Reindeer Template

Free Reindeer Templates for your students! This pack of reindeer are adorable and ready to be cut and assembled. Children will learn how to cut and color their reindeer and paste them together to create a full reindeer. Students will practice fine motor skills such as cutting, coloring, and pasting. If you would like to expand on your students’ fine motor skills, try our fun and engaging Fine Motor Bundle: Holiday & Seasons.

Printable Reindeer Templates

These reindeer craft templates are offered in a variety of different views, shapes, and sizes. These reindeer antler template pdfs come with realistic reindeer as well as cartoon ones. Students can use the paper reindeer as decorations for Christmas cards. If you are looking for more Christmas activities for your students take a look at our FREE Christmas Templates.

Reindeer Template Head

This is a large easy reindeer head template for children to draw a face on. Students get to express their creativity when drawing.

Reindeer Outline Template

Here is a simple, thick outline of a reindeer head for student arts and crafts projects. This torso includes the reindeer face antlers and ears. Students can draw and decorate the faces.

Preschool Reindeer Template

Free printable Reindeer Template for holiday arts and crafts projects. This PDF pattern is the outline of a reindeer head for students to color and cut out.

Happy Reindeer Face Template

This adorable happy reindeer template can be used for simple classroom decorations, or print for students to color. Find more Reindeer Coloring Pages here.

Reindeer Outline Template

These printable reindeer faces give your students an opportunity to draw their own reindeer faces. Teachers can print these reindeer on colorful papers. After decorating, these reindeer can be turned into fridge magnets. If you are wanting to try some more free winter-themed printables use our Snowman Templates today!

Basic Reindeer Outline Head Medium

Pair of two blank reindeer heads. These can be used at home or in the school classroom as an in-class activity.

Basic Reindeer Outline Head

These cute reindeer come in small cute sizes for your students to create different variations and reindeer emotions.

Reindeer Craft

If you need a simple reindeer template crafty for your preschool or kindergarten students, try these simple paper crafts below. Your students will cut and pastes to make adorable Christmas reindeer.

Build a Reindeer Craft in Black and White

This large reindeer craft comes with all of the reindeer parts for students to color, cut, and assemble with tape to create the final product.

Build a Reindeer Craft in Color

This winter art project comes already colored and ready to cut and assemble! Students get to create their own reindeers.

Reindeer Head With Place to Add Photo

Cut out reindeer template for students with a place to add a photo on the reindeer’s body. Children can put a picture of their face to make a cute Christmas card.

Reindeer Body Templates

These printable reindeer templates with antlers are a great winter craft for your students! Teachers can easily print and pass out for students to cut and assemble. Teachers can also cut up all of the reindeer parts for their students to just assemble if they are too young to use scissors.

Cute Reindeer Whole Body Side View Large

This is a side view of a reindeer with a smile. Students can paint or use a variety of different markers, crayons or colored pencils to complete the reindeer.

Cute Reindeer Whole Body Side View Medium

Free set of two medium-sized reindeer. Students can draw someone riding on the back of both of the reindeer.

Cute Reindeer Whole Body Side View Small

These little reindeer are perfect to make Christmas ornaments. Just hole-punch the top and then slide a piece of yarn through the top.

Realistic Reindeer Entire Front Body View Large

This is an outline of realistic reindeer. Students can draw on fur texture to make the reindeer even more realistic.

Realistic Reindeer Entire Body Side View Medium

This medium-sized free reindeer outline can be used to teach your students about reindeer and their habitat and life cycle.

Realistic Reindeer Entire Font Body View Small

Teachers can laminate the reindeer after it has been colored so kids can play with them without tares.

Two Realistic Reindeer Whole Body Side View Medium

Students can create a woodland scene with these reindeer and draw their habitat on a piece of paper.

Cute Little Reindeer Printables

These cute reindeer can be used to make a Santa sleigh craft. Have students arrange the reindeer to look like they are pulling a paper sleigh.

Set of Six Little Reindeer

These six reindeer are able to be used as name tags during the holiday season. Have students decorate their own reindeer and add their names.

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