Heart Coloring Pages

Heart coloring pages for kids of all ages! Your students will LOVE our free printable heart coloring pages which are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or February crafts and activities. You’ll find a huge variety of different hearts to color including simple heart coloring pages, fancy valentine hearts, love hearts, cool hearts, hearts with rainbows and wings, hearts in hearts and so much more.

Heart Coloring Page

All of our hearts coloring page printables have been digitally drawn and custom designed with your students in mind. We use thick black outline edges to help younger students build coloring confidence. This also makes them easy and fun to cut out for classroom decorations. Be sure to check out our free heart templates if you are looking for craft templates and bulletin board activities.

Heart Coloring Page

This simple thin outline of a blank heart for students to color and cut out. This heart makes a great stencil or pattern for your projects.

Heart Color Page

Blank, thick outline heart with easy color lines. This heart is a basic shape, with plenty of room for students to draw or write inside the heart.

Printable Heart Coloring

This heart inside a heart is great for Valentine’s Day crafts and activities. Students can glue sequins or glitter to make their own valentine

Heart Color Page

For students looking for more unique hearts to color, we have some fun selections below. We are sure your kiddos will love our free printable heart coloring pages. These detailed designs make great hands-on art projects for students learning shading, blending, and hue.

Love Hearts Coloring Page

This heart color sheet features one large heart with “love” in cursive as well as a simple, smaller dotted heart.

Hearts in Hearts Balloon Coloring Page

Over 30 hearts to color in this simple heart-shaped coloring page. The overlapping design adds some depth and fun to this coloring page.

Geometric Heart Coloring Page

Your students can create a heart shape gemstone with this geometric heart. Use shading techniques to create a 3D heart effect.

Hearts Coloring Page

Sometimes, simple is better with heart coloring sheets. These thick outline hearts are great for young students to color, dab, paint, or glue! Provide your students with markers, colored pencils, or even paint crayons to create vibrant valentines day hearts this February.

Cool Heart Coloring Page

This trio of hearts to color features a large blank heart, medium dotted heart, and a small stripped heart.

Two Hearts Coloring Page

The perfect Valentine’s Day coloring page featuring two connected hearts to color. Students can write Valentine’s Day messages to their friends and family.

Cool Heart Coloring Page

Older students will love to color in these hearts inside hearts. This beautiful design makes a stunning cover for a Valentine’s Day card or decorative valentine heart.

Overlapping Hearts Color Page

Introduce fun and creative art techniques with these overlapping hearts. Each section that overlaps can be colored in differently.

Hearts Coloring Pages

Heart with Wings Coloring Page

This cool heart design includes wings to help this heart soar with love! This heart almost looks like a tatoo and will be fun for students to complete the design and color in.

Heart Inside Hearts Coloring Page

Encourage your students to add their own designs or zentangle drawings to each layer of this printable heart coloring sheet.

Coloring Heart Pages

Rainbow Hearts Coloring Page

Students who are interested in rainbows and unicorns will love this fun heart design. Pieces of the rainbow span across multiple hearts.

Cute Hearts Coloring Page

It doesn’t get much cuter then heart emojis for Valentine’s Day. These hearts are almost too cute to give away.

Heart Paper Design Coloring Sheet

There are all kinds of different hearts to color in this group. You’ll find dotted hearts, striped hearts, zig-zags and more.

Valentine Heart Coloring Page

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day fun, we have a huge variety of free printables resources available to you. Check out our Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages, as well as our Valentine’s Day Card Templates.

Valentine Heart Coloring Page

The perfect Valentine’s Day Heart to Color in. Featuring a simple lace border, your students can add the name of their true love!

Striped Heart Coloring Page

This striped Valentine’s Day heart is great for adding patterns and decoration or writing out a special message to your valentine.

Box of Chocolates Heart Coloring Sheet

This lacy heart is filled with a variety of heart-shaped chocolates for your students to color in.

Coloring Heart Pages

These free heart coloring pages have fun patterns that look almost like a quilt or a checkerboard. These are great for students to decorate and design with. Students can use pinks, reds, purples and creams to each heart color page.

Heart Checkerboard Coloring Page

This heart has been sectioned with intersecting lines to create a checkerboard pattern.

Heart Quilt Coloring Page

Students can color this heart to look like a quilt. Features a checkerboard pattern with hearts at each corner.

Hearts in Hearts Coloring Sheet

Your students are sure to enjoy coloring in this heart that looks like it has been wrapped with strings of beaded hearts of all sizes.

Heart Cross Coloring Page

If you’re working on a Jesus Loves Me Bible lesson, this heart with a cross in the center makes a great Christian Coloring Page.

BINGO Dab Heart Coloring Page

Your preschool students will love to DAB and DOT this heart with colorful BINGO markers.

Realistic Heart Coloring Page

Why not learn all about human heart anatomy with this realistic heart coloring page. Find more heart science printables here.

Heart Snowflake Coloring Pages

February is filled with LOVE, but it’s also still the winter season! We’ve combined these hearts with simple snowflake and mandala designs to add some seasonal fun to your classroom. If you’re students like snowflakes be sure to check out our free printable snowflake templates, snowflake coloring pages, and our paper cut-out snowflake templates.

Snowflake Hearts Coloring Page

This simple heart snowflake is great for younger students to color in. This can easily be cut out and hung in the classroom as well.

Fancy Heart Snowflake Coloring Page

This printable heart snowflake is great for students looking for a more fancy and intricate design.

Heart Mandala Snowflake

This beautiful heart mandala has so many small and intricate designs for your older students to color in.

Broken Heart Coloring Page

It’s sad to think about but you might need a broken heart template for your craft or project. These work great for bulletin board decorations and classroom decor. Additionally, these make great Best Friend Coloring Pages, or True Love coloring pages so you can turn a broken heart into a complete heart.

Broken Heart Color Page

Simple, thin outline of a broken heart that has been split down the middle with a small crack.

Broken Heart Coloring Page

Thick, black outline of a broken heart that has been broken with large zig-zags down the middle.

Split Broken Heart Coloring Template

This broken heart template has been split apart. Use this template when you need to cut out each side of the heart for a project.

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