Valentines Day Color By Number

FREE set of Color by Number Valentine’s day printables! Students will learn to solve a variety of different math equations such as subtraction, addition, and multiplication. Children will also learn number recognition. Students will also practice fine motor skills when coloring these worksheets. If you need more fine motor activities for your students try our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle!

Valentine’s Day Color By Number

This pack of Valentine printables includes fifteen different worksheets for your students to be engaged in the classroom or at home. Included are three color by number, three color by addition, six color by multiplication and three color by multiplication. Students will get to practice many different forms of math with these engaging worksheets.

Valentines Day Color By Number

Each one of these Valentine’s day printables are designed to reveal a picture when completed. Children will solve each problem to receive a number. This number will correspond to a specific color for the student to then color the section to ultimately reveal a picture at the end. If you are looking for more Valentine’s day activities check out our FREE Valentine’s Day Card Templates.

Color By Number Valentine’s Day

These math activities can be laminated and colored over with dry-erase markers, this way teachers can reuse them with multiple students. For another fun activity have your students practice their cutting skills by cutting out each individual section after coloring. Then they can put the picture back together like they would a puzzle. We offer more FREE Valentine’s day Coloring Pages here!

Color By Number

Preschool Color by Number

This coloring sheet is separated into sections with single-digit numbers. Students will color each section with its corresponding color.

Kindergarten Color by Number

Color by number Valentine’s day printables for kids! Find the hidden color-by-number picture for Valentine’s day by following the instructions.

Color by Number Kindergarten

Valentine’s day math color-by-number worksheets. These Valentine’s day coloring sheets are easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Color by Number Addition

Color by Addition Valentines Day

Valentines day math color-by-number coloring sheet. When your students are finished coloring the sheets a picture is revealed.

Valentines Day Color by Addition

Free color-by-number worksheets for Valentine’s day. Cute Valentine’s day math coloring worksheets.

Color by Number Kindergarten

These addition worksheets are perfect when teaching your kindergarten students how to add single and double-digit numbers.

Color by Number Subtraction

Color by Subtraction Easy

Subtraction coloring worksheets for elementary students. Children will learn how to follow instructions with these printables.

Color by Subtraction Second Grade

Teachers! For a fun craft have your students use watercolor paints to fill out the worksheets and then set them out to dry.

Single and Double Digit Subtraction

Valentines day color by the number worksheets are a great way to help students recognize their numbers and colors.

Color by Subtraction Double Didgit

Valentines day color-by-number coloring sheet for students who need to practice their subtraction math problems.

Color by Subtraction Medium

Happy Valentines day coloring sheet. Heart worksheet with double-digit subtraction math problems for young elementary students.

Color by Subtraction Hard

This adorable bumble bee is perfect for engaging your students when teaching them how to subtract larger numbers.

Color by Number Multiplication

Easy Color by Number Multiplication

Easy multiplication coloring worksheet. Quick printables to help students learn how to multiply and follow directions. Free to print and use!

Third Grade Color by Number

Valentines day color by number multiplication worksheets. Children will learn to recognize numbers and their corresponding colors.

Fourth Grade Color by Number

These color-by multiplication worksheets are easily printed and sent home with students or used as a fun activity in the classroom.

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