Plant Cell Worksheets

Blank Plant Cell Diagram

Our free science worksheets are perfect for creating hands-on learning opportunities in your classroom. Students can use these blank plant cell diagrams to color in and store in their science notebook. You might even provide them with a plant cell model to use as a reference.

Plant Cell Labeling Worksheet

Older students can use our plant organelles worksheet to identify and name each of the parts of a plant cell. We’ve provided a free reference chart to pair up with the plant cell worksheet. This is useful for students to practice naming the parts or to use as a quick cheat sheet when they get stuck. For more, try our free animal cell worksheets.

Plant Cell Chart

This is a free printable chart of the plant cell featuring each of the different parts labeled for children to learn. This is a great resources for hanging in your classroom or adding to your science notebook

Plant Cell Labeling Worksheet

This is a free labeling worksheet for the different parts of the animal cell. Children can use the above chart to study

Plant Cell Notebooking Page

Keeping a science notebook or journal is a great way to reinforce key facts! Children can color, label and write in important facts on this cell notebooking page.

Parts of a Plant Cell Labeling Worksheet

Challenge your students with this free parts of a plant cell labeling worksheet. Students can color each part to match the parts of a cell, then write the name on the line.

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