Circle Template

25 FREE printable Circle Templates! If you are in need of the PERFECT template of a circle for your project, we’ve got just the right size for you! Our printable PDF circle templates are available as small as one-half (.5) inches all the way up to 7.5 inches in diameter. Ready for more? We’ve got free printable shape templates for anything you need.

Circle Template Printables

Looking for a fun way to get your kids’ fine motor skills up to speed? Try these circle templates! This pack of free, printable templates is perfect for practice cutting and pasting, as well as creating fun art projects. There are over 25 different templates you can print ranging from 0.5 inches to 7.5 inches in diameter. They’re great for kids aged 3+ and make a great addition to any art set!

Printable Circle Template

Free printable circle template for anytime you need a perfect circle to trace or outline. This large circle is as big as you can get with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. We recommend printing on cardstock for durability and easy of cutting it out.

Circle Template

Below you will find three sizes (small, medium, and large) templates of circles. These templates are free and easy to print! Looking for overlapping circles? Try our printable venn diagram templates.

Large Circle Template

Free, printable circle template. This is a full page of circle fun! Grab this template to download and print today and use it with your students tomorrow!

Medium Circle Template

Three medium-sized templates of circles. This page is perfect when making a snowman bulletin board, winter decor, and so much more!

Small Circle Template

Six small circles provide students with a wide-variety of fine motor, art and design, and decoration ideas. Grab yours for free today!

Template of a Circle

Circle templates are a great tool to help kids develop their fine motor skills. They can be used for cut and paste activities, or as a basis for art projects. They’re also good for teaching young children about shapes and geometry.

Full Page Circle Template

Sixteen different sized circle templates are found on the following pages. From 0.5 inches to 7.5 inches in diameter, there is a circle for every occasion!

0.5 Inch Circle Template

Making confetti? You can now! These tiny (half inch) circle templates would make beautiful confetti pieces for parties, graduations, and so much more!

1 Inch Circle Template

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how you can use these 1-inch circle templates. This page features 35 small circles – perfect for an entire classroom!

1.5 Inch Circle Template

1.5 inch circle templates for kids? This page provides just that. These small circles would be great for BINGO or math counters.

2 Inch Circle Template

Twelve two-inch circles are included in this template. This template is free to download and easy to use. Your students can easily use these as eyes on their next animal art project!

2.5 Inch Circle Template

Grab your free circle template today! This design includes nine 2.5-inch circles. Your students are sure to LOVE them!

3 Inch Circle Template

Making gift tags? This circle template features six 3-inch circles. Perfect for art projects, gift tags, and bulletin board designs throughout the school year!

3.5 Inch Circle Templates

Looking for the perfect circle templates? We have what you’re looking for! 3.5-inch circles are featured on this page (4 per page).

Four Inch Circle Template

There are three circles included in this four-inch circle template printable page. Grab yours for free today.

4.5 Inch Circle Template

Two 4.5-inch circle templates make this full page of circle templates complete. There is sure to be an art project they would complete!

5 Inch Circle Template

Easy to trace, simple to cut, and fun to design! These printable circle templates have it all!

5.5 Inch Circle Template

Looking for a nicely-sized circle template for your students to trace? Use this 5.5 inch design today!

6 Inch Circle Template

Here’s a six inch circle template. It takes up the entire page of easy printing. Grab yours for free today.

6.5 Inch Circle Template

Give your students ample cutting and coloring practice with this six-inch circle design. This template is free to use and makes creating circles in elementary school so easy!

7 Inch Circle Template

Fine motor skills are practiced with this 6.5-inch circle template for your young learners. This is a great way to practice scissor skills!

Seven and a Half Inch Circle Template

A seven-inch circle template is perfect for art projects and classroom bulletin board designs. Your students will love cutting them out!

Circle Template Outline 16 Sizes

This template shows you all 16 sizes of circles that are available in this template. The design makes it look like a moving bullseye!

Circle Templates

These templates were designed with little hands in mind! Print on white paper and let your students design each of the circles or half circles in their own way OR print them on colored paper and let your students cut them out and paste them onto their next art project. They are also the perfect addition to math lessons, bulletin board designs, and classroom decor! For more shape fun check out our amazing selection of Shape Worksheets.

Half Circle Page Template

Each of the following pages features a half-circle template. There are three different sized designs making art projects a breeze!

Half 6.5 Inch Circle Template

Free half-circle template in a 6.5-inch design. This template would be perfect for boat making, arts and crafts, and so much more! Grab yours today!

Half Circle 8 Inch Template

Download this beautiful 8-inch half-circle template today. This template provides students with fine motor control practice and a variety of art and design skill practice.

9 Inch Half Circle Template

Grab your very own 9-inch half-circle template design. Perfect for cutting and pasting projects, art and design skill practice, and a variety of bulletin board decor designs.

Circle templates are an engaging way to add art and design, fine motor control, scissor skills, and more to your preschool, homeschool, or elementary classrooms! Check out the easy-to-use design of each free template. These circle pages were made with little kids in mind! These circle templates are so much fun! A great way for kids to work on fine motor skills and color recognition as well as develop their creativity. Loving our shape templates? Check out our Shape of the Week Program!

Circle Chart Template

1.5-4 Inch Circle Chart Template

Free circle chart with a variety of sizes of circles. There are five circles ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches in diameter.

Scalloped Circle Chart Template

1.5-4 Inch Scalloped Circle Chart Template

Beautiful scalloped circles are featured in this chart. This chart shows sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches in diameter.

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