Coloring Worksheets for Preschool

Coloring Worksheets For Preschool provide a wide variety of skill practice. Students will color, problem-solve, sequence, create patterns, and more when engaging in color review worksheets. Your preschool students will love learning through these activity pages’ bright colors, adorable graphics, and fun patterns. Check out our Preschool Curriculum Bundle for all things preschool!

Color Recognition Worksheets For Preschool

These are not your basic preschool coloring pages. If you need simple, thick black outline coloring pages for preschoolers, you can find hundreds of free preschool coloring pages here. This specific collection below is a set of preschool coloring worksheets, meaning there are educational components to the printable pages that will engage and challenge your preschool students while coloring.

Colors Coloring Pages

Students can build fine motor coloring skills with these adorable coloring pages. Each page features a different color and a variety of items that are represented by that color. Your students are sure to be begging for more with these interactive, skill-building worksheets!

Coloring Worksheet For Preschool Red

Free printable coloring page featuring the color RED. Your students will love coloring these cute graphics!

Orange Preschool Coloring Worksheet

Printable PDF worksheet for preschool students to color orange pictures. Your students will love this fun page!

Coloring Worksheet Yellow Preschool

Want your student to practice fine-motor coloring and identifying colors all at the same time? This is the perfect page for you!

Green Preschool Coloring Worksheet

Visual discrimination and color recognition is quick and easy to teach when you incorporate this free PDF.

Coloring Worksheet Blue Preschool

Fun and engaging worksheet to practice coloring and reading the color BLUE. Your young learners will love it!

Indigo Coloring Worksheet Preschool

Want to teach your students the color INDIGO? Use this fun, interactive activity page for easy comprehension!

Purple Coloring Page Preschool

Color a purple octopus, grapes, and an umbrella with this FREE printable PDF.

Preschool Coloring Page Violet

Do your students know what the color VIOLET looks like? Teach them all about it today!

Preschool Coloring Worksheet

Free printable coloring worksheet featuring all the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Color Worksheet For Preschool

Printable rainbow coloring worksheet for preschool. Students will learn the order of the colors in the rainbow!

Color The Shape Worksheets

Color by shape acitivity pages feature ample learning opportunities for your students! Students will practice patterns, shape and color discrimination, and naming shapes all while having fun!

Color The Shape Worksheets Preschool

Shape coloring worksheets for preschool provide problem-solving skill practice. Perfect for your next preschool math lesson!

Preschool Shape Coloring Pages

Problem-solving, shape identification, and fine motor coloring practice are skills students will use with this engaging worksheet.

Coloring Shape Patterns Preschool

Free PDF printable shape pattern coloring page for preschool students featuring problem-solving and pattern skill practice.

Coloring Worksheet For Preschool

These engaging colors for preschool students’ worksheets feature a wide variety of skills and topics. Sequencing, visual discrimination, and problem-solving are only a few skills covered in this wide variety of preschool worksheets featuring colors.

Color Match Worksheets

Interactive color-matching worksheets are designed to have students match colors. Improve problem-solving and fine motor skills with these adorable worksheets.

Color Matching Worksheet Preschool

Free color matching worksheets feature the colors of the rainbow for preschool students.

Cut & Match Color Worksheet Preschool

Cut and paste color matching worksheet. Perfect for preschool students to build fine motor skills.

Preschool Color Matching Worksheet

Color matching worksheets for preschool are free and easy to use! Simply print and go!

Fun and engaging preschool coloring worksheets are simple and easy to use. Students will use crayons or colored pencils to build fine motor coloring skills for preschool students. Each worksheet can be printed and used immediately with a set of colors. Check out our Alphabet Coloring Pages for even more fine motor alphabet practice!

Color To Match Worksheets

Our color-to-match worksheets are a great guide for students to learn color matching, fine motor coloring skills, visual discrimination, and more! Interactive color-matching worksheets are designed to have students match colors. Improve problem-solving and fine motor skills with these adorable worksheets.

Bird Color To Match Preschool Worksheet

Preschool students can name and identify colors with our color to match bird page.

Preschool Color To Match Worksheet

Free color-to-match picture pages are fun and promote good visual discrimination.

Color To Match Rainbow For Preschool

Rainbow color to match picture worksheet. Preschool students will love this page!

Colors Worksheet For Preschool

To get the most from these color review worksheets, print a variety of these pages and bind them into a color workbook for students to complete. Once completed, students will have a rainbow-of-color booklet to practice reading and color discrimination.

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