Phases of the Moon Worksheets

Students can learn all about the phases of the moon with these free printable worksheets. Each activity includes helpful visuals for students to identify and label the different phases of the moon. Create your own science learning centers, or track the moon with our free moon tracking worksheet.

Moon Coloring Pages

For younger students, try our free moon phases labeling worksheet. Pair it up with our moon phases chart for students to use as a reference. Younger students will

Moon Phases Printable

Older students can use our blank moon phases worksheet to draw in the different phases. This is a great visual for students and can be paired alongside this Oreo Moon Phases Science Activity.

Phases of the Moon Chart

A colorful chart featuring the different phases of the moon (as seen from earth) with each different stage labeled.

Phases of the Moon Labeling Worksheet

Students label each phase of the moon with this free printable worksheet. This is a blank version of our moon chart but doesn’t require students to color the moon.

Phases of the Moon Notebooking Page

A simple phases of the moon notebooking page for children to label and store key facts about the moon.

Phases of the Moon Tracking Worksheet

A 28-day moon tracking worksheet for children to track the phases of the moon. Print multiple copies for an extended study.

Phases of the Moon Diagram

Children can draw in their own phases or use this sheet to line up their oreo cookie moons with the different phases.

Phases of the Moon Coloring Page

A blank coloring page for children to shade in themselves to show the phases of the moon.

Phases of the Moon Chart

A shaded chart without labels to use as review of the different phases of the moon as seen from Earth.

Phases of the Moon Cut & Paste

A cut and paste worksheet for children to arrange the phases of the moon then label them accordingly. Use with black construction paper.

Moon Phases Template Printables

Free printable moon phases jounral and monthly activity pages. These printable templates are great for simple moon tracking.

Moon Journal Template

This moon phases worksheet will help your students learn how to recognize the different phases of the moon cycle.

Moon Phases Activity Pages

Students can use this phases of the moon printable to track the moon’s cycle. They can use a marker to fill in how full the moon is per day.

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