Reindeer Coloring Pages

Free printable reindeer coloring pages for kids and adults! These easy to color reindeer coloring pages are perfect for Christmas, Winter, or any other time you need fun and festive PDF sheets for your students. Each reindeer coloring page has been specially designed with thick, easy to color outlines for young students. Be sure you check out our free reindeer templates for simple stencils and craft projects.

Free Printable Reindeer Coloring Page

Simple Reindeer Coloring Page

Simple and free printable reindeer coloring page featuring a sweet baby reindeer with speckles. Your students will love this easy reindeer coloring page with thick black outlines.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Coloring Page

This is a free reindeer coloring page featuring the sweet Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer standing in the snow, with snowflakes falling all around him. Your students will love to color in his big bright nose!

Happy Holidays Reindeer Coloring Page

This festive reindeer is ready for Christmas! Featuring a pretty doe with big eyelashes, this reindeer coloring page reads, “Happy Holidays” and is great for students of all ages.

Mother & Baby Reindeer Coloring Page

This mother and baby reindeer are standing in the snow-covered hills with snowflakes falling all around. Each reindeer is smiling and excited for the holidays.

Christmas Reindeer Coloring Page

Color in this Christmas Reindeer with cool wintery colors. The baby reindeer is whimsical and unique and your students will love the winter scene as she grazes by the woodland creek.

Reindeer with Christmas Lights

This baby reindeer coloring page features a sweet little fella who is ready for Christmas. With Christmas lights in his antlers and a knitted scarf and hat, he will be warm and happy this winter.

Silly Reindeer Coloring Page

This little reindeer is full of youth and ready for the next adventure! With jingle bells around it’s collar, this reindeer is sure to light up your classroom.

Preschool Reindeer Coloring Page

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! This reindeer is just right for your young preschool students to color in. With thick black outlines, and a simple cartoon shape, this coloring page is great for young kiddos.

Cute Reindeer Coloring Page

This is a free coloring page of a reindeer standing in the woods in front of a Christmas tree. This young calf is strong and confident and will make a wonderful Christmas coloring page for your students.

Flying Reindeer Coloring Page

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer led Santa’s sleigh on a foggy Christmas night. This beautiful coloring page will inspire the imagination of your students.

Cute Baby Reindeer Coloring Pages

Twin Baby Reindeers Coloring Page

These sweet baby reindeer twins are beyond cute, and will quickly become a favorite coloring page in your classroom this winter. From their sweet little expresions, to their button noses and long eyelashes, these speckled fawns are ready to explore their world.

Baby Reindeer Coloring Page

How cute is this adorable baby reindeer in a field of flowers? This free baby reindeer coloring page is perfect for Christmas coloring activities in your classroom.

Pretty Reindeer Coloring Page

Here is a free printable realistic-looking illustration of a young reindeer standing in the forest. This young reindeer is simple and easy for young students to color in.

Christmas Reindeer Coloring Pages

These sweet adorable cuties are ready for Christmas! Each reindeer features fun Christmas lights, winter sweaters and hats, or beautiful snowflakes to color in.

Winter Reindeer Coloring Page

This kawaii reindeer coloring page features a sweet little reindeer dressed up in his winter clothing. Students can work on coloring in fine details with easy, thick outlines for toddlers and preschoolers.

Christmas Reindeer Mother & Baby

This happy family of a mother reindeer with two calves has dressed up in their Christmas best! Featuring cute and decorative designs, this coloring page has a modern, boho feel to it that your students will love to color in.

Merry Christmas Reindeer Coloring Page

This happy reindeer is frolicking in a winter wonderland of snow! Your students will find coloring confidence with our simple, thick black outline easy to color illustrations.

Happy Holidays Coloring Page

Free printable Happy Holidays coloring page featuring a prancing reindeer in the snow. With a variety of snowflakes around this cute little fella, your students can use this printable as a cover for a Holiday Card.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Coloring Pages

Reindeer and Santa Coloring Pages

Reindeer with Santa Hat Coloring Page

This reindeer is ready to deliever Christmas presents with Santa this winter. Featuring the bust of a reindeer, antlers, a Santa hat and even a fluffy beard.

Prancing Reindeer Coloring Page

This reindeer is ready to deliever Christmas presents with Santa this winter. Featuring the bust of a reindeer, antlers, a Santa hat and even a fluffy beard.

Reindeer Face Coloring Pages

These free printable reindeer coloring pages feature the bust or face of the reindeer in full-size format for easy coloring. Each reindeer face includes antlers, and unique framing or designs for students to color in. These often require more detailed coloring skills, and would work best with colored pencils.

Pretty Reindeer Face Coloring Page

Here is a pretty little reindeer for students to color in. This reindeer is shown among a wreath of pines, leaves, poinsetta, berries and other plants.

Geometric Reindeer Coloring Page

Students of all ages will have fun with this simple geometric reindeer coloring sheet. Students can color each section in with different hues of each color group.

Reindeer Bust Coloring Page

This stoic reindeer bust looks like a wall mount, and has illustrative lines to add depth and realism. This also features pines and cones, and leaves for adornment.

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