Butterfly Coloring Pages

Free printable butterfly coloring pages for kids and adults! Our minimalist designs include thick black outlines to make it simple and easy to color these beautiful butterflies. You’ll find butterfly coloring pages of all shapes and sizes from monarchs, to months and everything in between. If you’re needing butterfly outlines be sure to check out our butterfly templates for easy stencils for your butterfly craft needs.

Butterfly Coloring Page

Free printable butterfly coloring page for young artists. This coloring sheet features symmetrical designs with thick black lines to make it easy to color.

Simple Butterfly Coloring Page

This beautiful little butterfly has rounded wings and a fancy frame with hearts at each corner. Your students can experience coloring success with these simple designs.

Cute Butterfly Coloring Page

This butterfly is flying high up in the clouds and has an adorable little smirk on her face. This coloring sheet features simple lines to color in, but smaller sections for students who have more small motor control.

Preschool Butterfly Coloring Page

How adorable is this cute little butterfly? Your preschool students will love to color this fella who is filled with eacy color shapes and designs.

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page

If you need a simple monarch coloring page this has been specifically designed for little hands. Monarchs are one of the most recognizable butterflies and you can use the opportunity to research and learn about monarch migrations.

Flying Butterflies Coloring Sheet

These butterflies are flying high in the sky! Featuring a stunning monarch butterfly at the center and two blank butterflies for your students t create their own designs. Also includes a simple background of grey clouds.

Fluttering Butterfly Coloring Page

These butterflies are flying high in the sky! Featuring a stunning monarch butterfly at the center and two blank butterflies for your students t create their own designs. Also includes a simple background of grey clouds.

Pretty Butterfly Coloring Page

This is a pretty little butterfly with wavy wings and plenty of details for your students to color in. There is even room for them to add their own designs to the wings.

Moth Coloring Page

Moths also have some very beautiful markings for your students to color in. Use this opportunity for impromptu research on the differences between moths and butterflies. Then look up a luna moth, and a giant silkworm moth.

Easy Butterfly Coloring Page

Here is a simple butterfly coloring page for your preschool students to color. This butterfly has extra thick lines and simple shape for little hands to build coloring confidence.

Field of Butterflies Coloring Page

This butterfly coloring page has a nice thick frame with wisps of grass along the edges, giving it the feel of butterflies flying in a spring field. These little beauties are in search of spring flowers.

Large Moth Coloring Page

Free printable large moth coloring page for kids. Simple easy thick black outlines to make coloring fun for your students. This month would be beautiful to color in purples and deep blues.

Butterfly Design Coloring Page

This beautiful coloring page has the look and feel of a mosaic. The butterfly is barely visible with these unique shapes and designs.

Variety of Beautiful Butterflies to Color

If your students are wild about butterflies, they will love this free printable butterfly coloring sheet. This page includes six different butterflies of unique varieties all with adorable flight patterns to trace.

Small Mini Butterflies to Color

This free printable includes 12 different butterflies your students can decorate and color. These are great for practicing a variety of designs on different wing shapes.

Butterfly Drawing Prompt

If your little ones are inspired by all these fun and unique butterfly shapes, print out this free butterfly drawing prompt worksheet. This page is filled with 12 butterfly bodies just waiting for your little artist to add the wings.

Baby Butterfly Coloring Page

This is an adorable cartoon butterfly coloring page with a sweet mama butterfly and a cute baby butterfly. Each butterfly body and set of wings is made from a heart shape making them even more lovely.

Fancy Butterfly Coloring Page

For students who are looking for a fancy butterfly to color, this coloring sheet has many small and intricate sections on the wings to color in. Additionally, a beautiful and delicate frame to match the designs.