Christmas List Template

Free printable Christmas List Templates for kids to write their Christmas Wish Lists to Santa! These templates are targeted toward elementary students but students of any age can use these cute wish lists. Students will practice their writing skills when completing these worksheets. Elementary students can practice their creativity when thinking of items to add to the Christmas list. If you are looking for more amazing Christmas resources check out our Christmas Bible Activity Pack!

Christmas List Template

This Children’s Christmas list comes with a colorful candy cane outline and a cute picture of Santa in the corner. Students get to customize their own list!

Christmas Writing List

Teachers — use this free pack to keep your students engaged in the classroom during the holidays with this fun pack of free worksheets for them to work on.

Colorful Christmas List

This worksheet comes already colorful if you just want your students to practice their handwriting skills without having to break out the markers and colored pencils.

Christmas Wish List Template

Students can color each of the cartoon characters at the bottom of the Christmas wish list template. Students can also practice writing their numbers by numbering their list of items. Fine motor skills are built when completing these Christmas lists.

Christmas Wishlist

Have your students write and explanation next to each item for why they want it and what they are going to do with it if they receive it.

Christmas Wishlist Template

Use this set of 14 free holiday wish list templates to give your students something to do in between lessons or when you need a break!

Gifts Wish List for Children

Students get to come up with creative ideas for what they want for Christmas with these free Christmas list worksheets!

Christmas List Template Free Printable

This adorable pack of Christmas lists are available for your students to personalize with their own items. Teachers can print these lists up and hand them out for their students to complete in the classroom or take home. Students will color the border of the list as well as the picture in the corner. They will then add a list on the blank lines. Check out our free Christmas Tree Template!

Santa Christmas List

Students can take their Christmas lists home and show them to their parents or hang them in their rooms to add to later. When finishing this list students will have practiced penmanship and brainstorming.

Christmas Tree Wish List

Elementary students get to write out what they are wanting for Christmas on one side of the list sheet and then write out their reasoning for the gift on the other side.

Cute Christmas List Template

This is a set of 14 different Christmas lists for your students to choose from. Some are in black and white and others in color.

Christmas List Template for Kids

This Christmas list has a cute cartoon beaver and a Christmas tree for your students to have a great time decorating and coloring.

Christmas List Templates

Your students will love this cute birdy Christmas list. They can color the picture as well as the border after writing out a list of items.

Free Printable Christmas List Template

For an extra challenge, teachers can have students practice their cursive skills when completing this list. This activity is extra simple and easy to complete! The only outside materials needed are colored pencils or markers. These Christmas lists can also be printed in fun Christmas colors! If you are looking for more Christmas templates try our Christmas Ornament Template.

Christmas Gift List Template

Free Christmas List Template

This is a cute Christmas wish list that can help your students practice their penmanship. Teach your students how to have clean handwriting when completing these templates.

Writing List for Kids

This wishlist is split into two sections for your students to organize their Christmas lists. Students will have a fun time brainstorming what to add to their Christmas present list.

Kids Wish List

Give your students these wish lists to complete in class as a fun activity to work on right before they go on Christmas break. Students will have fun comparing their lists with their peers.

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