Rainbow Template

Free Rainbow Templates are the perfect pairing for your art projects for kids! These fine motor printable activity pages work well for students in preschool through elementary school as well as for teacher or parent use! Your holiday St. Patrick Day, spring and summer bulletin boards, classroom decor, and coloring pages will be the town’s talk when you use these adorable templates! Grab our amazing St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack or Following Directions Bundle for even more fun this spring and summer!

Rainbow Template

These interactive, cut-and-paste rainbow templates provide students with fine motor control practice, color identification, and art and design skill practice! Using these templates is sure to excite your students while providing a ton of learning skill practice! Grab your free rainbow templates today through our one-click download! Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in March? Talking about God’s creation with the colors of the rainbow? Learning about the colors of spring?

Rainbow Templates

Below you will find 4 rainbow variations of rainbow templates. Each design contains three size options: one large (full page), two medium, or six small templates are included. These designs range from very simple to more intricate.

Preschool Rainbow Template

Our free simple rainbow template provides your early learners with a basic rainbow design. This template is easy to cut and fun to color!

2 Preschool Rainbow Templates

Two basic rainbow templates are included in this easy-to-download design. We recommend printing on white paper and letting your students color their own designs.

Small Rainbow Template Preschool

A free printable preschool rainbow template makes printing for a whole class easy! Simply print this page featuring six small rainbow templates to use with a group of students.

Large Rainbow and Clouds Template

Rainbow cloud templates provide students with ROYGBV practice! Students will be learning their colors in no time when they use this template!

Rainbow and Clouds Template Medium Size

Grab these two medium-sized rainbow templates for students to decorate this spring or summer. These designs make the perfect addition to any bulletin board or classroom decor!

Small Size Rainbow and Cloud Templates

6 small rainbow templates with clouds. These templates are adorable and designed for young learners. This design features a bow to color for each color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet (purple).

Rainbow with Clouds Template with Extra Bow

Here’s the perfect rainbow template for older students! Give them a template with an extra bow to practice learning their color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (purple).

Medium Sized Rainbow with Clouds Template

Add an extra bow in this rainbow with clouds to teach your students about the color indigo. Or, give this rainbow to your students and let them create their very own version of a beautiful rainbow!

6 Rainbow with Clouds Templates

Free rainbow template with six mini rainbows. Each rainbow includes an extra bow and clouds on both sides of the rainbow. This template makes the perfect coloring page, bulletin board design, or introduction to learning about color.

Rainbow with Rain Clouds Template

Looking for a RAIN-bow? This rainbow design includes six boxes for each color in the rainbow along with clouds that are pouring raindrops! Teaching students about how rainbows are formed is fun and easy with this full-page template.

Two Templates of Rainbows with Rain Clouds

Your students are going to love coloring, cutting, and pasting these two medium-sized rainbow templates with rain clouds. With a more intricate design, it is the perfect addition to any elementary classroom setting!

6 Small Rain Cloud Rainbow Templates

Six small rainbows with raincloud templates are included in this template design. Our free templates are easy to print and fun to use with students of all ages. Each rainbow has six bows for students to color red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Printable Rainbow Template

Using these free rainbow templates provides your students with an interactive activity when learning about weather, colors, science, and more! We suggest using these templates to decorate bulletin boards, classrooms or homeschool learning spaces, as an addition to spring and summer art projects for kids, or to practice colors. These templates are free, simple to download, and are sure to get your students excited about learning! This set of templates pairs perfectly with other spring templates like our adorable Shamrock Templates.

Rainbow Template Printables

With two different printable designs, these templates are perfect for learning colors. One design is labeled with the colors of the rainbow for young learners while the other is fully colored to provide an engaging chart to hang in your classroom for students to reference!

7 Color Rainbow Template

Horizontal rainbow template featuring 7 colors. This rainbow is blank (no clouds) and printed in black and white.

7 Colors Rainbow with Rain Clouds

Seven colors of the rainbow are included in this rainbow template. It features clouds on each end of the rainbow too!

7 Color Rainbow with Color Words

Rainbow with clouds template for kids. This is perfect for students learning the seven colors of the rainbow as the color words are written on each rainbow line!

Rainbow Template with Color Names

Learn colors and how rainbows are formed with this color-by-word design. This design makes coloring the perfect rainbow easy! Each bow is labeled with a color of the rainbow!

Full Page Colored Rainbow

Here’s an adorable interactive rainbow poster to hang in your classroom! This fully colored design makes learning colors fun and easy! Your students will love using this design as a reference.

7 Colors Rainbow Template

Free, full color rainbow template. This rainbow features SEVEN colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Perfect for preschool, homeschool, and elementary learners.

Rainbow Template Printable

Get the most out of these printable rainbow templates by printing them on white paper or card stock and letting your students design their own rainbows. We suggest using card stock for young learners, classroom decor, or bulletin board designs. This creates a sturdier design that will last. For even more durability and use year after year, laminate your finished projects! Pair these adorable rainbow templates with our Rainbow Writing activities for even more summer fun!

Rainbow Craft Template

Get your craft on with these adorable templates! Students will paint, write, cut, and paste with these adorable templates! There are so many fun rainbow templates below, we are sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! Paired with our Tulip Templates – there’s something for everyone this spring!

Rainbow Dot Template

Here’s a fun and engaging way to help young learners practice their fine motor control while creating a beautiful rainbow! This rainbow dot template makes learning colors and practicing fine motor skills fun and engaging!

Rainbow Writing Template

Write about spring and summer or everything you’ve learned about rainbows with this adorable rainbow writing template. Designed for young learners, this template provides a large line design with a dotted middle line.

Rainbow Cut Out Template

Check out this adorable, free rainbow cut-out craft template! Create your own rainbow craft with this cute design. Our cut and paste craft template makes provides a ton of fine motor skill practice for your students.

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    Thank you for these wonderful rainbows. We’ll be using them with our GroveKids to make Springtime Encouragement Cards for our shut-ins.

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