle Coloring Page

Students can use these free life cycle of a plant worksheets to learn all about the stages of a plant. These free printable worksheets, coloring pages, cut & paste activities are perfect for hands-on science learning centers. Pair these activities up with a classroom experiment growing your own plants in paper cups and study the life cycle first hand.

Life Cycle of a Plant for Kids

We’ve got a few different versions of the plant life cycle activities. Younger students can color the life cycle worksheets, while older students can label each of the stages. Additionally, we’ve got a cut and paste worksheet students can assemble on colored construction paper or on the provided blank template. For more science resources see our Plant Cell Worksheets

    Plant Life Cycle Worksheet

    A simple chart for children to add to their science notebooks or to use as a reference chart for learning about the plant life cycle.

      Life Cycle of a Plant Blank Template

      This is a blank template for children to paste or draw in the different stages of the plant life cycle.

        Plant Life Cycle Coloring Page

        Children can color their own plant life cycle focusing on the different stages from seed to flowering plant.

          Life Cycle of a Plant Cut & Paste Worksheet

          This is a cut and paste activity worksheet for children to color, label, cut and paste the different stages of the plant life cycle. Use this on a single sheet of paper or print our life cycle template below.