Fall Color By Number

Fall Color By Number worksheets are free and easy coloring printables featuring a variety of fall graphics. These coloring worksheets provide students with practice in addition and subtraction, multiplication, sight word recognition, number and letter recognition, and more! Our color by fall number pictures fit perfectly into any preschool through third-grade classroom. Get even more practice with our Interactive Math curriculum.

Color By Number Fall

Our free fall color-by-number pictures are sure to keep your students engaged in reading and math practice as the seasons change. Color, count, add, subtract, multiply, and more with these adorable worksheets. Students will enjoy working on these free and easy color by number printables.

Fall Coloring By Number

These color-by-number fall printables are easily completed when students put each answer into the space with a pencil. Then students can check the code to decide what color to fill in with each space. Once the page is completed, your students will enjoy looking at the cute fall picture they have created.

Pro tips: use a pencil to solve all answers first, then use crayons or colored pencils to create a beautiful piece of art. Check out our adorable Halloween Color By Number sheets for even more color-by-number printable works.

Color By Number Fall Printables

Get the most out of these fall printable activity pages when you print these pages on cardstock. Once students have completed each page, save them and create a fall learning portfolio that can be bound together or placed into a folder to share with parents. Check out our Thanksgiving Color By Number for even more fall fun!

Fall Color By Number Worksheets

Your students will love showing off their number recognition and fine motor coloring skills all fall season with these adorable printables.

Preschool Fall Color By Number

Free fall coloring page featuring number recognition skill practice for numbers 1-7. Your preschool students will love this adorable picture!

Fall Color By Number Kindergarten

Kindergarten students love this adorable scarecrow with number recognition skill practice. Color each number 8-13 based on the color key.

First Grade Color By Number Fall

This fall corn and leaf printable color by number page promotes number recognition and counting practice for first graders with number 14-19.

Fall Color By Number Third Grade

This color by rounding worksheet makes the perfect quick assessment for third and fourth-grade students. Simply color each section based on what each number would be rounded to from 10 through 60.

Fall Color By Addition Printables

Practice adding this fall when you introduce these colors by addition worksheets to your students. They are sure to be begging for more!

Kindergarten Color By Addition Fall

Addition color by number worksheets are free and engaging. Kindergarten students will enjoy simple addition facts while also showing off their coloring skills.

Fall Color By Addition First Grade

First graders love using our simple subtraction worksheets for early mathematics and problem-solving practice. Your students will enjoy learning and creating with this page.

Color By Addition Fall Second Grade

Keep your second-grade students engaged in simple subtraction practice this fall when you incorporate our free and easy-to-use color by addition worksheets. So much fun, they will be begging for more!

Color By Subtraction Fall Worksheets

Learning all about subtraction and the weather is changing? Check out our fall printable subtraction color by number worksheets. They are sure to get students excited about learning and the weather change!

Color By Subtraction Fall Kindergarten

Students will subtract and color with these adorable color-by-number worksheets. Free and easy to use makes these printables a class favorite!

First Grade Color By Subtraction Fall

Your first-grade students will love subtraction practice when you incorporate these fall worksheets. This printable is the perfect autumn math activity for first graders.

Second Grade Color By Fall Subtraction

Adorable pumpkin color by subtraction printables for second graders are free and can be downloaded immediately so you can use them in your classroom right away!

Color By Multiplication Printables For Fall

Your third-grade students are going to love these printable multiplication color-by-number worksheets! With adorable fall characters and lots of multiplication practice, everyone wins!

Fall Multiplication Color By Number Third Grade

Free color by number fall pictures promote student counting, coloring, and multiplication practice. Print and use immediately in your classroom!

Third Grade Color By Multiplication Fall

Fall apple activities are always engaging to young learners! Third-grade students will love this apple multiplication activity page. Your students will be begging to practice math with these fall printables.

Fall Color By Multiplication For Third Grade

Fall color by multiplication makes the perfect third grade practice worksheet. Perfect for practice after being introduced to simple multiplication, your students will love it!

Color By Letter Fall Worksheets

Check out our adorable color-by-letter fall printable worksheets today! These are perfect for any preschool or kindergarten classroom learning or reviewing the all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Color By Letter Preschool Fall

Want your students to practice letter recognition? This adorable fall color by letter activity page promotes letter A-G recognition.

Fall Color By Letter For Kindergarten

Free, engaging color-by-letter worksheets for preschool and kindergarten make a wonderful reading activity. Your students will be begging to practice letter sounds and recognition.

Preschool Fall Color By Letter

Simple color-by-letter worksheets feature the letters O-V. Students will enjoy the cute apple graphic and coloring opportunities these worksheets provide.

Kindergarten Color By Letter Fall

Free sunflower color by letter worksheet for preschool and kindergarten. Your students are sure to love this printable activity page.

Fall Color By Sight Word Printables

Learning sight words just got a whole lot more fun! These printable color by sight word activity pages feature preschool through third grade sight words so there’s something for everyone!

Sight Word Color By Number Preschool

Our adorable color by sight word fall bird worksheet is free! This printable promotes fine motor skill, sight word recognition, and more!

Kindergarten Sight Word Color By Number

Kindergarten color by sight word activity pages featuring an adorable scarecrow are going to be a classroom hit! Students will love this printable.

First Grade Fall Color By Sight Word

This fall leaf color by sight word activity page is free! Your first-grade students are sure to be begging for more sight word practice after using this page!

Second Grade Color By Sight Word Fall

Promote sight word practice in your second-grade classroom with our free color by sight word activity page. This page features an adorable corn and leaf graphic.

Third Grade Fall Color By Sight Word

Want your third graders to buy in on sight word practice? Check out this free sight word coloring printable. Featuring a variety of third-grade sight words your students can practice in an engaging way.

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