Fish Template

Fish Templates are sure to amp up your instruction and engage young students in fine motor control, science, art/design and more! These worksheets were created to be useful for a variety of purposes, from fine motor skills to science and art studies. There are a TON of ways to engage learners with these adorable templates! Paired with our Color & Learn A-Z Animal & Habitat Bundle, your students will be engaged in learning activities for hours!

Fish Printable Template

Let your young learner’s creativity shine with templates for creative learning. These pages make a perfect addition to any classroom or home setting, as well as a delightful gift for anyone who loves fish. Use the included templates for many different activities and crafts: cut & paste, trace & color, design, draw and label the page, and more!

Fish Templates

The following designs in clued 3 different templates. Each template comes in a large (full page), medium (two per page), and small (six per page) design.

Large Fish Template

Here is a large outline of a fish. Students can fill in this big blank fish with scales and an adorable fish face.

Free Fish Template

This is a free medium sized set of 2 blank fish. Children will have a fantastic time compleating this fish craft.

Small Fish Template

Students will practice many fine motor skills with these small fish templates. Children will practice cutting and coloring skills.

Large Fish Template

A full page of simple fish design for your students. Color and cut this design with even the youngest of learners!

Free Fish Template

Free printable medium fish template for preschool, elementary, and homeschool settings. Use these fish as an addition to a bulletin board or art project!

Small Fish Template

Want to incorporate your students in your next bulletin board design? Grab this free set of 6 adorable fish. Your students can decorate them and add them to your board!

Free Fish Template

This adorable fish template features one large fish. This fish has a lot of detail for students to simply color. Another option: print on colored paper and let your students cut it out!

Medium Fish Template

Free fish templates with medium sized fish give teachers 2 fish per page. This helps save on paper and ink!

Easy Fish Template

Six adorable fish are included on this template. It is the perfect way to get your students engaged in art, fine motor control, and more!

Free Large Fish Template

A simple fish design is featured on this page. This page gives your students an opportunity to full design their own underwater friends!

Simple Fish Template

Use these simple fish templates as a stencil or create a pattern with them by simply printing on different colored papers.

Fish Template Outline

Give your students the gift of design and creativity with our free fish template outline. This outlined fish is very simple and easy to cut!

Printable Fish Template

Our engaging template pages for kids love to be used. Students can use them to trace, copy, and cut out shapes. The fish templates come in a variety of sizes and designs making them the perfect addition to any coloring book, bulletin board design, classroom decor, or underwater themed party! This template set will encourage creativity and add a little more learning fun to your classroom. Our Ocean Animal Coloring Pages pair perfectly with these templates! They are easily used interchangeably.

Fish Bowl Template

Below you will find six different sized fish bowl templates. Two designs, three sizes each are included!

Fish Bowl Template Printable Large

Our large fish bowl template printable page features rocks and seaweed. This gives students the opportunity to add some adorable fish of their own or paste in some of the templates from above.

Medium Fish Bowl Template Printable

Two medium fish bowl templates full of rocks and seaweed. Grab this template to save on ink and paper today!

Small Fish Bowl Template

Here’s six small fish bowl templates with rocks and seaweed. By printing this template, students can decorate, cut, and paste!

Printable Fish Bowl Template

A printable fish bowl template that is blank. This design gives students the opportunity to create their very own fish bowl scene.

Fish Bowl Template

Free, printable fish bowl template feature two bowl outlines. Grab them, decorate them, and add them to your next art project!

Fish Bowl Templates

Six small fishbowl template make printing bowls for easy to do for a full class of students. Save time, ink, and paper with this design!

Fish Template Printable

Printable templates of fish are found in this section. Color a page, cut & paste your own fishbowl activity, and design an underwater scene with these adorable templates!

Fish Cut Out Template

Free printable fish bowl design template featuring one large fish bowl, three small fish, rocks, and seaweed. So easy to use just print, color, cut & paste!

Fish Coloring Page

Looking for an underwater coloring page for your fish fanatics? This coloring page features an aquarium design with fish, rocks/sand, seaweed, and even a castle!

Fish Name Tag Template

This template is perfect for students who want to add in their own fish designs or cut and paste a design from above. All that is included on this page is the bowl and rocks.

Template of a Fish

Looking for the perfect underwater craft? These templates give students the opportunity to practice fine motor skills while being creative and learning about eye-appealing design methods. Print on white paper to give students the most opportunity to design, or print on colored paper to promote fine motor scissors skills. If using on a bulletin board, we recommend printing on card stock and laminating. This provides a more durable design and gives educators the opportunity to use the templates year after year! Continue providing direction practice in a fun way with our Following Directions: Listening Skills Bundle.

Fish Craft Template

Create your own aquarium or underwater science with our free printable ocean and fish templates. These templates are so easy to use and fun for students!

Ocean Fish Craft Template

Let your students create their very own under the sea scene with this template. Students can color the underwater design, and add in their favorite fish, shells, sea stars, and more!

Cut and Paste Rainbow Fish Template

Reading Rainbow Fish? This template makes a great follow up activity for preschool and kindergarten students. They can create their very own Rainbow Fish using this color, cut & paste design.

Cut and Paste Fish Template

Create adorable fish for any art project, classroom decoration, or bulletin board with our free cut and paste fish template. This template gives students everything they need to design a very cute fish!

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