Bird Template

Free Bird Templates make art projects and fine motor control practice an enjoying time in your preschool, homeschool, or elementary school settings. These bird cut-out templates provide students with a variety of cut and paste, coloring, and tracing fine motor control activities along with the option to create patterns, stencils, crafts, and more! You’re going to love all of the options that come with these realistic templates. Templates have been created in small, medium, and large options so there’s something for every project! Give your students the give of following directions and fine motor control with our Following Directions Bundle... the perfect addition to our free bird template resources!

Bird Template Printable

Give your students (of all ages) a tool to create, design, and journal with these printable and cut-out bird templates. Our free bird templates are the perfect art projects for kids featuring flying creatures. Use the included journal page to learn about nature through the power of journaling what you see, hear, and smell. Your students are going to love these templates of birds and you’re going to love the educational power behind them!

Bird Template

The following templates come in three different sizes: full page, two to a page, and six small to a page. These templates feature detailed designs, cute graphics, along with creative outlines.

Bird on a Branch Template

Check out this bird on a branch template. A realistic-looking bird sitting on a branch with leaves. This design is perfect for a wide variety of uses including back-to-school or summer projects, a class bulletin board, and so much more!

Free Bird on a Branch Template

Print these medium bird templates on a branch for your next bulletin board! Give one to each student to design and decorate then put them together to create a beautiful class board!

Six Small Birds on a Branch

Six small birds on branches are on this template. This page is a vertical version of our large page but contains six graphics. Perfect for printing for a large group!

Basic Bird Template

Use this large basic bird template (outline) as a stencil or trace it using a black marker. This page has been created in landscape mode.

2 Basic Bird Templates

A vertical page featuring two basic bird templates. Perfect for use as stencils or outlines on a project. Give these to your students to decorate and even label parts of a bird.

Small Basic Bird Template

Looking for a bird outline? Look no further! This page features six outlines of basic birds. These birds are small enough to be used on art projects and bulletin boards or as classroom decor.

Basic Bird Template with Details

Learning about birds? This large template features a bird with outlines of the different parts of the body. Check it out today.

Basic Bird with Details Template 2 Medium

Give your students the gift of creativity with this basic bird template. This page features two medium-sized designs.

Six Small Basic Birds with Details

Looking to print for a large group? This page features six small birds with basic details. Give your students the gift of art and design with these printable pages.

Realistic Bird Template

A large bird template takes up the whole page. This page was created in a horizontal alignment for students to cut, color, and use for their next art project.

Realistic Bird Medium Template

Check out this realistic bird template. This page has two birds to a page for easy printing.

Small Template of Realistic Bird

This realistic bird template contains six small birds. Ready to print and easy to download!

Cute Bird Template

Free, printable bird template featuring one large (full page) bird design. This cute bird can be used as a bulletin board or classroom decor piece, for a sprint or summer project, or along with a teaching unit.

Two Cute Birds Template

Cute birds two to a page. This template features two adorable birdies for you to print and give to your students for bulletin board decor, craft projects, and more!

Cute Birds Six Small Templates

Six small bird templates were created to have cuteness overload! These birds are perfect for larger print projects because there are six to a page.

Template of Bird

Providing these templates to your students will help them build creativity, fine motor control, and cut-and-paste practice. These bird templates provide the perfect summer art projects for kids. They have a variety of designs and are all free printable downloads. Your students can outline, create patterns, stencil, trace, and so much more with these free templates! Want even more summer fun? Check out our Flower Templates today!

Bird Printables

Printable coloring pages and journal pages for your students. These pages are completely free to download.

Bird on a Branch Coloring Page

A fun coloring page for your students. Bring in the spring season with this bird on a branch coloring page. Your students will LOVE it!

Bird Journal Page

This free printable PDF worksheet features a lined journal page. This page provides learners of all ages with the dedicated space to write an amazing bird story!

Woodpecker on a Tree Coloring Page

Summer is the perfect time to learn about birds like the woodpecker. This coloring page features a woodpecker on a tree.

Bird Cut Out Template

Use these adorable bird templates with your preschool, homeschool, or elementary students. These printable PDFs are completely free and make learning about birds fun and easy! To get the most out of these templates, print them on white paper (we suggest card stock for extra durability) and give them to your students to color, cut, and create beautiful works of art. Our Butterfly Templates pair well with this resource. Especially when you’re teaching your students about animals that fly!

Bird Crafts

Below you will find four templates to help you create and design the perfect bird crafts. There are bird pieces, colored and black and white options, and birds on a branch crafts.

Bird Paper Bag Craft

The first page of our paper bag craft. This free printable page features the bird’s eyes, foot, wing, and nose.

Paper Bag Bird Craft

Part 2 of our paper bag craft. This page features the head, a foot, a wing, and a second beak option.

Build a Bird Craft in Black and White

A black and white version of the build-a-bird craft. This craft includes a branch, flowers, a nest with eggs, and a cute bird. Ready for your students to color.

Build a Bird Craft Color

The colored version of our build a bird craft. Each piece is featured in full color. Ready for you to print, cut, and assemble. Your students will LOVE creating it!

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