Candy Cane Template

Free Candy Cane Templates for children! Teachers can use these candy cane cutouts during the holiday season as a fun craft for their students to enjoy the season and shine on their creativity. Elementary students will learn a variety of skills like cutting, coloring, writing, and more! If you are looking for more holiday activities for your students try our Fine Motor Skills: Holiday & Seasons Bundle.

Candy Cane Templates

Our free printable candy cane templates come in a variety of sizes! From thin candy canes, to thick ones, from striped to blank outlines

Candy Cane Template

Free printable Candy Cane Template for holiday decorations and crafts. This large candy cane can be colored, painted, filled with bingo dots, or used for any holiday crafty projects you have planned.

Candy Cane Template Colored

Here is a full-colored candy can printable template you can use for your holiday bulletin board displays. Print on cardstock paper and decorate your classroom for Christmas.

Candy Cane with Ribbon Template

Here is a full-size printable candy cane with a ribbon for students to color, cut out, or use for fun arts and crafts projects. This candy cane outline is extra thick for easy coloring.

Small Candy Cane Templates

Free printable Candy Cane Templates, printing eight to a sheet. These easy-to-cut-out candy cane templates are just the right size for simple printable Christmas crafts and activities. Encourage your students to color each candy cane a different color for rainbow fun.

Small Candy Cane Templates

Here is a fun and free set of colored candy cane templates featuring peppermint and spearmint flavors. There are four red stripped candy canes and four gree stripped candy canes.

Printable Candy Cane Templates

Mini printable candy cane templates you can use for Christmas crafts and holiday activities. These candy canes print to to a sheet and include thick black outlines for easy coloring and cutting.

Rainbow Candy Cane Templates

Add some rainbow fun to your classroom with these free printable rainbow-colored candy canes. These are reminiscent of the fun-flavored candy canes you see on the shelves for Christmas.

Candy Cane Printables

This set of candy cane cut-out templates comes with a variety of different types of candy cane shapes and designs. Students can have fun decorating Christmas cards and windows with these paper candy canes. Each variation of candy canes comes with a small, medium, and large version.

Striped Candy Cane Template Large

Candy cane card templates for students to color and write on. Great gifts for students to give to the family during Christmas!

Striped Candy Cane Template Medium

Candy cane templates for children to craft with! Students can experiment in a variety of ways with these printables.

Striped Candy Cane Template Small

These cute little candy canes can be printed on sticker paper and turned into cute little Christmas themed stickers.

Colored Striped Candy Cane Template Large

Pass out real candy canes for your students to give out with their new candy cane Christmas cards.

Colored Striped Candy Cane Template Medium

These medium-sized striped candy cane templates can be immediately cut and used as decorations.

Colored Striped Candy Cane Template Small

Students get to practice their cutting skills with these small colored and striped candy cane printables.

Candy Cane Outline

This basic large candy cane has infinite crafting potential! Students can decorate and add designs!

Candy Cane Outline Template Medium

These candy cane template printables are medium-sized and ready for students to cut out and color!

6 Small Candy Cane Outlines

FREE set of six small blank candy cane templates are perfect for holiday crafting and Christmas decorating.

Candy Cane w/Ribbon Template

Crossed Candy Cane Template Large

This is a printable of a pair of large crossed candy canes. Students can write on the back of the paper as a Christmas card.

Two Candy Cane Templates

Students can use this free candy cane border template to decorate their Christmas tree during the holiday season.

Detailed Candy Cane Templates

These tiny candy canes can be printed and colored by your students and then laminated. Then punch holes in the top and thread yarn through to make cute little ornaments.

Colored Striped Crossed Candy Cane Large

Give your students these crossed candy cane printables to give out to their loved ones as cards during the holidays.

Colored Striped Crossed Candy Cane Medium

Students can practice the art of giving when completing these candy cane printables and passing them out to loved ones.

Colored Striped Crossed Candy Cane Small

Kids’ holiday crafts are important when keeping your students engaged during those last few days before Christmas break.

Candy Cane Cut-Outs

Christmas candy cane templates for students who need to practice following directions. Students will have the opportunity to piece together art projects. Children can create their own Christmas cards with these candy cane templates ready to print. Need more FREE Christmas activities look at our Christmas Tree Templates! Anchor text to Related Internal Content.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Craft

Children will color their candy canes and the Christmas tree before they then cut out the pieces and paste them onto the tree.

Christmas Candy Cane Worksheets

Not only does this pack come with a variety of printable candy canes but it also includes a candy gram craft. Students will get to practice writing when filling out these candy grams. Also included is a cute candy cane tree worksheet. Teachers! Take a look at our Snowflake Templates if you are in need of more winter crafts!

Build a Candy Cane Craft

This interactive candy cane craft will teach your students skills like cutting, coloring, pasting, and following directions.

Candy Cane Gram Template

Kids get to make their own candy gram message with this template. They will learn to spell and

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