Flower Templates

Our Flower Templates are free, printable templates to use with kids this spring. Spring art, Mother’s Day crafts, and bright bulletin boards will be a breeze when you download these printable flower PDFs. Students of all ages will participate in fine motor practice, art and coloring skill practice, and a variety of cut-and-paste activities when using these adorable templates. Keep the fine motor fun going with our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle!

Flower Template Printable

Our free templates of flowers can be used for your sprint learning centers to build creativity and fine motor control. Along with art and design skills, these flower templates make wonderful bulletin board decorations, spring crafts, or gifts for mom! We recommend printing them on white or colored card stock.

Card stock is a thicker, more durable type of paper. This type of paper works well with young students or for templates that you want to keep shape for an extended period of time. Spring is the perfect time to use these templates. Check out our Parts of a Flower Worksheets to keep your students learning in engaging ways!

Simple Cut Out Flower Template

A rounded cut-out flower template makes cutting easy for young students. This flower can be printed on colored paper fore easy use or printed on white for your students to design their own.

Star Flower Cut Outs Template

Print this pointed flower template on white paper and let your students design a beautiful five-petal flower. Te pointed design is a more intricate design to use with older students.

5 Petal Printable Flower Template

Grab your crayons and scissors and let’s get to work on this adorable cut-out, printable flower template. This design features a soft rectangle design with five petals.

Printable Sunflower Templates

A rounded cut-out flower template makes cutting easy for young students. This flower can be printed on colored paper fore easy use or printed on white for your students to design their own.

Large Tulip Template

This is a large black line outline of a basic tulip shape. With no interior lines, this simple tulip stencil can be used as a cutting template, or even a writing template to display your students spring poetry.

Zinnia Template

If you are looking for bold and beautiful flowers you can use to decorate with try our free printable zinnia template. These gigantic blooms are sure to brighten up your classroom.

8 Petal Flower Template

This is a printable flower template of a basic flower with a little decorative edging.

Double Petal Flower Template

This flower features two rows of petals with a fancy edge design.

Fancy Flower Template

This beautiful flower template includes 5 rows of petals and would look stunning on any classroom display.

Spoon Flower Template

This flower has petals that appear to look like the end of a spoon, making for a fun and unique design.

Center Petals Flower Template

This 6-Star Petal flower has two layers of petals making it simple and easy to cut out for your projects.

Poinsettia Flower Template

This layered flower template almost looks like a poinsettia and would be perfect for your Christmas decorations.

Flower Template

Enhance your Mother’s Day cards or crafts with the help of these free printable, cut-out flower templates designed especially for kids. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bulletin board in class or make something special for Mom, these engaging flower templates help children gain better fine motor control while they color and cut them out. You’ll find templates for petals, flowers, flower pots, 3D flowers, sunflowers, tulips, and more!

Basic Flower Template

This is a full-size flower template of a daisy and includes a stem and leaves.

Tulip Template

Free printable simple tulip template with stem, leaves, and open flower.

Sunflower Template

Printable Sunflower template including a full stem and leaves.

Flower Templates

These free, printable flower templates are sure to be a hit with everyone! Perfect for Mother’s Day crafts and cards, these templates make the ideal addition to your classroom bulletin board. Not only do they provide students with an engaging activity while cutting and coloring, but they also help with fine motor control development. Incorporate these templates into your spring lessons this year, they are sure to be a hit with your students! Scroll to the bottom of this post if you are in need of the center circles for the flowers as well. We have a variety of center circle flowers taht will fit these designs.

Daisy Flower Template

One large simple flower template to print for a spring card, bulletin board, or craft. Use simple flowers to make banners. Simply string a few of these printable flowers together to make an adorable spring banner; perfect for a bulletin board!

Daisy Flower Template Medium

Two medium printable flower templates with 8 petals make this design simple yet beautiful. Check them out today!

Daisy Flower Template Small

This template includes six small flower designs. Create a beautiful garden bulletin board, flower pot, or Mother’s Day card using them!

Printable Flower Templates

One large printable flower petal template with pointed tips. The tips being pointed make this a more difficult-to-cut design. This promotes fine motor skills, problem-solving, and concentration.

Medium Printable Flower Templates

Two pretty flower templates with pointed petals. Use this design when making a card, name tag, or bulletin board.

6 Printable Flower Templates

Free printable flower templates are perfect for students of all ages. This design includes 6 templates.

Simple Flower Template

There are three different silts of simple flower templates included in this section. Students can choose from one large, two medium, or six small flower petals. Take it a step further and create “stacked” or 3D flowers using the different sized templates. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these adorable flowers!

Simple Flower Template Free

Here’s an adorable and easy-to-cut flower template that is completely FREE to download! This flower features 5 petals that are rounded. Rounded edges make for an easier cutting experience. Great to use with less experienced students who need practice with their fine motor control.

2 Simple Flower Templates Free

Free printable flower template. It includes two medium-sized flower petal templates that are FREE!

Simple Small Flower Template Free

Six rounded, printable flower templates are included in this design. There are simple to use: download, print, and GO!

Mini Flower Templates

If you are making printable leis or a flower garland for your classroom, you’ll love these mini flower templates. Print them on colored cardstock paper, use a hole punch in the center and string them on a large piece of twine–just thick enough to hold them in place.

3D Flower Template

3D flowers are absolutely stunning when assembled. There are three designs included with easy-to-read numbers showing what order students need to assemble these flower crafts. Glue each layer on top of the previous, or punch a hole through each individual layer and use a paper fastener or brad to connect the layers.

3D Rounded Flower Template Free

Six sizes of flower petal templates make this 3D flower an adorable and intricate design. Print on white paper and let your students design each layer.

3D Star Pointed Flower Template

Free printable 3D flower templates make the perfect bulletin board decorations. Print each flower in a different color or choose just one color. After the flower is assembled, it will have a 3D look.

3D Simple Flower Template

Create a 3D flower when you use six different-sized flower petal templates stacked on top of each other followed by a circle template in the middle. Use on a spring card!

Flower Pot Template

Below you will find three different flower pot designs. From intricate designs to simple and easy-to-cut shapes, there is something for every craft and every student’s ability. Pair these flower pots with the large flower template, stem, and leaves and your students can make their own flower.

Template of a Flower Pot with Hearts

Here’s an adorable, intricate flower pot design. This design gives students the opportunity to color hearts, wavy lines, and more! Check it out today.

Blank Round Template of Flower Pot

Download this rounded template of a flower pot for your next student craft project. Students can color and design their own pot or print it on brown and have them cut it out.

Squared Template Flower Pot

Check out this square flower pot template. Students will love adding this design to their next craft or spring card. Print on colored paper and cut or print on white paper and let your students design their own creations!

Flower Petals Cut-Out Template

The following templates are flower petals. There are three different sizes to choose from. Print a few or print them all to make beautiful crafts with your students today!

Cut Out Flower Petal Template

Perfect for students of all ages! This large flower petal template is easy to cut and is sure to make the most beautiful flowers!

Petals Flower Template

Looking for an easy-to-use cut-out template for flower petals? This template includes two medium-sized cut out flower petals. Grab yours now.

Flower Petals Printable Template

Check out this full page of free flower petal cutouts. They can be used to make one flower or printed and used to make multiple.

Large Flower Center Circle Templates

These large circle templates work perfectly for the center of the large flower templates above.

Medium Flower Center Circle Templates

This sheet prints 8 medium size circles that can be used as the center of the medium flowers.

Small & Mini Flower Center Circle Templates

20 small, and 12 mini flower circles to cut and paste at the center of the smaller flower templates.

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