Unicorn Template

Free printable unicorn templates for invitations, kids’ crafts, coloring, and more. We’ve created a variety of cute unicorn printables like unicorn horns, unicorn ears, and even a cut-and-paste unicorn craft your students can assemble. Preschool and kindergarten students can easily color, cut, and decorate these beautiful unicorn templates with thick black outlines. If you’re looking for more rainbow fun, try our Color Science for Kids Activity Pack.

Printable Unicorn Template

Cute Unicorn Templates art craft for kids! This FREE set of printables are a great activity for your students to have fun with, either in the classroom or at home! Students get to practice craft skills such as cutting, coloring, taping and gluing. Students get to practice creativity when decorating this art activity for kids. If you are looking for more activities for your young elementary students look at our Preschool Bundle today!

Unicorn Horn Template

This is a single large unicorn horn that can be used in a variety of different ways. Have your students turn the horn into a headband.

Unicorn Side Profile

This peaceful unicorn has a cute spiral horn on top of its head. Have students draw a necklace around their unicorn’s neck.

Sleeping Unicorn Face

This is a unicorn with flowers in its hair. The sleeping unicorn is adorable and your kids will love getting to color it.

Free Unicorn Head Templates

Teachers can print these unicorns onto colorful cardstock paper for their students. After decorating their unicorns have your students write their name on the papers and then hang them up in the classroom. Students can also take their unicorns home as a decoration for their room. Teachers! If you are wanting more unicorn crafts for your students, take a look at our FREE Unicorn Color by Number printables.

Unicorn Face Template

This adorable unicorn is one of many variations included in this pack of free printable unicorn pdfs. Have students watercolor their unicorns.

Unicorn Head Templates

Children can decorate these unicorn pages and then use them as binder covers for their school binders. Give students stickers to decorate their unicorn’s mane!

Unicorn Cut-Outs

Free printale unicorn stencils with thick black outlines for students to trace. These craft templates make wonderful art projects, drawing prompts, or even bulletin board decorations. Pair these with our free printable rainbow templates, and our star templates to create a fun unicorn theme unit for your students.

Front View Unicorn Head Template

This is a large blank unicorn head. Students get to create their own faces and manes for their unicorns.

Side View Unicorn Head Template

Have students finish the side view unicorn and then give them a chance to draw the rest of the unicorn’s body.

Full Size Unicorn Template

Students can draw a saddle on the unicorn. Then have your students draw a person on the saddle riding the unicorn.

Unicorn Craft Template

Keep your students engaged in the classroom with this hands-on craft. With these unicorn stencils your students will be given the opportunity to draw on their own unicorn faces. Give children a break from classwork with these large unicorn patterns. If you are looking for more FREE unicorn printables try out our Unicorn Art Project for Kids worksheets! Anchor text to Related Internal Content.

Unicorn Craft Template

This is a set of different parts of a unicorn head for your students to cut out and assemble with either tape or glue.

Build A Unicorn Template

Have your students color each part of the unicorn before they cut out the individual pieces and assembly the unicorn.

Build a Unicorn Cut & Paste Template

This set of unicorn parts are pre-colored and ready for your children to cut out and assemble onto a piece of paper.

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