Summer Color by Number

Free Summer Color By Number printables for kids! Each math worksheet features a picture for your child to color. Students will work with numbers, multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division. These are an easy free set of summer-themed PDFs. The following age groups can benefit from this resource: preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. For more math activities check out our Interactive Math: Kindergarten product!

Color by Addition

The color by number pages include three color by addition worksheets. Each of the color by numbers printables will require students to perform a math problem or number recognition skill. Students will work with numbers while completing each color by number summer printable.

Color by Addition Floats

This is a color by addition worksheet. When finished coloring, students will reveal a beach-themed picture.

Color by Addition Sailboat

Promote fun learning in the classroom and at home with our colorful printables. Students will practice coloring in the lines and pencil control.

Color by Addition Sandcastle

With this addition worksheet students will be adding single-digit numbers. The largest answer number will be a single digit as well.

Color by Division

To use this activity students will first complete the math problem or recognize the number. Then students will look at their color guide to find the correct color corresponding to their number. Fine motor and reading skills are also practiced by using this set of color by number coloring sheets. For more color by number activities try our FREE Winter Color by Number printables.

Color by Division Palm Tree

Division is another math skill that students will learn with our color by section worksheets. They will divide single and double-digit numbers.

Color by Division Sand Bucket

Coloring within the lines requires precision and control, which can enhance a child’s fine motor skills. Children will further develop their hand muscles.

Color by Division Sandcastle

Foster focus in your young ones with our free printable color by number worksheets. Students will learn how to maintain their focus on one task until completion.

Color by Multiplication

Teachers! To further the usage these color by number for kids printables can be laminated. After being laminated students can use dry erase markers to color each section. This way the worksheet can be erased after each use and many students can complete each math printable. Also offered are Fall Color by Number printables.

Color by Multiplication Float

Our color by number printables will combine entertainment with education. Students will learn how to multiply while having a great time coloring a picture.

Color by Multiplication Palm Tree

These color by number worksheets can be utilized to keep children’s mind’s occupied during the summer.

Color by Multiplication Sunglasses

There are a variety of options that can be chosen to fill in each section with color. Paints, crayons, colored pencils, and markers are all great choices!

Color by Number Penguin

This color by number worksheet will reveal an adorable picture of a penguin. Students will color each individual section according to the correct number/ color correlation.

Color by Number Sunglasses

Give children a fun math activity with our free color by number printables. By incorporating fun math games, students will have a happier relationship with math.

Color by Number Palm Tree

Teaching students number recognition is the baseline skill to all math. Once children know how to recognize numbers and understand number value they can move on to math problems.

Color by Subtraction Penguin

With this color by subtraction worksheet students will be subtracting single digit numbers. They will then find the color for each corresponding number.

Color by Subtraction Sand Bucket

This color by subtraction printable is a bit more advanced. It will require students to subtract double-digit numbers from single-digit numbers.

Color by Subtraction Clothes

Color by subtraction worksheets are a fun activity that can be used in the classroom or at home. Students can participate in this activity very independently.

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