Shark Template

Shark Templates make the perfect fine motor, cut-and-paste ocean art projects for kids! These sea creatures can be used as bulletin board printables in any elementary, homeschool, or preschool setting! The best part? They are FREE printable PDFs. From cute sharks to realistic ones and everything in between – they are the perfect stencil activity! Do your kids love to draw? Check out our Directed Drawing Bundle – with over 300 directed draws, there’s something for everyone!

Shark Template

Our shark art templates are a collection of fun, engaging, and educational resources designed to help children learn more about different shark species while promoting artistic expression. Featuring templates of the hammerhead and tiger shark, these resources allow kids to explore the fascinating world of sharks in a creative and interactive way. Each template is easy to follow, with clear outlines and ample space for color and design. They are perfect for arts and crafts activities, ranging from coloring and tracing to cutting and pasting. With these templates, children can get creative and bring their imagination to life while learning about the unique features of these amazing animals. Whether used in school or at home, our shark art templates are a fantastic way to encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and an interest in marine life.

Shark Templates

Simple Shark Template

Get creative with our shark stencil art worksheet! Use the provided shark stencils to design your own underwater scene. Trace the shark stencils onto the worksheet and then color and decorate them however you like. This activity encourages artistic expression and fine motor skills.

Outline of a Simple Shark

Enhance your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with our shark tracing worksheet. This activity promotes precision and control while allowing kids to create their own shark masterpieces.

Simple Shark Outline

Sharpen your pattern recognition skills with our shark pattern worksheet. Use the shark stencils to create a sequence of patterns on your page. This activity helps develop critical thinking and visual perception.

Detailed Shark Template

Dive deep into the world of shark anatomy with our detailed shark stencil worksheet. Explore the different parts of a shark, such as fins, gills, and eyes. Use the stencils to trace and label each part, while learning interesting facts about sharks along the way. This activity promotes knowledge of shark anatomy and scientific understanding.

Detailed Shark Template 2 Medium

Use these two medium-sized stencils to create an underwater scene, complete with coral reefs, seagrass, and other elements representing different shark habitats. Color and decorate the scene as you learn about the importance of these habitats in shark conservation.

Detailed Shark Template Small

Unleash your creativity with our detailed shark stencil art worksheet. Use the templates to create intricate and striking shark silhouettes. This activity allows kids to explore their artistic abilities while appreciating the beauty and power of sharks.

Cute Shark Template

Dive into a world of color with our cute shark coloring worksheet. Choose from a variety of adorable shark templates and let your imagination run wild as you bring them to life. Use your favorite coloring materials to add vibrant hues to these charming underwater creatures. This activity promotes creativity and provides a relaxing and enjoyable coloring experience.

Cute Shark Template Medium

Enjoy the thrill of anticipation as the shark with a happy smile emerges on the page. This activity encourages artistic creativity and fine motor skills while providing a sense of accomplishment.

Cute Shark 6 Templates

This cute template features six cute sharks. They are smiling at you as you color them. Create an adorable ocean scene featuring a variety of sea creating including these happy little sharks.

Realistic Shark Template

Explore the world of art with our realistic shark templates. Use the realistic shark art templates as inspiration to create your own masterpiece. Experiment with different blending and shading techniques, paint, or color with markers as you bring your shark to life. This activity promotes creativity, develops fine motor skills, and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Realistic Shark Template Two Medium

Discover the art of creating artwork with our realistic shark worksheet. Print out the realistic shark art templates and create beautiful artwork. This activity encourages imaginative thinking and artistic expression.

Six Realistic Shark Templates

Unleash your storytelling skills with our realistic shark template. Use the realistic shark art templates to create your own artistic story about the life of sharks. These six small shark templates are the perfect size to print and save on paper for a large group.

Great White Shark Template

On large great white shark template can be used as a bulletin board addition, classroom or homeschool decor, or for a student art project. Students will love creating this shark while learning fun facts about this majestic animal.

Great White Shark 2 Medium

Create beautiful works of art with these two medium-sized shark templates for kids. Your students will LOVE creating and being artsy with them!

Six Small Great White Shark Templates

Print these six small great whit shark templates for use in your preschool, homeschool, or elementary classroom! You can print on color paper on or white an let your students design their own.

Hammer Shark Large

Discover the anatomy of a hammerhead shark with our hammerhead shark worksheet. Examine the detailed hammerhead shark template and learn about the physical features that make this species unique. Label the parts of the shark such as the head, dorsal fin, eyes, and gills. This activity promotes science literacy and encourages learning about different shark species.

Medium Hammer Shark Template

Develop your crafting skills with our hammerhead shark paper craft worksheet. Print out the hammerhead shark template and color the pieces to create your own shark model.

Six Hammer Shark Templates

Use paint or colored pencils to decorate the parts of the shark. This activity promotes creativity and develops fine motor skills. There are six small hammerhead sharks so printing for a large group is easy!

Tiger Shark

Dive into a large-scale art project with our large tiger shark mural worksheet. This stencil template is designed for creating a mural or wall art featuring a tiger shark. Enlarged to a larger size, you can use it to trace and paint a life-sized tiger shark on a wall, poster board, or classroom display. This activity promotes teamwork, as it can be done collaboratively, and allows for a visually impactful art installation.

Medium Tiger Shark Templates

Get ready to create a striking piece of art with our medium-sized tiger shark art template worksheet. With more details and intricacy, this stencil template allows you to add depth and texture to your artwork. Use paints, colored pencils, or markers to bring the tiger shark to life on canvas, paper, or any other medium of your choice. This activity promotes creativity and encourages the exploration of different art techniques.

Small Tiger Shark Templates

Explore the world of art and design with our small tiger shark stencil worksheet. This detailed stencil template allows you to trace the outline of a tiger shark onto various surfaces such as paper, fabric, or wood. Use your creativity to incorporate the tiger shark into your own artwork, crafts, or DIY projects. This activity promotes fine motor skills and encourages artistic expression.

Template of a Shark

Using templates featuring sharks, such as the hammerhead and tiger shark, is an excellent activity for kids for several reasons. First, these templates foster the development of fine motor control in young learners. By using scissors to carefully cut out the templates or coloring within the lines, children are strengthening hand muscles and improving hand-eye coordination. Second, these templates promote artistic creativity and self-expression in kids. Children can use the templates as a guide to create their own unique artwork or craft, encouraging them to experiment with new colors and textures. By expressing themselves creatively through art, kids are also fostering their imaginations. Overall, using shark templates helps to promote a love of learning and exploration, while building important developmental and artistic skills in young children.

Shark Activities

Shark Color Build a Shark Craft

Build an adorable shark craft with this worksheet. This page is full-color so all students need to do is cut and paste to create this shark! Included body parts are fins, eyes, mouth.

Build a Shark Craft

Your students will love designing (coloring), cutting, and pasting this adorable shark craft. This craft has been designed as a white craft so that your students can design their own! Includes the shark’s fins, eye, and mouth.

Shark Coloring Page

This free PDF coloring page features an adorable smiling shark. This happy little guy is in an underwater scene with other sea creatures. Your students will LOVE coloring this adorable page!

Template Shark

Using shark art templates with young students can be a fun and engaging way to explore the world of sharks while promoting creativity and artistic expression. First, introduce the concept of sharks and their unique features, showcasing different shark species using the templates. Then, provide materials such as crayons, colored pencils, or paints, and encourage students to use the templates as a guide to create their own artwork. Encourage them to experiment with different colors and textures, and to add their own creative touches to make the artwork unique. Display the completed shark art in the classroom to celebrate their artistic achievements and create a sense of pride. This activity not only fosters artistic skills but also helps young students develop fine motor skills, practice following directions, and gain knowledge about the magnificent world of sharks. For more art fun, check out our Fish Templates.

Shark Printables

Shark Writing Template

Shark writing templates make writing about ocean animals fun and creative. Students can use the lines to write and then design their shark! Students can create their own shark journal or add this to a notebook.

Shark Booklet

This adorable shark booklet is the perfect addition to any early learning environment. Students can trace the names of different types of sharks and then color them.

Shark Hat Template

An adorable shark headband is cute and easy to use. Students will be able to design their own hat and then color it and assemble it themselves.

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