Spanish Color Worksheets

Spanish Color Worksheets, charts, and flashcards are perfect for beginner bilingual students. Using these free pages promotes the basic colors of the rainbow in a foreign language that your students will love to engage with! Each page is completely free and easy to download and print! Reading and writing skills are an important part of early development. Provide your students with optimal learning experiences with our READ curriculum! Perfect for beginning learners!

Colors Spanish Worksheets

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach basic colors in Spanish to your beginner bilingual students? Look no further than our Spanish Color Worksheets! These free resources are a great way to introduce the colors of the rainbow in a foreign language that your students will love. By promoting reading, writing, and language skills, you’ll be helping your students develop important skills early on in their education. Each page features the primary colors as well as a few other colors – completely FREE!

Spanish Charts

Two versions of our Spanish color chart are listed here. Each chart features pictures that match the color listed below them. The black and white version is perfect for a coloring assessment.

Colored Objects Spanish Charts

Here’s our full-color version of the Spanish color chart. This page is great for classroom or homeschool use. Display in an area where students can see this beautiful resource.

Black and White Spanish Charts

Using this black-and-white Spanish chart as an assessment or accompanying worksheet makes learning fun! Students will color each object based on the corresponding color word.

Spanish Color Flashcards

Flashcards in color and black and white and with pictures. These flashcards can be mixed and matched, used to play games, or as at home practice.

Colored Spanish Color Flashcards

Our printable color flashcards are written in Spanish and outlined in the corresponding colors. Print and laminate to give students extra practice.

Black & White Spanish Color Flashcards

Black and white flashcards in Spanish for students of all ages. Print these flashcards on white card stock and laminate for extended use.

Spanish Color Flashcards with Pictures

Free printable, color flashcards in Spanish. Each flashcard features a picture that matches the color with a colored border.

Beginner Spanish Colors Worksheets

Our Spanish Color Worksheets, charts, and flashcards are an excellent resource for beginner bilingual students who are learning basic colors in Spanish. By using these free pages, you can provide a fun and engaging way for your students to learn and practice their Spanish color vocabulary. These resources are easy to download and print, making them a convenient addition to your lesson plans. Practice even more Spanish reading and writing with our Spanish Days of the Week resource. (Coming Soon!)

Spanish Tracing Color Worksheets

Four tracing worksheets for your early learners. Trace, write, color, and so much more with these free printable PDFs.

Rainbow Tracing Spanish Color Worksheet

Read and write the rainbow in Spanish! Students will color each section of the rainbow based on the Spanish color word!

Pencil Tracing Color Worksheets

On this printable PDF, students will read the English version of the word, color the crayon, and write the Spanish word for that color.

Paintbrush Color Tracing Worksheets

Grab your colors and “pain” Spanish colors with this adorable paint can printable. Your students will love reading, writing, and coloring on this worksheet.

Color Words Tracing Worksheet

Practice reading, tracing, and writing colors in Spanish. Take it to the next level by using the corresponding colored pencil for each word.

Printable Spanish Color Worksheets

These printable resources are versatile printables that can be used in both classroom and homeschool settings. In a classroom setting, you can use these resources to introduce basic colors in Spanish to your beginner bilingual students. You can print out the worksheets and hand them out to your students to complete individually, in groups, or as homework practice. The flashcards and charts can be used for whole-class instruction or as a resource for a fun game to reinforce color vocabulary. In a homeschool setting, you can use these resources to supplement your child’s language learning curriculum. You can incorporate them into your daily lessons or use them as part of a larger unit on Spanish – including our Spanish Months of the Year resource. (Coming Soon!)

Color by Number Spanish Color Worksheets

Three engaging color-by-number worksheets featuring colors written in Spanish. Grab them for free today.

Dinosaur Color by Number Spanish

Improve fine motor, math, and Spanish language skills with this adorable Dino worksheet. This free printable PDF is easy to download and use!

Spanish Colors by Number Unicorn

This free, unicorn color-by-number printable is sure to engage your students in number recognition, Spanish color reading, and fine motor coloring.

Summer Spanish Colors by Number

This summer-themed Spanish color-by-number helps students recognize numbers and read Spanish color words.

Spanish Color Worksheets

The following worksheets each feature a different color in Spanish. Trace, write, color, and more!

Yellow – Amarillo Spanish Worksheet

Grab your free yellow Spanish coloring worksheet printable and get started learning today!

Spanish Blue/Azul Trace, Write, Color

Check out these colors in Spanish worksheets! Free to download and fun to use with your students.

Printable PDF for Brown/Marron

Our printable Spanish colors worksheets practice reading, writing, coloring, and more! Grab yours for free today!

Orange Spanish Worksheet

Teaching your students Spanish? This color worksheet features naranja (orange).

Spanish Worksheet for Red

Free printable PDF worksheet for the color red. Learning Spanish is fun and easy with this page!

Trace, Color, Write Pink in Spanish

Read, write, and color pink in Spanish. Perfect for homeschool and classroom use.

Printable Green/Verde Worksheet

Grab this free Spanish color printable featuring the color green. Free to download!

Purple-Violeta Free Color Printable

Learn all about the color purple by practicing in Spanish. Color, trace, write, find, and so much more!

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