Solar System Worksheets

Thinking about grabbing some free planet resources to teach your students? Try our free solar system worksheets — they include hand-crafted illustrations of the Sun and our planets. We’ve created a variety of teaching resources to help you plan a thematic planetary unit!

Planet Order Worksheets

If you’re looking for a simple way to help your students memorize the order of the planets in our solar system, we’ve got a great mnemonic device to help! Simply take the first letter of each planet and use that to create a memorable saying. Here is ours:

My Very Excited Mouse Just Slurped Up Noodles.

(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

Planets Worksheet

This free printable planets worksheet helps students to visualize and memorize the planet order in our solar system.

Planets Crown

It’s always a great time to introduce to kids our amazing solar system of planets. Whether they are young or old, students of all ages are fascinated by learning about the planets in our solar system! For your younger students, you might print up this free Solar System crown they can color and wear throughout the day!

Solar System Crown

Print on colored carstock paper for extra planetary fun! The sun is at the center and the planets are in order as you go around the crown! This includes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Planet Labeling Activity

Older students can work on their fine motor skills by cutting and pasting the planet labels to match the correct planet. We’ve created some hand drawn planet coloring pages and labeling activity worksheets below.

Solar System Coloring Page

A simple blank line coloring page of the Sun, Planets, and Asteroid belt in our solar system. This is handy for young children to color the planets as they are.

Solar System Cut & Paste Worksheet

This is a simple solar system cut and paste worksheet. Children color the sun and the planets then cut out the labels and arrange them accordingly. Older children can use the labels as a word bank and write the names in themselves.

Planet Coloring Pages

We have a fun collection of free printable planet coloring pages, as well as celestial bodies, and solar system diagrams. Younger students will appreciate the easy color, thick black outlines of our Solar System coloring pages.

Planet Cursive Handwriting Worksheets

Planet Order Printables

It’s never too early to learn the order of the planets! These printable bookmarks and bracelets will help even the youngest students to memorize the planets in order.

Solar System Bookmarks

Students can color their own planet bookmarks with this free printable set! Print on cardstock paper and laminate after coloring. These are great for students to practice

Solar System Bracelets

Students can work on memorizing the planets in order with these printable solar system bracelets. Print on copy paper, color and then staple or tape them around your student’s wrist.

Solar System Handwriting Pages

Expand your thematic unit by adding in these free planet handwriting worksheets. Each sheet provides students the opportunity to color the planet then practice handwriting and spelling. Available in PRINT or CURSIVE options, this set can be bound together to make a fun planet book to take home.

Solar System Worksheets {Free!}

They’ll discover more about our planets — Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and a tiny Pluto. You’ll find solar system worksheets pdf below that include the following:

  • Solar System Coloring Page
  • Solar System Cut & Paste Sheet
  • Solar System Notebooking Pages:
    • Sun and Mercury
    • Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus
    • Mars and Jupiter
    • Venus and Earth

Solar System Notebooking Page: Sun & Mercury

This fun science notebook page for children is great for storing key facts and journaling their thoughts. This journaling page features the sun and Mercury.

Solar System Notebooking Page: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

Grab this adorable notebook page for children to store key facts they learn about planets. Features images include the planets of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

Solar System Notebooking Page: Mars & Jupiter

Print out this simple science notebook page over and over again for children to practice words, sentences, and coloring. This solar system printable features images of Mars and Jupiter.

Solar System Notebooking Page: Venus & Earth

A simple science notebook with our favorite planet — Earth, plus the planet Venus. Use this journaling page to gather notes, encourage ideas, or simply practice sentences.

Space Alphabet Worksheets from Preschool Mom

Ready to learn more? Just grab a solar system book at the library or purchase a planet book on Amazon. You can also find plenty of solar system activities at the following websites too:

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