Easter Color By Number

Our Easter Color by Number activity pages make a great opportunity to practice your math and reading skills! If you’re looking for some free printable worksheets and activities for your kids to do at home or in the classroom, check out these engaging printables. Whether their coloring in pictures of bunnies, solving math problems, or practicing their letters and sight words, your students will have fun while they practice their skills. Keep the holiday fun going all year long with our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle.

Easter Color by Number Coloring Pages

We’ve got Easter-themed printables that can help your students with fine motor skills and even teach Bible stories about Jesus. Our Easter color-by-activity pages cover a variety of skills. Your students can practice letter and sight word recognition, reading CVC words, number recognition, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. So no matter what kind of activity your child needs, we have it here!

Preschool Color by Number

Practicing number recognition with your students is fun and easy with this Easter egg coloring page. Students will find the numbers and color them according to the guide.

Kindergarten Color by Number

Free number recognition practice page for your kindergarten and preschool students. This page features the numbers 7-14 and is perfect for early elementary.

Color by Number Kindergarten

Your students will LOVE finding and coloring the numbers 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 with this free, printable Easter worksheet. Your kids will be begging to do math!

Easter Color by Number

Color by number is a fun way to practice reading, math, and fine motor skills all at once. And it’s easy to adapt this activity for a small group or independent assessment. This set of holiday-themed printables would be best used when printed on white paper or card stock and colored with markers, colored pencils, or crayons. For even more Easter fun, check out our Easter Egg Templates.

Color by Number Addition

Color by Addition Easter

Check out this cute color by addition bunny and his giant carrot! These two scream Easter and your students are going to LOVE completing the addition problems to color.

Easter Color by Addition

Free printable color-by-addition worksheets for students. This worksheet is perfect for those early elementary years. Students will add, color, and enjoy!

Color by Number Kindergarten

Learning about addition? Check out our adorable color-by-addition worksheet featuring two sweet baby chicks! This worksheet is sure to engage even the most reluctant learners!

Color by Number Easter

Get the most out of these color-by-number pages when you use them as an assessment. These pages provide easy-to-grade assessments that are super easy for teachers to see if the concepts were understood or not. From reading to math, there is an assessment for any student in grades K through 3. These pages could also be bound together to create an engaging “early finishers” workbook to practice skills. Add in some Easter Coloring Pages, and your early finishers workbook is complete for spring! With so many ways to use them, why wouldn’t you download them?

Color by Number Subtraction

First Grade Color by Number Subtraction

Free Easter printables feature color by subtraction (number). This adorable worksheet gives students the opportunity to solve subtraction facts and color an Easter egg.

Color by Number Kindergarten

Kindergarten students will LOVE practicing their subtraction facts this spring. Using this cut chick color by subtraction worksheet, you’re going to have to pry your students away from their math practice!

First Grade Color By Number

Please your students this spring with an exciting color-by-subtraction worksheet. All you need is colors and the printed page to get started. Your students are going to love it!

Subtraction Color by Number Third Grade

Color by subtraction with this printable PDF page. When teaching or reviewing subtraction with your students this spring, grab this free printable to make it more fun and engaging!

Third Grade Subtraction Color by Number

Teaching subtraction to littles can be a tedious task. Especially when learning how to subtract through zeros. This worksheet provides ample practice for those very important skills!

Third Grade Color By Number Free

Check out this subtraction color-by-number page. It is completely free and your students will love the engaging subtraction problems. Not only are these pages fun but they are also very educational!

Color by Number Multiplication

Third Grade Color by Number

Third graders LOVE to color. Why not get them engaged in some math as well?! This Easter egg has a variety of multiplication problems that are the perfect practice problems for third-grade students just learning about multiplication!

Third Grade Color by Number

Your third-grade students will LOVE this color-by-multiplication page. It features a variety of 2 by 1 and 1 by 1 multiplication problems. Grab it for third-grade practice or 4th-grade remediation. No matter how you use it, your students will love it!

Fourth Grade Multiplication Color by Number

Free printable fourth-grade multiplication color-by-number worksheets promote math fact fluency. These worksheets are fun and engaging while also helping students to learn their math facts quickly.

Color by Number Letters

Lowercase Color by Letters

Letter recognition is an important skill for preschool and elementary students to learn. This color-by-letter worksheet gives students the practice that they need with lowercase letters g-m.

Lowercase Color by Letters Worksheet

Practicing lowercase letter recognition with your students? This worksheet provides read and color practice for the lowercase letters n-s. It’s easy to use, simply download, print and go!

Uppercase Color by Letters

Uppercase letter recognition makes reading more accessible to young learners. Start with this uppercase letter coloring printable. Students will locate the uppercase letters A-F and color them according to the guide.

Color by CVC Words

Free Color by CVC Words

Here’s a fun Easter egg color-by-word printable for your students. This practice page works well with early elementary students who are just learning to read.

Color by CVC Words Printable

What screams Easter more than baby chicks? This printable worksheet features two adorable chicks with sight words ending in the -at sound. Fun for all students!

Color by CVC Words Worksheets

Check out this adorable -ut CVC word worksheet. Once students complete this printable activity page, they will find a bunny and a carrot. What more do you need this Easter?

Color by Sight Words

Color by Sight Words Printable

Free sight word color-by-word worksheets are the perfect addition to your springtime collection. This printable page features flowers and two adorably decorated Easter eggs.

Color by Sight Words Worksheet

Grab this adorable Easter basket sight word worksheet. This printable is sure to keep your K, 1, and 2 students engaged in learning their sight words this spring!

Color by Sight Words Free

Free, printable bunny worksheet featuring sight words. This color-by-sight word worksheet is perfect for early learners or practice for later elementary or remedial students.

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