Bible Verse Coloring Pages

FREE Bible Verse Coloring Pages for children! These Bible verse coloring pages are a great way to help get your students in the word of God! Kids will practice reading, memorizing and coloring with these Bible printables. For more Bible worksheet options, try out our Preschool Bible Curriculum Bundle today!

Easy Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Bible verse memorization it a great skill for your children to have. Being able to instantly recall Bible verses will help your students in their everyday life. These easy Bible verse coloring pages are perfect for the classroom, Sunday school and in the home.

Bible Verse Coloring Page

Each one of these printable coloring worksheets comes with its own coloring picture. Children’s churches can make great use of these paper Bible verse coloring pages. Students get a variety of options with this set of 12 cute Bible verse coloring pages. Teachers! If you are wanting more Sunday school coloring pages try our free Easter Coloring Pages now!

Coloring Pages with Bible Verses

To save on paper these Bible verse coloring pages can be laminated after printing to give multiple students an opportunity to color the pictures with dry-erase markers. Students can hang up their finished verse as decoration in their room or the classroom. We have more FREE Biblically based Cross Coloring Pages for you to try!

Bible Verse Coloring Page

Bible Verse for Kids

Free Bible verse coloring pages are a great way for students to memorize Bible passages and the picture will help the visual association.

Rainbow Bible Verse

A fun tip to help your students remember to practice their memorization would be to tape their Bible verse to the mirror to practice every morning.

Praying Bible Verse

This simple Bible verse is a good verse for students to start on when memorizing this set of printout verses.

Bible Verses Coloring Page

Easy handouts for students to work on memorization while having fun coloring a new picture for each Bible verse provided.

Free Bible Verse Coloring Pages

This is a Bible verse worksheet that explains God’s love for His creation. It comes with a visual of the world and the cross He died on for our sins.

Color Pages Bible Verse

Students get to practice their reading skills while memorizing these Bible verses. Have your students trace over each letter to practice letter formation.

Cute Bible Verses

Bible verse coloring pages for preschoolers can be found here! Give young children fun Bible coloring worksheets.

FREE Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Parents! You can laminate these Bible verses to make them waterproof. This way students can tape them to the shower wall as a way to remember to practice.

Coloring Pages of Bible Verses

Scripture memory is a necessary skill for kids to learn. Students will also make great progress in their reading skills when re-reading through these Bible verses.

Coloring Bible Pages

Free scripture passages for kids to easily complete on their own with little to no help from a teacher or parent. A great activity to keep kids busy!

Loving Bible Verse

These free Bible verse pdfs are great ways to engage your students in the word! Hearts give it a beautiful message of love.

Easy Bible Verse Printables

Memory verses are able to be learned by having your students trace over each individual letter to practice letter formation while committing the verse to memory.

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  • Audrey Reply

    I love these scripture coloring pages. The kids also love them. THANK YOU

    July 14, 2023 at 9:57 am
  • Jenny Reply

    Thanks – appreciated

    July 15, 2023 at 12:24 am
  • Tina Reply

    Do you have color in sheets without the ‘thee and thous’ etc?? ie not KJV? say ESV or NKJV??

    January 5, 2024 at 9:03 am

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