Parts of a Seed Worksheets

Wondering what are the parts of a seed? We’ve got some extra special free science worksheets that cover the intricate parts of a seed with these seeds worksheets.

Parts of a Seed Printables

Seed Label Worksheet

Can your student identify all 5 parts of a seed? If not, they sure will once they’ve studied the seed chart sheet.

Seed Chart Sheet

Learn all 5 parts of a seed and their scientific name. Once you study this seed chart, you’ll be ready to hand out the free seed label worksheet.

Seed Coloring Page

For younger ages, the seed coloring page is perfect to get your child recognizing the parts of a seed. They can use a different color and label with a little help.

Seed Notebooking Journal

Your student can describe the parts of a seed with this fun notebooking journal. They’ll get plenty of writing practice while learning science.

Parts of a Seed and their Functions

Your kids will learn the 5 parts of the seed and their functions. If you have various ages, we’ve got everyone covered! Here’s what you’ll gain for free to help teach students the different parts of a seed worksheets:

  • Seed Label Worksheet
  • Seed Chart Sheet
  • Seed Coloring Page
  • Seed Notebooking Journal

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