Dinosaur Template

Our Dinosaur Templates are free and engaging printable activity pages for your preschool and elementary students. They make the perfect coloring pages, fine motor practice pages, or even scissor practice for homeschooled students and classrooms alike. The best part about these pages is that they help children to identify a variety of different dinosaurs! Grab your very own Color & Learn A-Z Set to learn more about animals, habitats, and more – all while having a great time!

Dinosaur Template

Interactive, educational, and fun, this printable dinosaur worksheet pack is a must-have for anyone interested in dinosaurs. The selection of over 30 printable worksheets includes everything from coloring pages to cut-and-paste activities for early learners (like preschoolers) who want to learn all about their favorite prehistoric creatures. Practical and easy to use, these interactive learning tools make teaching children about dinosaurs both fun and educational.

Dinosaur Templates

Free dinosaur templates provide students with a variety of coloring pages. Featuring eggs, feet and claws, heads, and more!

Dinosaur Head Template

Free T-Rex head outline template. This printable page gives student the opportunity to work on their fine motor cutting, pasting, and coloring skills.

Realistic Dinosaur Head Template

Easy to use and fun to decorate! A realistic outline of a dinosaur head is sure to get your young learners excited about science, history, and so much more!

Dinosaur Head Outline Template

Learning about dinosaurs? This free download features an outline of a Dino head. This page provides your students with the means to get started designing their very own Dinos!

Dino Egg Outline Template

What did a dinosaur egg look like? Here’s a cute template showing students what it may have looked like. This free printable makes cutting and pasting fun and easy!

Broken Dinosaur Egg Template

Oh my! The egg is cracked! This Dino egg is about to hatch, grab your students and let them decorate and cut out this egg template. Go a step further and let your students choose what type of dinosaur will emerge from the shell!

Hatching Dino Egg Template

The baby Dino is here! Check out this adorable dinosaur egg printable template featuring a baby Dino. This cute pattern makes the perfect addition to classroom decor, bulletin boards, art projects, and more!

Dinosaur Body Templates

Free dinosaur body templates. Featuring a variety of dinosaurs, this template has something for everyone! From carnivores to plant eaters, there is sure to be something that excites your preschool, homeschool, or elementary students!

Dino Body Outline Template

Practice fine motor control with these adorable full-body dinosaur templates. Featuring stencil outlines, these printable templates are a great way to engage any Dino-loving student! Grab yours for free in this PDF download today!

Full Body Dinosaur Template

Our preschool dinosaur templates are engaging and fun. With three dinosaurs featured in this template, there is bound to be a favorite listed for your students. Grab your free download today by clicking above.

Dino Body Templates

Two dinosaur templates are featured on this printable template page. These easy dinosaur templates make learning fun and motivational for even the most reluctant Dino-loving learners!

Dino Footprint Template

What is that?! This dinosaur footprint template will have your students researching to decide what type of dinosaur made this print! Check out the free printable download today!

Dinosaur Feet Template

Which Dino has this footprint? It is easy to teach about dinosaur fossils, feet, adaptations and more when incorporating this free printable foot template into your next lesson.

Dinosaur Foot Fossil Template

Learning about fossils? Let your students create their own using these templates as a guide. These adorable and easy-to-use templates are a great addition to any early learning environment (preschool, elementary classrooms, and homeschool settings).

Template of Dinosaur

This collection of dinosaur-themed worksheets is perfect for both teachers and parents looking to incorporate learning fun into the classroom, home or anywhere you’d like! These are printable worksheets that offer a variety of ways to learn about dinosaurs. Best of all, they can be used by a wide range of ages and are ideal for preschoolers through 2nd graders. Continue learning about dinosaurs and engaging your students, through the use of our amazing Dinosaur Coloring Pages!

Dinosaur Printables

Below are three different dinosaur activity printables. There are coloring pages, puzzles, and name-tracing and writing activities for your students to practice and learn with!

Dinosaur Coloring Page

Free dinosaur coloring page for preschool students. This printable worksheet gives students the opportunity to practice fine motor control through the use of engaging coloring activities.

Dinosaur Puzzle Template

This puzzle is so easy to use! Simply print, cut, and play! We recommend laminating this full-color worksheet before cutting for extra durability and easy cleaning year after year.

Dinosaur Writing Template

Learning dinosaur names is quick, fun, and easy with our free trace and write Dino page. This page features six different dinosaur species to help students learn the names and write too!

Dinosaur Templates

Our Dinosaur Templates collection is the perfect tool for teachers and educators looking for engaging, ready-to-use activities that are simple to implement, can be easily customized, and provide endless learning potential. This bundle includes over 30 dino templates to make your creative ideas come alive while getting your students engaged in learning activities! We’ve created even more Dinosaur Preschool Printables for you and your students to continue learning, growing, and having fun!

Dinosaur Craft Template

Build adorable dinosaurs using the craft templates below. There are three templates listed so designing and creating a Dino-friend of your own is super easy, super fun, and super cute!

Build a Dinosaur Cut Out Template

Create a dinosaur with this adorable template. All students need to do is color, cut, and paste this design together!

Build a Dinosaur Body Template

Simple dinosaur templates make art and design fun! Students design adorable dinosaurs of their own with this cute template!

Assemble a Dino Template

Free dinosaur assembly templates make arts and crafts time so much fun! Check out this adorable dinosaur craft template that your preschoolers are going to be SO excited about!

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