Mushroom Life Cycle Worksheets

Need some fun and free activities for science? Try our Mushrooms Life Cycle Worksheets! You’ll be amazed at what your child can retain by using simple diagrams and label charts to get their curiosity jumping!

Building key science skills is important at an early age — it keeps them curious while strengthening their retention and memory with fascinating facts. Find more science worksheets including plant cell worksheets here.

Mushroom Life Cycle Chart

Learn all about the life cycle of a mushroom from seed to full bloom!

Mushroom Label Worksheet

Can you student name all 7 parts of a mushroom? Find out with our mushroom label worksheet!

Mushroom Cut & Label Sheet

Label all 7 parts of a mushroom with this handy worksheet. Your student will identify scales, cap, stem, ring, cup, root and gills. Grab some scissors, glue, and simply paste the labels.

Mushroom Life Cycle Worksheets (older students)

Need a more challenging mushroom life cycle worksheet for older kids? Challenge them with these fancy mushroom labels like pinhead, primordium, and mycelium!

Mushroom Coloring Page

Got younger students who are curious too about amazing mushrooms? Download this fun filled mushroom coloring page perfect for preschoolers and younger.

Mushroom Chart

Need the answer key for all 7 parts of a mushroom? Start here to teach your little one the parts of a mushroom with this mushroom chart.

Mushroom Notebook

What did your student learn today about the mushroom? Practice writing skills and knowledge with this fabulous and free mushroom journal page.

Mushroom Life Cycle Coloring Page

Grab this fun coloring page for your young students. From germination to full bloom, this amazing mushroom has 7 stages of life cycles.

Mushroom Facts for Kids

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s find out a little more about mushroom facts for kids. Mushrooms are a bit funny looking — and a bit fun to kick for kids! However, when you see them in a yard or at the park, it’s a opportunity to teach your children about life cycles.

Anything that is alive, changes and grows has a life cycle. Since a mushroom is a fungus, it sometimes gets a bad rap and the “gross” label. However, there are some mushrooms you can eat, while others, stay away!

Here are some fun facts for mushrooms: What’s different about a plant vs. a mushroom? A mushroom doesn’t use the sun to gain it’s energy. And, did you know that the act of looking for mushrooms is called “mushrooming”? It’s true!

Life Cycle of a Mushroom

Now that we’ve gain a little knowledge about these freaky fungus, let’s talk about some freebies for you. Below you’ll find free mushroom cycle worksheets, making great additions to your growing science centers in a homeschool or classroom setting. Each printable mushroom worksheet provides a unique opportunity to learn about their environment growing right outside their room!

Expand your learning with this Free Mushroom Unit Study from The Crafty Classroom.

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