Halloween Color by Number

Halloween Color By Number features addition, subtraction, multiplication, letter recognition, and sight word practice. Your students will love our Halloween color by number printables. They are fun and educational! Keep the holiday learning fun and engaging with you — grab our Pattern Block Activity Pack featuring all of the holidays, and more!

Color By Number Halloween

Our math color by number Halloween worksheets will engage students through the entire spooky season! At a time where students are very excited, these printable PDF worksheets promote early learning skills. Students will engage in coloring, letters, sight word recognition, addition, subtraction, and multiplication fact practice.

Halloween Color By Number Printable

These adorable color-by-number printables will challenge students to match each color to the correct number. These worksheets are very easy to use! Simply color the pictures based on the math fact, letter, or sight word. These activities will give students an edge in letter and sight word recognition as well as math facts. Thanksgiving is coming up next, check out our adorable Thanksgiving Color By Number Worksheets too!

Color By Number Halloween Free

Students check the color key and going from top to bottom, solve each math fact problem or recognize the letter or number associated with the color key. Once colored, students will see the beautiful pictures and enjoy the mystery picture revealed at the end! Check out our holly jolly Christmas Color By Number for even more holiday fun!

Halloween Color By Letter

Preschool students will enjoy these Trick or Treat Holiday Color by Letters! Kids will find the letter and color using the color key. These would be perfect to hand out as Truck or Treat gifts as well.

Halloween Color By Letter

Free letter recognition coloring worksheets are great literacy practice for preschool and kindergarten.

Color By Letter Halloween

Want to practice letter recognition with your students in a fun and engaging way? Check this out!

Free Halloween Color By Letter

Printable PDF letter recognition and coloring worksheets provide early learners with fun skill activities.

Color By Letter Halloween

Give your students a scary amount of fun and learning with this cute color-by-letter worksheet.

Halloween Color By Sight Word

These Color by Sight Word for Halloween will help your kids learn the key sight words while coloring their favorite spider, bat, or frankenstein! Each sight word coloring page is designed for a specific grade but it’s for any school age level!

Preschool Color By Sight Word

Free and engaging Frankenstein color by number worksheet for preschool features preprimer sight words.

Kindergarten Halloween Color By Sight Word

Color by sight word worksheets make learning fun and engaging during the fall months.

Halloween First Grade Color By Sight Word

These adorable bats will help your first grad students learn and recognize their sight words with a variety of coloring opportunities.

Second Grade Color By Sight Word Halloween

Adorable jack-o-lantern color by sight word worksheet. Fun for second grade students!

Third Grade Halloween Color By Sight Word

Free color by sight word worksheets make the perfect Halloween activity in first or second grade.

Halloween Color By Number

Your preschoolers will love learning their letters while they color by number from 1-20!

Halloween Color By Number 1-6

Keep learning fun and engaging this October with an adorable color-by-number worksheet.

Halloween Color By Number 7-13

Fun and free! This color by subtraction worksheet provides early elementary students with math practice.

Halloween Color By Number 14-20

Easy to use and fun for the spooky season! This Halloween color by number features numbers 15-20.

Halloween Color By Addition

Our Color by Addition is perfect for Kindergarten and first graders learning their addition math facts with single and double digits during the Halloween season.

Color By Addition Halloween

Students will be engaged in simple addition with this adorable worksheet.

Halloween Color By Addition

Free printable worksheet to practice 2-digit addition. Your students will love it!

Color By Addition Halloween

Give students double digit addition practice with this adorable jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Color By Subtraction

Our Color by Subtraction during the spooky season will give your kids a chill with our fun and fantastic coloring pages!

Kindergarten Color By Subtraction

Your students will be engaged in subtraction practice all month long with these color-by-number worksheets.

First Grade Color By Subtraction

Fun, free Frankenstein. This worksheet provides students with subtraction practice through 20.

Second Grade Color By Subtraction

Want to show off your students’ subtraction skills? Use this cute color-by-number worksheet.

Third Grade Color By Subtraction

Adorable second-grade color-by-number activity pages provide students with math facts and coloring opportunities.

Third Grade Color By Subtraction

Your students will be engaged in subtraction practice with simple math facts using single digits.

Fourth Grade Color By Rounding

Want your students to practice rounding? Check out this funny Frankenstein.

Halloween Color By Multiplication

If your kids are learning multiplication, test their skills out whether they are in third, fourth or fifth grade!

Third Grade Color By Multiplication

Upper elementary students LOVE to color too! Check out our color by multiplication facts worksheet.

Third Grade Halloween Color By Multiplication

Simple multiplication facts will have students begging to practice more and more this Halloween season

Fourth Grade Color By Multiplication

Color by multiplication printable PDF pages make learning fun during spooky season.

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