Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Templates of all shapes and sizes for your winter art projects for kids. These free printable Christmas Tree outlines will enhance your bulletin board displays or can be used for holiday arts and craft projects. You’ll find simple, easy-to-cut, blank Christmas tree shapes for students of all ages, from preschool to adult! Pair these free templates with our Fine Motor December Pack for extra holiday fun this Christmas.

Christmas Tree Templates

Christmas Tree Template

This is a simple and free printable Christmas tree template that you can use for all your holiday arts and crafts projects. We’ve designed this large, blank, Christmas tree with thick black outlines, making it easy to cut out, trace, or use as a pattern.

Christmas Tree Stencil Template

Here is a festive and fun, black outline stencil of a Christmas tree. This tree has pointy branches that have been turned up slightly, conveying excitement for the coming holiday. Use this stencil for your Christmas card crafts, or anytime you need a plain Christmas tree pattern.

Christmas Tree Outline Template

Here is your standard zig-zag outline pointed Christmas tree cut-out template. This tree is nice and wide so your students can fill it up with decorations, painted ornaments, or whatever inspires them!

Christmas Tree Template

Free Printable Christmas Tree Template with a thick black outline. Perfect for Christmas Crafts, and Christmas Tree art projects

Free Christmas Tree Template

Free blank Christmas Tree with Star template for students to decorate. This tree is simple to add ornaments, and garland to.

Realistic Christmas Tree Template

Print this PDF Christmas Tree template for students to decorate this winter. This tree features a simple star on top.

Free Christmas Tree Templates

Our printable Christmas tree templates promote fine motor cutting, coloring, and pasting practice opportunities for young learners. These blank outline templates are easy to cut out and decorate. They make a great addition to your holiday bulletin board or a Christmas card. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the fun designs and engaging decorating activities. Pair these with our free Christmas Ornament Templates for a beautifully decorated classroom this winter.

Triangle Christmas Tree Template

Free Printable Christmas Tree Template with a thick black outline. Perfect for Christmas Crafts, and Christmas Tree art projects

Christmas Tree with Star Template

Print this PDF Christmas Tree template for students to decorate this winter. This tree features a simple star on top.

Simple Christmas Tree Template

Student creativity will soar with this free Christmas tree outline. Each layer of the tree can feature a different design.

Christmas Tree Template Printable

Free printable templates of Christmas trees are low-prep and easy to use. Simply print on white paper so students can decorate with crayons, colored pencils, glitter, paint, or other small decorative objects. Teachers can also print on colored paper or cardstock and add to your holiday-themed bulletin board. Students can also use these templates to create beautiful Christmas Tree Art.

Full-Page Printable Cut-Out Tree Template

Cut out this large Christmas tree template. Print on colored paper and use it on your next bulletin board or as a part of your classroom holiday decor.

Two Printable Cut-Out Tree Templates

These blank Christmas trees would make a great addition to your students’ holiday cards or art projects this holiday season. Cut them out to promote fine motor skills.

Cut-Out Tree Templates Six Per Page

Our cute Christmas tree templates contain a full page of six small trees. These trees are blank so that students can decorate them with crayons, colored pencils, or glitter.

Free Printable Christmas Tree Templates

When printing your Christmas tree templates on colored paper or cardstock, we recommend laminating them for extended use. This will allow you to use these fun templates year after year for your holiday bulletin boards or classroom decor. Incorporate our Christmas Tree Coloring Pages to promote fine motor skills. You can also create engaging fine motor activities when using these laminated tree templates and small objects for decorating. Students can use plastic tweezers to pick up the small objects and “decorate” the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Cut-Out Template

Easy-to-cut-out Christmas tree templates promote fine motor skills in your toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students.

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Template

These Christmas tree templates look like Cookie Cutter designs, with the ease of print-and-go art. Decorate these trees like you would cookies to promote creativity and art design.

Full Page Printable Cookie Cutter Tree Template

This adorable cookie-cutter Christmas tree template gives students the opportunity to decorate cookies without the mess! Free and easy to use with students of all ages!

Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree Template

Check out these round-edge Christmas tree cookie-cutter templates. Students can cut around the round edges and then decorate these two adorable designs.

Six Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Templates

Check out the six Christmas tree cut-out designs on this full-page printable. Easy to add detail and decorate these pretty tree designs. Print, cut, decorate, and add to your holiday cards this season!

Christmas Tree Cone Template

Check out these engaging Christmas tree cone designs. The perfect art project to promote cutting, fine motor, and problem-solving is right here. Check them out now!

Full Page Christmas Tree Cone Template

Need an adorable topper for your classroom Christmas tree? Or, maybe you want to send a tree topper home with your students. This large cone-shaped Christmas tree template could be used as a tree topper or other classroom holiday decor!

Two Medium Cone Christmas Tree Templates

Looking for the perfect 3-D Christmas tree? Look no further! This rounded, cone tree template is adorable and fun to create! Simply print, cut, color, fold, and glue!

Six Small Christmas Tree Cone Templates

Create cute 3-D Christmas trees with this small cone tree template. Perfect to use with your students as part of a bulletin board, or art project, or add it to your next Christmas Card.

Christmas Tree Ornament Template

These adorable Christmas trees feature ornaments. This makes the tree easy to use and to decorate.

Christmas Tree Ornaments Full Page Printable Template

Check out this adorable large Christmas tree template featuring round ornaments. This tree template is blank for students to decorate as they choose. Use a variety of tools to decorate including crayons, markers, glitter, or small objects.

Two Christmas Tree Ornament Templates

Free and no-prep Christmas tree templates feature thick outlines and fun ornaments. These two medium templates give students the chance to cut, color, and paste.

Six Small Printable Christmas Tree Templates

Keep your students engaged in fine motor skill practice when you incorporate these small printable Christmas trees. Your students will love them!

Free Large Christmas Tree Ornament Template

A printable Christmas tree template featuring circles for students to decorate. Students can color or dab with a BINGO dabber the circles on this printable template. These circles can be designed as lights or ornaments.

Printable Christmas Tree Template With Ornament Circles

Making a holiday bulletin board? Check out this full-page printable Christmas tree template featuring circle ornaments (or lights). Perfect to add to any holiday-themed bulletin board. Students will enjoy being a part of the bulletin board design process.

Six Printable Christmas Tree Templates With Circle Ornaments

Our classic Christmas tree design features small circles as ornaments or lights. These blank outlines are detailed enough to add print and go, but offer a wide variety of design opportunities. Your students will love having the ability to design their own tree.

Christmas Tree Star Template

This traditional Christmas tree design gives students the opportunity to cut and color a cute tree. These trees are easy to cut and fun to decorate!

Large Free Printable Christmas Tree Template With Star

A classic Christmas tree look is what you get with this free template. This printable features a modern tree with a small star on top. This template contains one large, full-page Christmas tree printable.

Two Christmas Trees With Stars Template

Two medium Christmas tree templates are made to be a stencil-like design. This specific design features a star on top. This provides students an easy way to design a Christmas tree this holiday season.

Small Start Christmas Tree Template

Want to make holiday cards for friends and family this holiday season? Print this page of six templates and cut and color them. Glue onto your next holiday card to spread the holiday cheer!

Christmas Red Truck Template

An iconic holiday design is featured in these template designs. A red truck with a Christmas tree in the back creates a fun and traditional way to add some holiday flare to your classroom decor, bulletin boards, or holiday cards.

Red Truck Christmas Tree Template Full Page Printable

The iconic red Christmas truck and tree is what you will get with this free printable template. Use this template as a bulletin board addition that provides a traditional Christmas feeling for all.

Medium Red Truck Christmas Template

These medium red truck templates give students the opportunity to practice hard shapes to cut out. Cutting these two trucks out gives students the opportunity to improve fine motor skills.

Six Small Red Christmas Truck Templates

Adorable Christmas trucks with trees are featured in this full-page template. Six small templates give your class the chance to design with a variety of colors, design elements, and more!

Christmas Tree Triangle Template

Super easy-to-cut designs are what you get with these triangle tree templates. Toddlers and preschoolers will love these designs!

One Large Printable Triangle Christmas Tree Template

This easy printable Christmas tree template makes it easy for toddlers and preschool students to cut out, color, and more! Check it out today!

Two Medium Christmas Tree Templates Triangle

Two triangle trees for toddlers and preschool students. Use these as templates for bulletin boards or as stencils for students to use with art projects or holiday cards.

Small Triangle Christmas Tree Templates

Classic Christmas tree templates for students make a great addition to holiday cards or art projects. Your students are sure to love cutting, coloring, and sharing these cute designs.

Simple Christmas Tree Template

Our simple Christmas tree templates feature wavy lines to show snow on the trees. This makes it easy for young students to decipher where snow would land on these trees.

Full Page Simple Christmas Tree Template

Use glitter on this full-page wavy Christmas tree template as snow. This blank tree design gives students the ability to decorate in any way they choose.

Two Simple Christmas Tree Templates Free

Wavy Christmas tree templates can be printed and cut out for use as stencils. This promotes fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Your students are sure to be begging for more!

Printable Simple Christmas Tree Template (6)

Six small Christmas tree templates keep students engaged in decorating, designing, and fine motor skill practice. Students will love sharing their trees with family and friends.

Christmas Tree Template

A wide variety of Christmas tree templates feature pointy, thin, and tall tree designs. The borders are thin for easy coloring and cutting practice.

Free Large Christmas Tree Template

Tall, pointy tree templates give students a chance to practice their fine motor cutting skills. See if your students can cut out each point on this large tree. Free and printable templates make the best resources!

Two Christmas Trees Medium Size

Give your students a medium-sized pointy tree to add to their holiday art projects. These templates can be printed on white or colored paper and then designed by students.

6 Printable Christmas Tree Templates

Our small Christmas tree templates are the perfect addition to your holiday card project. Send holiday cards to friends and family, other teachers around the school, or find a non-profit to send your students’ cards to in order to share the holiday spirit!

Free Full Page Printable Christmas Tree Template

This is our most classic Christmas tree template. The template is easy to cut and fun to decorate! Featuring rounded edges and a tall design, students are going to love this traditional design.

Christmas Tree Template Printable

Want your students engaged in fine motor practice? Download this free traditional Christmas tree template that features two classic tree templates. Your students will love designing their own holiday trees for their next art project.

Six Small Printable Christmas Trees

Your holiday-themed activities just got so much easier and more fun! Print this page of six traditional Christmas trees for students to cut and color. Students can add lights, ornaments, gifts, a background, and so much more to this design!

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