Subtraction Color By Number

Subtraction Color By Number features worksheets for kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, and third-grade students. This wide variety of subtraction skill practice provides free math skills, problem-solving, and fine motor coloring practice. Students will love these adorable under-the-sea-themed worksheets and you’re going to love the subtraction practice they are engaged in! Our Kindergarten Interactive Math curriculum is the perfect pairing for this resource.

Color By Number Subtraction Worksheets

Free color-by-number printable subtraction worksheets provide elementary students with math practice in a wide variety of ways. From single-digit to double-digit to regrouping and everything in between, this resource makes a great whole-group activity, practice page, or quick and engaging assessment for students.

Free Color By Number Subtraction

These low-prep color-by-number worksheets are so easy to use! Simply print these pages and provide them to students. From there, students will need a pencil and crayons, colored pencils, or markers to complete these activities. We prefer to have students use a pencil and answer ALL of the problems before coloring. Take this activity a step further in third and fourth grade and let students self-correct their work before coloring by providing an answer key.

Subtraction Color By Number

The best part about these worksheets…they are FREE! Quickly download whichever grade levels your students need. With a wide variety of levels available, there is sure to be something for every student. Choose a lower grade level for struggling learners, on grade level for students on track, and a grade (or two) higher for those students who need an extra extension activity. Want your students to practice addition as well? We have a set of Addition Color By Number worksheets FREE for you!

Kindergarten Subtraction Color By Number

Adorable subtract by single digit color by number worksheets for kindergarten feature a variety of undersea animals. These animals include a whale, fish, and a shark. Perfect for kindergarten students to practice all year long!

Color By Number Subtraction Kindergarten

Adorable whale subtraction worksheet for kindergarten. Students will practice their math skills as fine motor coloring practice with this engaging worksheet.

Subtraction Color By Number Kindergarten

Teaching problem-solving and subtraction skills to kindergartners is fun and easy with this cute fish printable. Students will subtract by single-digit numbers with this printable.

Single Digit Subtraction Kindergarten

Free printable subtraction worksheet for kindergarten promotes problem-solving, math skills, subtraction fluency, and fine motor coloring. Check out this fun under-the-sea shark printable.

1st Grade Color By Number Subtraction

When you incorporate these free, printable worksheets, your first-grade students will LOVE practicing their subtraction skills during your math lessons. They feature fun underwater creatures and beach scenes. Free, fun, and low-prep!

1st Grade Subtraction Color By Number

Our octopus subtraction worksheet for first graders promotes early subtraction skills that students will need to grow in math. This page features subtraction by single-digit numbers.

Color By Number Subtraction 1st Grade

First graders will practice the standard subtracting tens with this fun beach scene coloring page. Students will subtract an even ten from another ten amount. This subtraction skill proves a strong problem-solving strategy in math.

Double Digit Subtraction Color By Number

Fun and free printable subtraction pages for first graders keep students on their toes. All of these double-digit subtraction problems are created just for first-grade students. There is no regrouping involved in these problems.

2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Check out these fun and low-prep second-grade printable subtraction color-by-number worksheets. These pages all include double-digit subtraction as well as some regrouping.

2nd Grade Double Digit Subtraction Color By Number

Free cute fish printable subtraction worksheets for second graders. These double-digit color-by-number problems promote math and problem-solving skills.

Subtraction Color By Number 2nd Grade

Your students will be begging to practice their subtraction problems with this adorable under-the-sea color-by-number printable. Featuring even tens subtracted from even tens: a very important skill for young learners to obtain.

Double Digit Subtraction Color By Number With Regrouping

Teaching regrouping is an extremely difficult task, but this worksheet makes that task so much more fun and less prep! This free printable fish worksheet gives a wide variety of regrouping practice.

3rd Grade Color By Subtraction

Third graders will love subtraction when these fun, free, and low-prep worksheets are a part of the lesson! These printables are all appropriate for practicing third grade standards and feature sharks, whales, and a fun beach scene!

3rd Grade Subtraction With Regrouping

A fun beach scene that promotes third-grade math skills? Yes, please! Students will regroup within these subtraction problems. Check out this free printable today.

Subtraction With Regrouping for 3rd Grade

Regroup and subtract through zero with this engaging math problem-solving page. This fun whale gives students a creative way to show their learning.

3rd Grade Color By Subtraction Printable

Sharks…Oh My! Your third graders will LOVE solving these shark problems and then coloring the worksheet to show their learning. This worksheet is free and easy to print.

4th Grade Color By Number Subtraction

These 3-digit numbers color by subtraction will strengthen your students math skills! They’ll practice easier three digit subtraction problems then progressively work toward regrouping math concepts.

Color By Number Subtract Hundreds

An adorable fish printable that promotes math problem-solving strategies. This subtraction of hundreds provides practice for an early math skill that promotes a solid foundation for students.

Color By Number Subtraction To The Hundreds Place

Subtraction problems to the hundreds for fourth-grade students require kids to regroup and use a variety of math strategies to solve. Check it out today!

Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheet

An adorable octopus helps fourth-grade students subtract and regroup. This free printable worksheet will excite students in all skill ranges with its engaging problems and fun coloring.

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    Hi in your kindergarten subtraction by number: ‘Subtraction Color By Number Kindergarten’, you have 12-10 which is equal to 2. However, 2 is not a color option in the code. Just thought you should know.

    January 25, 2024 at 10:46 am

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