Butterfly Templates

Free Butterfly Templates for your students! This set of printable butterfly templates includes a variety of different worksheets for your students to color and cut out. Elementary students will practice their creative skills when working through these arts and crafts pack. If you are looking for more activities for your elementary students take a look at our Fine Motor Bundle for Holidays & Seasons.

Variety of Printable Butterfly Templates

Butterfly Templates

Students will learn how to color and decorate different types of butterflies with this free printable pack. Elementary students will have fun in art class by learning about the symmetry of butterflies. Kids can decorate the butterfly’s wings in a symmetrical way and then practice their cutting skills by cutting the butterfly out. If you are needing more intricate butterfly designs, try our free printable Butterfly Coloring Pages. There are a ton of simple and cute designs for your students to color.

Butterfly Template

Free blank butterfly template with simple, thick black outlines. Perfect for tracing, stencils, cutting out, or to use for arts and crafts projects.

Butterfly Cut Out Template

This simple butterfly template includes small antennae for a more accurate butterfly template. This butterfly outline is easy to trace.

Printable Butterfly Template

Free printable template of a basic butterfly with simple interior lines on the body and segments of the wings.

Printable Butterfly Templates

Small Butterfly Template

These free printable butterflies are just the right size for decorating cards and crafts. Thick, easy-cut black lines that make it simple for young students to color and cut out.

Free Blank Butterfly Template

This printable butterfly template has a more rounded shape for easy cutting. Use this template for cut and paste collages, painting and symmetry lessons, or even bingo dab markers.

Easy Butterfly Template

If you need a simple and easy butterfly template, you students will love this pattern. With thick black outlines, this makes the perfect butterfly to practice tracing or even adding symmetrical designs.

Free Cut Out Templates of Butterflies

Blank Butterfly Template

If your students want a little more design to their butterfly, try this free template of a butterfy. The lower wings have a ruffled look and your students are sure to make some beautiful designs with this outline.

Simple Butterfly Template

This simple butterfly features pointed top wings and rounded bottom wings for a fun and classic look. Additionally, we’ve included both the butterfly body segments as well as the butterfly antennae.

Simple Butterfly Stencil

If you need a full butterfly stencil with interior designs and shapes on the wings, this free printable butterfly outline is for you. This butterfly has a classic shape and simple design for most craft projects.

3D Paper Butterfly Template

Let’s add some POP to your classroom with these free printable 3D paper butterfly templates. Simply cut out and glue or staple the body portion of the butterfly only. Then fold the wings over so that they pop upwards. (Take a look at this butterfly craft for an example)

Butterfly Outlines

Simple Butterfly Outline

Here is a beautiful butterfly outline for all your arts and crafts projects This outline of a butterfly is easy to trace or cut out. The shape has delicate details on the wings that will look beautiful on your projects

Simple Butterfly Outline

Here is a beautiful butterfly outline for all your arts and crafts projects This outline of a butterfly is easy to trace or cut out. The shape has delicate details on the wings that will look beautiful on your projects

Cute Butterfly Templates for Preschool

These butterfly templates can be printed on white or any bright-colored paper. After your students decorate the butterflies they can tape them to the wall or make a collage out of them. With the smaller butterflies, students can string them together and hang them in the classroom or take them home.

Large Blank Butterfly

Give your students stickers to keep them engaged while decorating this large blank butterfly. Glue and gems are also great resources for your students to use!

Medium Blank Butterflies

This pack of free printable butterfly crafts are excellent ways to keep your students having fun during art class! Students can color each stripe on the butterfly’s body a different color.

Small Blank Butterflies

After teaching your students about the butterfly cycle you can give them this fun craft to take home or color during the class period.

Butterfly with Decorative Wing(s) Template

This large patterned butterfly is an engaging craft for your students to color. After students color the butterfly they can practice using scissors to cut it out.

Butterfly Cut Out Template

A set of two medium patterned butterflies are also offered in the same pattern. Students can draw small cute little faces on each of the butterflies!

Cut Out Butterfly Templates

With this large set of small butterflies, students can color each one uniquely and then cut them all out and make a butterfly college out of them on a separate piece of paper.

Large Blank Butterfly Craft Template

Students can draw shapes and patterns on this big blank butterfly craft. Give your students time to come up with a design to make their butterfly unique and special to them!

Medium Blank Butterfly for Crafts

This is a printable with two medium-sized butterflies on it. A fun idea could be to let students color each butterfly and then cut them out and glue them together, this way either side of the craft is colorful and decorated!

Small Simple Butterflies for Kids Crafts

After coloring the butterflies students can cut them out and fold each individual butterfly in half. This way the butterflies look like they are flapping their wings!

Monarch Butterfly Template

Teachers can show their students how to draw shapes and patterns on the butterfly’s wings. If you want to make the butterflies last longer you can laminate them after your students color and cut them out. Another way to use this activity is to let your students write notes on the back of the decorated butterflies and pass them out to friends and family. If you are looking for more FREE butterfly printables try our Butterfly Unit Study and Butterfly Worksheets. If you are studying monarch and viceroy butterflies for science be sure to check out our mimcry worksheets.

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Template

If you are looking for a beautiful monarch butterfly template, we’ve got the perfect printable for your project. This template can be used for butterfly card crafts, art projects, or even as a simple coloring page. Try with paint crayons for a beautiful effect.

Monarch Butterfly Template

Remind your students about the rules of symmetry with these symmetrical patterned butterflies. Students can practice coloring each side of the wings so that they match.

Free Printable Monarch Butterfly Stencil

These butterfly worksheets are a perfect small craft to give to your students either in the classroom or to take home as some fun homework.

Small Monarch Butterflis to Print

After coloring and decorating these small butterflies students can tape them to the windows of their bedrooms or in the classroom.

Side View Butterfly Template

Teachers can help their students practice identifying the different types of butterflies with these free butterfly printables. There are a huge variety of different types of butterflies.

Butterfly Wings Template

After your students practice coloring and crafting with these butterflies you can teach them fun and interesting facts about butterflies!

Small Side View Monarch Butterfly Templates

All students can participate in coloring these small butterflies and then they can have fun decorating the classroom with them! The butterflies can be taped to the walls or hung from the ceiling.

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