Star Template

Free set of Star Template crafts for kids! Elementary students can practice their craft skills with these free star worksheets. Kids will learn cutting and decorative skills when completing these star printables. These star templates are filled with a variety of different star shapes. If you are looking for more holiday crafts for your elementary students try out our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle today!

Printable Star Template

This pack of star templates will engage your students! Elementary students will practice cutting, folding, and decorating these stars. Teachers can easily print out these star worksheets and pass them out to students during art class. Each star printable is unique and different.

Large Star Template

This large cut-out star template is for elementary students who are learning about their shapes. Kids can decorate the classroom with the stars they cut out and color.

Printable Star Template

Kids can decorate their bedroom or classroom door with these cut-out star templates. Teach your students about the symmetry of the shape of the star.

Set Of Small Stars

Teachers can send their students home with these simple star templates. Students can be creative with these versatile star worksheets.

Star Template Printable

Teachers can print this educational craft and show students how to complete each page. Each star activity will require cutting, coloring or folding. This craft is simple and easy for students to complete with little to no outside help. If your students like these star templates, try our Leaf Template!

Cut Out Star Template

This cut-out star template provides a dotted line for the students to follow. Students will practice line cutting with this cut-out star printable.

Cut Out Star Worksheet

Students will also get to learn about shapes and the different types of star shapes. After cutting out the stars, students can write notes and give them out to friends and family.

5-Point Star Template

These small stars are great to pin to bulletin boards and tape to art projects. These stars are great for holiday-themed activities!

Stars Template

If you would like to keep the stars for longer try laminating the stars after they have been decorated and cut out. Students can use the stars to decorate their room or the classroom. These stars can be used in a variety of ways. Students can use them to decorate Christmas trees and or add them on to a flag. If you are searching for more free holiday templates look for our Christmas Tree template!

Cut Out Star Template

3D Paper Star Template

Students will first cut out the star on the black line. Then kids will fold the star on the dotted line to create a 3D paper star.

Folded Star Template

This is a pack of two foldable paper stars. Students will practice following instructions when completing the steps to finish this star craft.

6 Folding Stars Printable

Kids will have a great time creating these cute little 3D stars. After folding the stars students can decorate their Christmas tree with them.

Christmas Star Template

This Christmas star is a great craft to give to your students after teaching them the Christmas story about the birth of baby Jesus.

Printable Christmas Star

Students can cut out these Christmas stars and color them bright yellow. Kids will have a fun time learning about the origin of Christmas while completing this craft.

Cut Out Christmas Stars

These small Christmas stars can be used to decorate Christmas cards. Students will have a great time creating Christmas cards with these tiny Christmas stars.

Round Star Template

This is a large start template with rounded edges. Students will love decorating these cute star printables! With these stars, students will express their creativity!

2 Rounded Stars

Kids can put cute little faces on these rounded stars. Students can color the stars and then give them each a different face and emotion on the front of the star.

Small Star Templates

Teachers! You can print out these stars and give them out to students when they get a correct answer to a problem or if they complete all of their tasks.

Shooting Star Template

Teach your students about constellations and then give them this fun craft to complete! Teach your students about the stars while they have fun with this craft.

Shooting Star Worksheets

This shooting template will be so much fun for your students to decorate! They get to color the star and then color the streamers following behind.

Printable Stars

Teach your students about space and shooting stars while they color and decorate these paper shooting stars. Students can cut out the shooting stars and decorate the windows with them.

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