Easter Egg Template

Easter Egg Templates will help you show off your creative side! These Easter Egg templates create captivating art projects with your kids when you use these fun printable egg templates. They are the perfect craft for practicing cut and paste, or simply playing around with color. You’ll love these freebie coloring pages! Use these templates alongside our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle to create a variety of fine-motor Easter activities!

Template of an Easter Egg

Our free Easter egg templates make the perfect art projects for kids. When you grab these adorable templates to use with your upcoming easter art projects, your students are going to be SO excited! Print on colored paper and use as is or print them out and fill them in with color and other decor items as needed! Your spring holiday crafts will be taken up a notch with these free DIY printable coloring pages! Try this Easter Egg Craft with any of the Easter Egg Templates below:

Large Easter Egg Template

This free Easter egg template features a thick, black-line outline. This outline makes cutting easy for students of all ages and ability levels.

Medium Easter Egg Template

Two medium Easter egg templates make this template easy to print for a larger group of students. You’re going to love all the opportunities this template gives to your students!

Small Easter Egg Template

Here’s a six-egg template for large groups of students. This small egg template provides more eggs per page so that you can save ink, time, and paper! You’re going to love them!

Easter Egg Blank Template

The following templates are super easy to use and fun to decorate! They are COMPLETELY open-ended. The sky’s the limit with these templates! If you are looking for Easter Eggs with designs and sections to color in, use these Easter Egg Coloring Pages along with the blank templates below to provide even more fun for your students!

Easter Egg Templates

Are you looking for some amazing printables to help you with your classroom Easter egg hunt? Look no further – these adorable printables would be perfect! Simply print on colored paper or colored card stock and hide them around your classroom! Use these free printable Easter Egg Templates for your Easter art projects.

Large Blank Easter Egg Templates

Print this large blank Easter Egg template for your art and crafts projects.

Blank Easter Egg Template

These free printable Easter egg templates print four to a sheet. These are great for students to design their own Easter Egg designs.

Printable Easter Egg Template

These printable Easter eggs print 9 to a sheet and are great for simple art projects.

Color Easter Egg Template

Blank Easter Egg Templates are helpful for crafts and open-ended art projects. If you are needing simple cut out templates of Easter eggs with designes, we’ve created a handful below. These look amazing printed onto colored cardstock and will quickly add some festive fun to your classroom decorations. Easter egg designs listed below. Each design comes in three different sizes: large, medium, and small.

Color Easter Egg Template Large

An adorable line and dot Easter egg design. This design is large and takes up a whole page making it perfect for bulletin boards and classroom decor.

Color Easter Egg Template Medium

Give your students an Easter surprise with these adorable medium-sized egg templates. Your students will be excited about decorating and coloring these Easter eggs!

Color Easter Egg Template Small

Want to print Easter eggs for every student in your classroom? Check out this adorable six-template Easter egg template. This provides you with an easy printable option.

Large Color Easter Egg Template

An adorable Easter egg template with cute line designs? Yes, please. Your students will love creating beautiful patterns and designs on this egg template!

Medium Color Easter Egg Template

Free and easy to use! This design features 2 medium egg templates for Easter. Your students can color, cut, and paste this design or just cut it out of colored paper!

Small Color Easter Egg Template

Grab these small Easter egg templates to give your students a fun egg hunt in your classroom! These templates are small and easy to hide!

Easter Egg Template Printable

From egg hunts and classroom art projects to Easter cards for parents, these printable Easter templates will add a smile to every classroom artist. Print them off on white paper or card stock and hand them to the kids, or use them to create bulletin board decorations, classroom Easter decor, and more!

Large Color the Easter Egg Template

Here’s a free Easter egg design template that features a full, large egg. This design is perfect for your students to decorate this spring!

Color the Easter egg Template Medium

Grab this printable Easter egg template with two medium eggs. These eggs provide your students with an adorable design to decorate.

Small Color the Easter Eggs Template

Save paper, ink, and time when printing Easter eggs for your WHOLE class with this template! This page features six small egg designs.

Easter Basket Templates

Blank Easter Basket Template

Free printable blank Easter Basket Template to trace, or use as a stencil. Print on cardstock for durability and have your students add their own festive designs to the basket.

Empty Easter Basket Template

Print this simple Easter Basket Template for easy Easter Crafts and Activities. This Easter basket has a woven texture to it for students to color and design.

Craft Easter Egg Template

Looking for the perfect Easter craft for your classroom? The following templates are fun cut & paste and coloring activities! Your students can color and cut out the Easter decorations then paste them to make an Easter scene.

Cut Out Easter Eggs with Basket

Download this adorable, done-for-you bunny, basket, and Easter egg template! Our free template is easy for young students to color, cut, and paste together.

Cut Out Color Easter Eggs with Basket

Another fun option for your Easter crafts for kids! This design features the same bunny, basket, and egg design but without any detail giving your students the ability to customize their very own designs!

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