Shamrock Coloring Pages

Free shamrock coloring pages for kids and adults. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom with these free printable shamrock coloring sheets. You’ll love these beautiful and unique designs including stripes, polka dots, and realistic or cute shamrocks. If you are in need of blank shamrocks for stencils and crafts, be sure to check out our shamrock templates. They make simple and easy preschool coloring pages as well.

Shamrock Coloring Page

Simple Shamrock Coloring Page

Our shamrock coloring pages are hand or digitally drawn just for you! This simple shamrock coloring page is easy to color with a thick black outline, making it perfect for all of your march activities.

4 Leaf Clover Coloring Page

This big shamrock is the perfect symmetrical four-leaf clover coloring page. This free coloring sheet is just right for St. Patrick’s Day and your students can color and create fun designs. See the rainbow coloring example above or pair with our free printable rainbow templates.

Simple Shamrock Coloring Page

Here is a simple coloring page of a three-leaf clover with a center split down the middle of the leaf. This shamrock outline is a great blank canvas for students to practice their zentangle designs and includes a simple border in each of the four corners. This coloring page has a very Irish look and feel. This page is also available with “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” written on it! Find our free St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages here.

Printable Shamrocks To Color

Fancy Shamrock Coloring Page

This is a beautiful and fancy three-leaf clover coloring page. This shamrock is standing up and features cute little shamrocks in each corner of the printable sheet.

Preschool Shamrock Coloring Page

This simple shamrock coloring page is easy to color with a thick black outline, making it perfect for your preschool students. The center of the shamrock is blank so your students can decorate, paint, color, dab, or even tear and glue pieces of paper to fill the shamrock. Print blank shamrocks here.

Sweet Shamrocks Coloring page

Two sweet little shamrocks for your students to color for St. Patrick’s Day! Each shamrock has 3-leaf heart petals and this coloring page has a dainty background of dots and a thematic frame.

Free Shamrock Color Page

Shamrock Flower Coloring Page

This is a beautiful 4-leaf clover shamrock for your students to color in. Each petal of the shamrock is created with overlapping hearts, and you’ll LOVE the adorable little snail that is making his way up the stem.

3-D Shamrock to Color

Break out the bright and vibrant colors for this fun 3-D shamrock. Your students can color and design a shamrock that POPS off the page by coloring each section a different hue of the same color. Try these Shamrock Mazes for more fun!

Striped Shamrock to Color

This funky stripped shamrock features three leaves with a chevron pattern for students to color in. Encourage students to use a variety of green hues, or even fill each petal in with rainbow colors. This is a great coloring page for using watercolors and building fine motor control.

Coloring Pages of Shamrocks

Striped Shamrock Coloring Page

Three stripped shamrocks for students to decorate and color this March! Your students can build fine motor skills and pencil control as they color these small sections of each clover.

Pretty Heart-Shaped Shamrocks to Color

These pretty shamrocks have heart-shaped leaves and a pretty ethereal background of bubbles to color in.

Whimsical Shamrock Coloring Page

These whispy whimsical shamrocks are super lucky with multiple four-leaf clovers and a fun decorative background. Available in a simple and quick PDF download.

Polka Dot Shamrock Coloring Page

This is a cute pair of polka-dot shamrocks to color in. Each shamrock has a variety of different-sized dots making for fun coloring opportunities.

Plaid Stripe Shamrock to Color

This plaid shamrock is filled with stripes of varying angles and widths to create a beautiful pattern. This is a great shamrock coloring page for adults as it includes many intricate details and small areas to color.

Fancy Clover Coloring Page

Older students and adults will appreciate this fancy little clover to color. Featuring little hearts, dots, and decorative scrolls, this shamrock is fun to color in with colored pencils.

Trinity Shamrock Coloring Page

According to legend, the three-leaf shamrock has historically been used by St. Patrick to demonstrate the Holy Trinity with each petal representing a branch of the Godhead. Print and color this simple visual tool to teach your children about the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit…..Three in One. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day Bible lessons, and Christian holidays.

Lots of Lucky Shamrocks Coloring Page

This coloring page is filled with shamrocks for all sizes! Bring out the greens and blues and your students will have fun filling this page with variety. Tell them to pay attention because there is a 4-leaf clover hidden in this picture for them to find.

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